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Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher


Quick Overview

The Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher is for those serious about Urethral stretching only! If you truly want to stretch this piece will get down and dirty and get it done! The Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher is made of surgical steel with two 1 1/2" insertable poles that are 3mm wide each and can be turned in opposite directions for maximum stretching.

Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher

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The Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher is for those serious about Urethral stretching only! If you truly want to stretch this piece will get down and dirty and get it done! The Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher is made of surgical steel with two 1 1/2" insertable poles that are 3mm wide each and can be turned in opposite directions for maximum stretching. Just slide the ring over the head of the penis and insert the poles, then stretch until your desired size is reached!

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Product Questions

What's the size of the glans ring?

Customer Reviews

Good but... Review by JD

This is exactly what I need to get me to the next level. The only thing is, it should have flat or curved blades rather than sharp, pointed pins. Not only do they hurt, they force the device into a top-to-bottom position, rather than a side-to-side position. I'll figure out a way to rig it until whoever is making this thing figures it out.

(Posted on 11/4/18)

great I am very pleased with the look and the fit Review by Michael

excellent fit very well made

(Posted on 8/12/18)

new to me... Review by Jigga

I got this piece for advancing my own pleasures, obviously. It is a little tricky getting it into place. Also a little pain can be expected at first but quickly subsides. I haven't had much success making my opening bigger but it is fun trying.

(Posted on 7/3/16)

It will get me where I want to be. Review by Bob

It does work. Since I was new to this whole experience, "take it slow" didn't mean much to me because I DO heal quickly...from everything. If you are new to urethral stretching, and think you heal fast, you still need to be cautious and take it slow.

More about this product: I believed I was built small. Saw this website. A plug I bought that topped out at 9mm almost fell into me (it went in that easy).I then jumped to order a 12mm piece. THAT was different! It was delivered. I tried it. It POPPED in, and felt as though I had split my junk in half. I then ordered a 10mm cockscrew. I can't get that to line up in a way that is simply rotates in without feeling like it's stabbing or burning inside my goods. I have been able to slip a Sharpie marker (11mm) in my urethra quite readily, but the toys I bought must require some gape...

Guys, take your time!...This brings me to another point. Do NOT buy in a panic after your first purchase when you get an email with discounts. I believe the offers should be good for more than 5 or 7 days (especially when you get this offer and haven't received your order yet...although shipping IS fast). I've had to let savings offers expire (and order NOTHING) simply because I'm trying to learn without damaging myself.

(Posted on 6/23/16)

Excellent Review by TOM

Surprisingly comfortable to use and works very well. Fit and finish are perfect and the attention to detail is obvious, as there are no sharp edges or poorly finished seams or joints. Stats secured when the ring is slipped over the glans and allows for a surprising amount of stretch, given my very recent in these activities and lack of prior stretching or sounding. Overall a very nice product that works perfectly for its intended purpose. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested or curious, as it allows for an entirely new experience with minimal, if any, discomfort.

(Posted on 5/14/16)

I think it will get the job done! Review by Bryan

Received the urethral stretcher in record time. The ring portion of the stretcher is a little big but I can take care of that. It works just the way you said it would. Time will tell!!!!

(Posted on 3/30/16)

Too big Review by John

I tried the stretcher as a strecher it felt great talk about intense unfortunately it slips off my skinny dick otherwise a great piece of gear.

(Posted on 3/21/16)

Stretch your imagination Review by duelist

There are sounds I have wanted to use but couldn't get them in - I can tell after a couple of applications of the Vice that those sounds will not be strangers to my cock for long. I really like this device.

(Posted on 3/8/16)

Stretcher Review by Hapa4854

Like most reviewers the posts need to be longer. Have only used it once so far so experience is limited but I like it.

(Posted on 2/12/16)

Penetration is short Review by Trevor Alan

Add an inch to a half inch would be considerably better. Then you could play pin the cock to the head ring.

(Posted on 1/7/16)

Very nice toy Review by Torg 33

Wow this really gives you a good stretch.

(Posted on 1/1/16)

Great Product!! Review by JS

I ordered this on a whim to try it out, because I'm fairly new to this fetish, but I absolutely love the product and the quality. I will definitely be back to do more business here soon.

