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X1 Prince's Wand Sound


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With the X1 Prince's Wand you get an awesome sound and plug in one! Add in the silicone glans ring and you definitely have a winner! Get yours and head into the abyss of pleasure that awaits you!

X1 Prince's Wand Sound

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The X1 Prince's Wand will take you to the deepest depths of pleasure your body has to offer! Made of 316L Surgical Steel at 11 inches in length with a curve at the end and top and bottom section is beaded with a diameter of 10mms. It boasts a hook at the top that attaches a silicone glans ring (3 different size silicone rings come with the piece). Let this sound take you on an exciting journey to the inner depths of your body bringing limitless pleasure every inch of the way!

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Product Questions

Why don't you offer different sizes ??? I'm looking for a 9mm size in most of your U sound devices

Customer Reviews

Overall, very nice. Review by Archie

Very intimidating when you first open the package, but with a lot of lube & practice, slides in very easy. It's just about 2" too long so cant use the included ring, still, very worth the price. Adds something unique to playtime.

(Posted on 1/3/18)

Awesome Review by Steve

Looked a little intimidating at first. Cleaned it with alcohol lubed it plus squirted additional lube down the "tube" and it glided right in. Did hit some resistance, but did not want to force it. When I removed it there was a little bit of blood on the end. Very minor. I'll wait a couple days to make sure there is no further bleeding, then I'll try it again.

(Posted on 8/28/17)

Looks beautiful. Review by Sherry

Never took it out of package. He is beginner so it looked to big. Too bad it didn't come in smaller millimeter.

(Posted on 5/15/17)

What to Say? Review by Ron

This took a bit of work to get in but only due to the fact that it isn't flexible. The length was exciting to contemplate and I am not certain where I pushed it into but after experimenting with turning the rod I got a feeling temporarily took my breathe away; no exaggeration either.
At that point I had around 1 & 1/4" of ribbed rod to insert.

I slowly got the 1 & 1/4" of ribbed rod in but I could not, thus far, get the rest of the rod in far enough to wrap a ring around my head.

I still had too much outside of me.
I am enjoying the momentary thought of getting back to it though! LOL

(Posted on 1/15/17)

O.K.; Surprise! Review by Ron

I inserted this gem and I thought that I had it all of the way in. I can insert one of the Pratt sounds in except for roughly 1 &1/4". This has an end that is conveniently curved at the end though. Just a bit more than the Pratt. It also has a rounded tip. Just slightly more rounded than even the largest Pratt.
I still had an 1" or more sticking out on the Prince's wand and was moving it around and suddenly found more room for insertion. Nice surprise. Intense feeling.

(Posted on 1/5/17)

I really love my new toy! Review by Jeff

I love the way it feels in my hand, great weight & all. And the way it warms to your body temp. as it goes down and into the sweet spot. The only thing I would recommend to buyers is to make sure your cock is long enough, including flaccid, so it will fit all the way up to the captive ring. I'm gifted with a very fat one but only above average length.

This is my first purchase so I'm very new to buying things online. Don't know how top compare inches to mm yet. Love The Chain Gang!!!

(Posted on 11/13/16)

super good Review by Tippy

This piece is great. All the way in and leave in for a while with some walking around, I could feel it with every step. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking about it. If you don't have one - get one.

(Posted on 11/6/16)

super good Review by Tippy

I received this yesterday, it was waiting for me in the mail box when I got home from work. Arrived sooner than expected. Great workmanship as all of my toys from Chain Gang. I would give this a 10 if it was there. This piece is excellent and hits the right spots for me in and out. I would recommend to everyone.

(Posted on 10/27/16)

Satisfied buyer Review by Vince

Well made, nice weight reaches ALL the way for feel good pleasure.lp

(Posted on 7/25/16)

Perfect Review by jefferyandrew

Very well satisfied. Thought it might be a bit heavy to use but it was comfortable. Good size.

(Posted on 6/10/16)

Just what the doctor ordered, took me over the edge and then some... Awesome :-) Review by Bazooka Joe

Perfectly designed to send you over the edge

(Posted on 1/24/16)

10 stars out of 5 Review by C.
Quality without a doubt the best sound I have bought from Chain Gang and I own a pile, literally, of them. At 10 mm thick and of substantial length, it is definitely not for the amateur.

The curve near the end is perfectly crafted and I was able to accept almost all of the sound, working it in a bit at a time while flaccid. New sensations indeed and the internal sensations were exploratory and mind blowing. If you have some experience at sounding, know your internal map and can handle the girth, I recommend it without hesitation. Just buy it. You can always get to it later on if you have to. It's that good.

The quality and polish are excellent as always. Chain Gang never fails to impress and I have literally pounds and pounds of their stainless steel products.

Thanks, Russ!

(Posted on 10/2/15)

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