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X2 Prince's Wand Sound


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Bring new found excitement into your life with the X2 Prince's Wand! Let it tantalize your senses as it slips into your body and hits all the right spots! It will make you "cum" back again and again!

X2 Prince's Wand Sound

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The X2 Prince's Wand offers a unique twist that will have you writhing in unending pleasure! Made out of 316L Surgical Steel with a length of 11 inches with a curve at the end and diameter of 10mms. The piece has a hook on the end to attach one of the 3 silicone glans rings that come with it. It starts off with 6 tapering sections that lead to a solid shaft, and then to a row of 8 balls to finish it off. This intricately designed sound will take you to a new world of pleasure as the sensations change with the structure of the piece as it enters your body! Prepare for the intensity of pleasure you are about to encounter!

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What is max insertable length?

Customer Reviews

Follow up on review Review by BeHoled

So after playing with this perfect wand for a few weeks, I discovered something u might like. I put my Aneros prostate vibrator against the hook on the end while it was end. I screamed to myself & blew a huge load for at least 45 seconds, & 4 good throbs. It's been years since I've got a load out like that. 20 stars go to this wand!

(Posted on 10/14/17)

Awesome! Review by BeHoled

OMG! the balls @ the end are just too freaking much for one man to take...i mean've got to be kidding me! I never thought that I would ever in my life feel anything as erotic as my cock popping over those beads....shut the door!!! I immediately bought the "Every Pleasure Known to Man" after this, in hopes of getting the same feeling without the hindrance of being just a little too long. I mean I am looking forward to getting busy on that rod @ a fast pace free of worry.....
As for this, well it is just a bit too long for me to get it all in. I still have about 1.5 inches sticking out above the head....but I don't care. This tool is GREAT! Get it. The size 10 is just right for me too. I mean pop, pop, pop, and pop......slide & pop, pop, and pop! Lube up & blast away baby! Thanks CG, you guys are the bomb....

(Posted on 10/4/17)

SUPERB sibling of the X-1 Review by C+

The only difference between this X-2 Prince's Wand and the X-1 is that the X-2 uses conical-shaped beads on the lower portion of the wand. Aside from that, they are identical in design and quality. Both are 11" long with a good curve at the bottom and a hooked head with a notch for one of the three different-sized supplied rubber rings. The conical shape makes a nice difference from the X-1.

In use, this X-2 enters and makes its way into your body in a somewhat smoother fashion than the ball-only X-1 due to the more tapered tip. I have found that aside from dipping the wand in a glass of water, no lube is required at all but I have been doing this for a while and YMMV. Very shortly it will be gliding on pre-cum anyway which is a delicious sensation. If you are not sure, follow Chain Gang's recommendation re lube.

This toy will reach and open (gently!) your bladder with no problem so be advised if you find yourself in strange territory for a few seconds when playing deep and DON`T yank it out. You can play past it if you have done your due research on both sounding in general and your plumbing system very specifically. Know what you`re doing before you do it. Sounding is no place for the ``learn by experience`` set of mind and most people continue sounding lifelong, so it is worth taking the time to do it right. What is ``right`` is what you feel comfortable with after you are fully informed. That will change for you over time.

I have found that the hooked portion at the top will slide over the top surface of glans down to the penis shaft whereupon you can fit the rubber ring to the notch and around the back of the glans. That is not as easy as it sounds, expecially if you have lube on your fingers!

Once inserted to the far end of the prostate, moving the sound back and forth and in circular motions gently will produce extremely pleasurable sensations from the prostate. As many have said, it is just like masturbating, but on the inside. The five pronounced ribs provide a quite intense pleasure.

A word to the wise about using sounds with cock rings: It will be more difficult to use the sound to find the continuation of the urethra at the point where it is being compressed by the cock ring. Be Patient! You will find it and carry on eventually. Move the tip around inside gently by moving the outside end up and down and side to side about two inches maximum with a LIGHT pressure. Never ram or force anything trying to get the sound in all the way! If you feel a sharp pain, you are screwing up; pull it back, give it a few seconds and then try again gently. You'll get it, no question, but patience will keep you out of Emerg. Having to not sound while the `false passage`` heals would be no fun. A false passage is created when you shove something through the side of the urethra, commonly at the end of a curve or through the side on a straight passage if the toy is greatly angled. Don`do dat. Dicks bleed prodigiously

One more thing with rings: Since the short section of the urethra which you are pressing the sound through is compressed by the ring, there is very little flesh between the ring and the sound on the inside. You will feel each individual bump as the beads slide over the compressed surface.
If you are an impatient idiot and just jam away be aware that there is the possibility of a pressure cut inside on the lining of the urethra. I said _possibility_, not certainty. You'd have to be pretty rough for this to happen so if you're a newb and just poking around, carry on, but Gently. This is not meant to alarm anyone, just advocating common sense. I have never had such a problem but I thought it worth including for the sake of those new to sounding. Don't be ramming around in there, do your research on-line and practice carefully (but diligently :-) and you will enjoy a whole new side of your sexuality you never knew existed. And no, it won't "make you gay." It's a boy toy that will make you feel really good if used intelligently. If you`ve read this far, on this site, you`re not vanilla anyway. Just do it.

So, buy yourself a wide (3/4 of an inch is good) cock ring with well-rounded edges. The well-rounded edges part is the important bit. The ring should be an oval if you look at it in section.

Once past the cock ring all you get from the it is a pleasurable sensation of tightness and stimulation as each bump rides over the inner surface of the ring. And a hard-on a lot of the time.
The first time you properly stimulate your prostate with this toy, you will get mahogany, trust me. Don't be disappointed if, during the session, you lose it after a while because it is a normal reaction from your system when you insert something in your penis to have it soften up. Some kind of protective mechanism is my guess but it's no big deal anyway because the fun is located at the prostate and an erection can actually get in the way sometimes.

Ok, enough on the care and feeding of Prince's Wands. Both of them are out of sight pleasure makers and it is worth getting the two of them because the differences are subtle, but observable, so yeah, definitely worth it. I`ve been switching between the two whlle writing this, which may be a contributing factor to the length of this post. On the scene reporting, folks.

I know this is a long post, but my view is too much information is better than not enough. Besides, it`s fun writing for other members of our community, particularly including prospective ones.


Russ, it is always a pleasure to use your sounds. I have literally pounds of them and they all share the same characteristics namely great finish and excellent quality with good attention to detail.

Well done, Chain Gang!

(Posted on 6/5/17)

ok Review by Philip

it is more than you can use and very stimulating it takes time to go the length it's long and you need time to get there

(Posted on 1/2/16)

Wow Review by Silver

This thing is extra long and it will reach all the spots that you may have never reach before. As always the chain gang has provided an excellent product with very quick shipping. As soon as it arrived it was cleaned, lubed, and put through it's paces. the 10mm size should be good for most people although I would have liked it to be available in some larger sizes.

(Posted on 9/2/15)

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