(Posted on 12/5/15)

Excellent achieved results Review by down-under

Having once fitted the structure to my penis, I slowly became adjusted to the new
sexual sensations surrounding my penis
The penis slowly stiffened, which pained somewhat. I found that in sleeping ,my
penis then having become stiffly erected, was uncomfortable under the bed
As time passed, I learnt that my removing the structure at irregular intervals
(1 or 3 ) days, then replacing it, within a short tim ite, my penis tightened,I then
felt it lengthening.
The now result I am aware that my penis remains stiff totally,with its overall
length three times its original size.
My sincere appreciation for affording me this sexual adventure.
Thank you

(Posted on 11/29/15)

Works - Like It Review by Drifter

Works. New ideas always come with experience. Would like the probes a little longer and maybe oval in cross section. Also trying to figure a way that I can keep the probes perpendicular to the ring. I need a little more opening and just don't want to cut to get it. Think this will do it and be fun at the same time.

(Posted on 11/28/15)

Great device Review by Ron

Love the stretcher one thing wish the parts that go into penis were bigger and curved panel like to do the whole tube but other than that great stretcher

(Posted on 11/21/15)

Suggestion Review by slave friedemann

i bought this item mostly to keep my pee hole open so ants could crawl in and bite me inside my urethra. This item works but is bulky and cumbersome to adjust. It would be nice if you could develop an item that would keep the pee hole open, along with the glans ring to keep it in place that is not so bulky. It wouldn't be used for stretching but does stretch the pee hole so as to make entry into it easy for ants or other insects.

Thank you for your many fine products of which i have several!!

(Posted on 10/27/15)

superb Review by garr

Worked and fit the head well.
Have streached almost 2 sizes.
It is comfortable to wear.

(Posted on 7/29/15)

great stretch Review by gopher

very good quality and a great stretcher

(Posted on 7/27/15)

Good product, does what you'd think it would. Review by jjhd

Does what it is supposed to do, the inserts could be a bit wider but otherwise no issues. Go slow, so nothing tears. I also purchased a torpedo plug so it will take some stretching before I'll even consider trying to insert it.

(Posted on 4/8/15)

Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher Review by Dakota

This little piece of stretching equipment is almost spot on.
Certainly does the job if you want to stretch your urethral & who doesn't if you're into sounding so in turn you can accept larger diameter rods etc, etc with sheer ease!!
Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was that I thought the insertion arms could have been a little bigger diameter wise as previously stated by other reviewers!!
If you are getting into sounding I'd purchase this piece before anything else as it will set you up right & you'll easily cope with those larger rods!! Go to it get stretching!!!
This is a "must have" piece of equipment. Well worth the money for the pleasure you will get from it!!

(Posted on 3/22/15)

I love my vice grip urethral stretcher Review by Ronald

I really love my stretcher my cock really gets hard after I put it on over the head of my cock and I stretch my pee hole out to the max I love the the pleasure and pain that it gives me it feels so good I will give it a 5 star the only thing about it that the two small polls are not long enough and they should go down deeper in the penis it would be great if be made with the longer studs go down deeper in the penis and in deeper in the urethral

(Posted on 3/22/15)

Great Deal! Review by Nick Name

This user read all of the other reviews & agrees w/ all except in these ways:
- the ring is a bit too small here - but that's fine;
- the bent poles are helpful, thx;
- the finish was OK.
Overall a very good deal. The larger poles &/or extensions &/or wideners would be nice.

(Posted on 3/11/15)

it is awesome Review by Ronnie

I got my vice grip urethral stretcher today 3/9/15 I love it and it is aseriousI am into serious stretching I love both the pleasure and pain it gives me I plan to go to bed tonight and sleep with the in my cock all night thank you chain gang I definitely plan to order from you in the future thank you

(Posted on 3/10/15)

Very Good Review by Someone

Overall the product is very good and simple to use. Design improvements are a bit challenging due to the wide variety of penises out there. My best stretch with the bars inside is 18 mm, and I know it will do more over time. My 5 star version would have poles 1 cm longer, a smaller ring to hold in place when you get softer, and some rounded nubs at the end of the poles for comfort.

(Posted on 3/7/15)

stretches as expected, but the threads aren't very good. ring holds it on Review by racer

ring holds it on tight. stretches as good as expected

(Posted on 2/14/15)

Works for me Review by objectified

It does it's job nicely. The only thing that I would change to make it more what I'd like would be to widen the arms that you insert just a bit.

