Ultra Ribbed Urethral Sound Stick

The Ultra Ribbed Urethral Sound Stick will have your whole body pulsing with ecstasy as it penetrates and stimulates your most private and sensitive areas bringing your arousal to a whole new level!

Let the Ultra Ribbed Urethral Sound Stick bring you to new heights of urethral pleasure as you explore your erotic fantasies and let the erotic pleasures flow through your body!

This skillfully made piece is made from 316L Surgical Steel and is ribbed to perfection. It measures approximately 6 inches in length, and comes in several diameters to choose from. While it has a hollow shaft, the end has a screw in removable ball with a ring attached that acts as a cap when in place to seal everything in. The end cap also prevents over insertion as well as assisting in removal.  This piece also has a tapered tip so that you can insert it with ease, and the tip is also removable by simply unscrewing it to make cleaning a breeze.

You will be quaking in ecstasy with each and every use of the Ultra Ribbed Urethral Sound Stick!

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