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Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring


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Get the Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring and launch your "load" today! You won't ever have to worry about a misfire with this plug. Just slide it in and you are ready to play!

Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring

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Get the Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring and launch your "load" today!

At Slightly over 2 inches long and available in various diameters of grooved surgical steel, you won't ever have to worry about a misfire with this plug.

Just slide it in and you are ready to play!

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Product Questions

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What is the inside diameter of the standard glans ring (at no extra charge) ?
I would like to know the inner diameter of the standard glans rings that come with both 12mm and 13mm Torpedo Plug. Also this question: why is there no 1-1/8" or 1-1/16" additional size glans ring available to this product?
Just about to order The Torpedo 13mm cock plug as I've had everyone of them from 9mm upwards.
These plugs are absolutely superb & out of this world. However I've noticed there does not appear to be either a 14 or a 15mm in the pipeline?? Can you please either confirm or deny that the 13mm is in fact the largest cock plug you make of this erotic model??
If you don't currently make anything larger than 13mm does the company intend making available either a 14, 15 or even a 16 mm cock plug in this particular style.
This plug is too good just to be cut off at a mere miserable 13mm so here's hoping this isn't the end of the line!!
After all we're not all little boys who delight in using these sheer delightful cock tools!!
What is the inside diameter of the included glans ring for the 9mm plug?
Here's a question from a newbie that I am hoping other users (or an Admin) an answer. I ordered this item and the size (gauge) is perfect, but I was wondering. Is the "ball" on the end of the unit meant to protrude from the glans/meatus or is it meant to be buried within. If it's the former, it just ain't happening (not and be able to get that glans ring in place). LOL.
What is the inside diameter of the 7mm plug glans ring?

Customer Reviews

Great Feeling Review by JayCee

This is my second Plug this one bigger than the first;feels great a little tight going in but such a great feeling once it was in!!

(Posted on 11/10/18)

Great Review by samuel

Great little plug for sex. The tip doesn't protrude like others, so doesn't "hit" her inside like others. The end will protrude, but not as much as other non-flex plugs because of the shortness. The only one I can enjoy wearing when I have to wear briefs. It doesn't get encumbered in the material or pinched.

(Posted on 10/31/18)

Love it! Review by Santa

Been wearing my torpedo plug nearly nonstop for quite a while. Finally realized I have come up in the world one size and have just ordered the 13mm plus 1.1/4 glans ring. At 12 my absolute favorite plug! I realized I was unable to retain any of the 12mm and smaller plugs so out they go soon as I get delivery. Being a briefs kind of guy but like to show a bit of a bulge in short rise pants and that my previous briefs made the plug pinch a bit when off to the side, I went for new pouch underwear. What a difference! The hefty plug, causing a longer hang, makes things appear bigger, especially the glans, and the pouch reveals a subtle profile to be proud of. Kudos to TCG for their excellent products!

(Posted on 10/21/18)

Wear it All day Review by Easy Rider

This is a great little plug that can be worn all day. The shaft is short so there is no problem wearing it while sitting or moving about. You can pee through it, so there is no need to remove it. I would get one size larger as the diameter of the through hole is small and there is some leakage when peeing due to the pressure. It has a very smooth finish and the glans ring and the groves on the shaft holds it firmly in place

(Posted on 9/16/18)

Awesome feeling. Review by C

First time using a plug! I got it slightly bigger so I could stretch into it. Yes it was tight but after a minute I had it in but had to bend the arm to get the ring to fit. Other than that it was great.

(Posted on 9/4/18)

needed to modify Review by Bryan

I ordered the 12mm and it fits fine. Quality is good but I had to modify the arm for the glans ring. It comes straight down and bends at a 90 degree angle, not ideal in my opinion. I bent it so it has more of a curve to naturally follow the contours of my cock.

(Posted on 8/5/18)

Excellent Review by CowboyRon

Great size and great feel. I wear this plug almost all of the time. Not sure how to masturbate with this plug in but it will be fun trying.

(Posted on 7/25/18)

Not enough space for glans during erection Review by Patrick

Very good quality but not enough space between top and glans ring which hurts during erection. I do have a big glans but I'm for sure not the only one ...

(Posted on 6/22/18)

wow Review by chip

I bought the 13mm size looked great, couldn't wait to try it cleaned it first, got myself
comfortable lube up my penis and plug and started to push it in man its big wouldn't
go in at first but on the third time and a little more pressure it started to go in wow felt great left it in for two hours. The next day left it in for eight hours could have done with a smaller ring 1.1/8".Next time will leave in for 12 hours if not longer..
ITS THE BEST plug ever...

