X2 Prince's Wand Sound

Bring new found excitement into your life with the X2 Prince's Wand! Let it tantalize your senses as it slips into your body and hits all the right spots! It will make you "cum" back again and again!
The X2 Prince's Wand offers a unique twist that will have you writhing in unending pleasure! Made out of 316L Surgical Steel with a length of 11 inches with a curve at the end and diameter of 10mms. The piece has a hook on the end to attach one of the 3 silicone glans rings that come with it. It starts off with 6 tapering sections that lead to a solid shaft, and then to a row of 8 balls to finish it off. This intricately designed sound will take you to a new world of pleasure as the sensations change with the structure of the piece as it enters your body! Prepare for the intensity of pleasure you are about to encounter!
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