(Posted on 1/22/15)

Good Review by None

I placed this order to aid me in the future of getting a PA in the future. The arms seemed to be bent out at the end - causing insertion to be harder that it should be. I fixed (pinched together) the ends and was able to slide the insertion all the way in my head/penis. I noticed that after full insertion that my penis got rock hard and stayed hard while the urethral stretcher was inside me. I have been twisting the handles and stretching the opening a little bit more every day. Of course the penis opening and some inside feels a little tender at times - but the stretch goes on. My wife likes the opening/stretch that I am receiving and want me to reverse the arms when required to get max widening of the penis hole. She plans on taking pictures of my penis opening and than posting on line. Ruff product to use sometimes - but it works

(Posted on 12/2/14)

Great Review by Dion

Worked great to stretch to the next size

(Posted on 10/21/14)

It's a Stretch! Review by Jono

I'm still getting used to this. Problem is I not get hard before insertion. A bit of pain to get used to, but, the end results should be good.

(Posted on 9/2/14)

Opens you up Review by Trailsailor

The vice grip urethral stretcher does a good job of holding you open for as long as you want. Like a previous reviewer however, there Glans ring doesn't hold it on
because of the weight of the two side bars. I tried to keep it on with boxer brief type
underwear but it still came off. Other than that, you can stretch as much as you want. It is well made, just needs a smaller glans ring

(Posted on 8/21/14)

Really impressed Review by Abc123

I was initially very skeptical of buying this because it looked kind of flimsy, but I have been nothing but blown away at how well this stretches and leaves me wanting more.

(Posted on 7/25/14)

Fantastic product Review by Kk

Really love this device. The flexibility and smooth movement enables you slowly dial up the stretch. Incredible sensation and totally stimulating as well...produces erections for me as I get reach the limits of the stretch, then when I calm down and the delicious pain subsides, I can crank it a little wider and that cycle repeats again. My only request for this device if it could have slightly longer arms to reach down further for deeper stretching all the way down the urethra...but otherwise delighted with design.

(Posted on 6/27/14)

excellent Review by Howard

excellent product. works just like I thought it would and the stretch feels great. Way to go guys.

(Posted on 6/6/14)

excellent Review by howman

excellent product works just as I thought it would.

(Posted on 6/5/14)

Works well Review by Mts209

Works just like they say! Loved the feel of the stretch, which with its help was able to get in a larger penis plug than before. The quality is good. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that the glans ring is a bit to large for me (yea, yea....a personal problem, lol). But it will slip off if not careful. Wish there was an adjustable or interchangeable ring. Other than that I do love it.
Oh, BTW saw the exact same item on another site and it was $107!!!!! Way to go Chain Gang.

(Posted on 5/12/14)

It's Working Review by Anon

This thing feels great! It was on back order and I've just started using it and love the sensation it gives while it's getting me "Opened Up". My goal is to take a # 13 sound, deep with no pain. I'm now at an 11 and this process feels wonderful! Thanks Chain Gang, I'll be back.

(Posted on 5/10/14)

love IT Review by missfitt

I just love it
I like the pain too!!!
5 out 5 stars

(Posted on 3/26/14)

An electrode too Review by Kenneth

The piece I received had the "poles" bent so they were not parallel. Some fixing was required on my part with a vise and a cushion of bicycle inner tube to prevent marring the surface of the poles.

I did not get this for stretching; but for e-stim. Add a spade terminal between the fixing nut and side rib... you now have an electrode that holds you open for a HFO and has contact with some tasty nerve endings.

(Posted on 3/18/14)

Great piece for your collection Review by RM

The quality is excellent and the piece works well. A very good piece of equipment to add to the collection.

(Posted on 3/10/14)

work so far Review by ratone

works ok when stretching but a little harder to retract . has me opened to 13 mm

(Posted on 2/6/14)

I like the stretcher Review by bud


(Posted on 2/4/14)

Awesome piece Review by RJ

Chain Gang do it again with a fantastic piece. This must be the best stretching toy on the planet. I have used this daily and my penis head is loving every minute of use. To improve the experience and ensure maximum stretching I have applied a numbing cream to the head and this allows for almost a full extended stretch.

Thanks again Chain Gang team for awesome service and quality product.

(Posted on 1/25/14)

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