(Posted on 5/20/18)

Awesome Plug Review by Johnjohn

I got the 12mm. It is the largest diameter I have been able to use. It is tight! You can really feel the "tight spot" ring just behind your cock head when it goes over those indentations. It practically snaps into place. Those indentations between the high spots are deeper than they look in the picture.
The weight and feel of this piece are perfect. It definatley stays put with the snugness and the glans ring. While pee thru hole is larger because of the 12mm size, it could still be a little bigger. It is perfect for long term wear. The only reason I take it out is to play with my other toys!
Play clean and safe, j

(Posted on 5/11/18)

13 mm my favorite plug, bigger please Review by Whistleblower

I’ve had the 13 mm Torpedo about a year now. At first it was hard to insert and remove and I went back to 12 mm cockscrew, but after several days wear of that the Torpedo was easier to get in and very comfortable for days at a time. At first it stayed in fine without the glans ring, but now it falls right out without the ring. I now wear it 24/7, often with ball weights, except for airports, Dr offices, or the Y. It’s getting loose enough there is now some blow by when I pee. Russ, please make this in 14, 15, and 16 mm sizes. I think I’m ready for a 15 now.

(Posted on 3/23/18)

Just WOW Review by RonRon

Ordered the Torpedo Penis Plug with Glans Ring as it appeared just what I was wanting to try. Shipping was fast. I got the 9mm. I sterilized it and applied plenty of lube. First time trying a 9mm. I started in my penis and it just slowly slid in. Took me a while to get the glands ring on but it is now on and is a perfect fit. Wow this is what I wanted. The large diameter gives me a stuffed feeling and it stays in place. Feels fantastic.

(Posted on 3/16/18)

Great Review by Jay

I have a 12mm and now a 13mm, once you get used to larger sizes they are comfortable and the quality as always is great. Thanks Chain gang!

(Posted on 6/19/16)

like Review by Shortwick

I have it in all day I love it

(Posted on 6/14/16)

12mm torpedo penis plug Review by Rapallo

Took awhile to get this plug in but success after wearing the 11mm plug for a week and using 11mm and 12mm sounding rods. I'll wear it for a few weeks and then move up to the 13mm bullet plug. I usually wear it without the glans ring for ease of insertion. Sterile lube a must.

(Posted on 6/12/16)

Good jewel Review by Alessandro

I bought in a single order the cum tru, both solid and flexible, the totem pole, the hollow ribbed One and the torpedo, which is to date my favorite. It allows enjoyable long time wearing, and cummin tru is truly marvellous. Highly advisable

(Posted on 5/28/16)

Outstanding Product Review by Mtex

Have been stretching up to a 12 MM for a few months. Ordered the 11MM and it just slipped right in. Gland ring is the correct size and you really don't know you are wearing it. Looks fantastic sticking out of my cock.

(Posted on 4/19/16)

Great product Review by Shaggy

Wow, I thought that being a 11mm that a 12 would be no problem. was I ever wrong, I couldn't even get it started. I am in the stretching phase, using the "Devil's Pitchfork" . It might take a while to get up to 12mm for the Torpedo, but if there is any advice, I sure would like to hear about it. I am able to get to the first rib, but it is really pushing it, so I back off to continue to stretch with the devil's pitchfork, wearing it all day. Wish that the "Cock Screw Penis Plug" came in a bigger size than 11mm. I have the 10mm and it just falls out. Trying to stretch to 12, I thought the 11mm would be a waste of my time. Over all, the Torpedo Penis Plug with the Glans Ring will be my favorite, but have to get stretched out first.

(Posted on 3/5/16)

WOW Review by newbe

After wearing the flex cum penis plug, this a large step up ! The 5 grooved and ball at the end of the torpedo plug gave an unbelievable sensation as one inserts and remove, wow. "insert and remove slowly" Top it off the glan ring to hold in place, what great fit ! Used lot of surgilube to slide in and with comfort..
I found for me the glan ring was too small, I had a extra one from my previous purchase of my Flex plug , that was little larger, fit great. It can worn all day long, will not come out-stays put.
Thanks to the Chain Gang for fast service.


(Posted on 1/29/16)

Perfect Review by Dale

This penis plug is huge. Hurts going in and out, very comfortable when in. I like the stretch going in and wear it all day. The glans ring fits perfect. Takes about a week to get used to it's size, but once you do it's great. Glad I bought it.

