Zircon Gold Flesh Tunnel

Zircon Gold Flesh Tunnel is a classy jewelry piece made for your stretched earlobes. They are very stylish so they will sure attract a lot of attention to your piercing. These flesh tunnels have a special PVD coating in the gold color.

Zircon Gold Flesh Tunnel is a very attractive addition to your stretched earlobes. This jewelry piece has a special PVD coating in the gold color. The coating is permanent, just like regular Blackline, so it will never wear off. The gold coating is extremely scratch resistant and it’s also ultra-safe. It’s been independently tested and certified bio-compatible for use on medical devices and implants that come in contact with skin, tissue, bone or blood.

The coating is placed on G23 Surgical Grade Titanium. There is no real gold in this item, and no harmful alloys. It all makes for a very safe piece of jewelry that looks amazing, all without the high price tag.

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair order 2.

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