Tuning Fork Set

The Tuning Fork Set is a collection of sensual and unique toys you can use for your kinky games. These tuning forks provide great vibrations you will sure want to experience. They are particularly great for people with genital piercings, but even non-pierced people can enjoy them to the fullest!
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The Tuning Fork Set includes 5 sensual forks made for the most pleasurable experience. These look like ordinary tuning forks, but instead of tuning an instrument, they are used for erotic pleasure. Use them to spread vibrations to your most sensitive spots.

Simply bang your hand and they will vibrate against the skin, sending pleasure waves. Use them to “tune” your intimate spots or make erotic experiences more pleasurable for your partner. Ideal for people with genital piercings and intimate jewelry! Simply touch your jewelry with a vibrating fork to truly experience deep sensations. Even non-pierced people can use these forks to enhance their sexual pleasure!

There are 5 forks in the set, so they provide many different vibrating frequencies made for different sensations. The kit also includes 2 sets of adjustable weights.

These tuning forks are custom made, with a rough low polish finish.

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