(Posted on 1/26/16)

Love it Review by Dale

Didn't think it would fit at first, but lubed it and my urethra well and with a little determination it went in the first time. A little painful going in and out but worth it. Can wear it all day long. Wish it was an inch longer. Great plug and love the bigger size.

(Posted on 1/17/16)

Quality Review by Guest

I received this plug and looking at it wondered if I would ever be able to wear it.
This plug is going to take some working up to it's size, so I'm looking foreword to
getting it all the way in.
As with all the toys I have from Chain Gang this one is of the highest quality .

(Posted on 1/15/16)

Feels Great Review by David F.

I have enjoyed the use of penis plugs/prince's wands for years. Have had difficulty finding them much larger than 10mm (3/8") dia. This torpedo plug is a perfect fit and the ridges machined into this plug adds some nice extra stimulation during insertion and removal.

Have no issues at all with the glans ring. I personally like them a bit on the small side as the plug does not slide out so unexpectedly and I have a rather large glans. I see in the product description and reviews, the size of the glans ring is never mentioned. It is 27.5 mm (1.08") ID.

As for length, I too wished it was a bit longer; however, the shorter length will allow me to also wear my 50mm x 40mm Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight at the same time. I have found when wearing the longer plugs and the Bullet Stretcher at the same time, some internal discomfort develops due to the interference.

Again, thanks to the Chain Gang for another super nice quality product & support.

David F.

(Posted on 1/1/16)

very good Review by NUTZ

I have found that the only penis plugs that you can wear for any length of time have to have a glans ring incorporated in the design. This plug meets that criteria and it is one that can be worn for long periods of time. Penis plugs with glans rings are the only ones worth buying.

(Posted on 11/21/15)

Finally a plug that fits well Review by CWS

Like others the glans ring was too small to be useful, however once I removed it I was able to squeeze the "arm" with the ball closer to the plug and use that to keep the plug from falling out by pinching the bottom side of my cock when inserted.

This is a nice thick plug, but I had no trouble getting it in even the first time and with this slight modification I finally have a plug that won't fall out. The pinching effect on the bottom of my cock is not a problem and actually feels good.

Not very long, but perfect for me, my cock curves upward and a long plug hurts a bit when I really get hard.

Good pricing and great delivery.

(Posted on 11/10/15)

huge toy, this is going to take a while. Review by jjhd

I also purchased a stretcher, because there is no way I can get this monster in until i expand my opening. That said I plan on doing just that and look forward to the day it fits.

(Posted on 4/8/15)

Ring too small Review by Carb

Good quality but the ring is hard to get on.

(Posted on 2/28/15)

good product Review by Jim

I have been looking for a comforitable plug for some time, and I finally found it. When I recieved it I first thought it was too big but after enlarging my urethra I finally gave it a try. After lubing it up, along with my glans I tried inserting the plug. It hurt just a little bit, but I knew it would be a good fit. Then I pulled my glans thru the ring. Boy what a rush. I almost had an ejulation right then. It fit perfectly. I have had it in since.I don',t even know it is in.

(Posted on 2/13/15)

nice Review by ar

fits good, but personally I would prefer to have a little larger diameter and a little longer.

(Posted on 1/15/15)

This will be my go-to plug Review by Godspeed

I have tried half a dozen thru-hole plugs, with and without glans rings, and have never found one that quite worked. Most were too narrow and leaked. From the moment I opened the envelope, I knew that the Torpedo was what I had been waiting for. It fits beautifully (the ridges make insertion quite arousing) and the weight/length/proportions are terrific. My only complaint is the diameter of the ring. Once you get this nearly half inch diameter of surgical steel inside you, the ring is REALLY tight. I'm ordering the 1/4" bigger ring to see if it works better, but I have no doubt that this plug will make for many hours of fun.

(Posted on 11/18/14)

to large Review by bigiron

Was impressive,but to large at this time. Quality was great with fast service. Will continue to be hopeful. a happy n satisfyed customer .

(Posted on 10/11/14)

glands ring Review by Rickster

Glands ring is way to small, love the plug though... ;-)

(Posted on 9/15/14)

Needs modified Review by tonyg

Quality very good But design needs to be changed, the taper is to sharp and not long enough.

I see from others that they are having the same problem. Simple to change th CNC machine to reduce the slope and give more length for initial insertion.

As to the glans ring would like to see a quick connect option, would help a lot of users,

Regards, Tony

(Posted on 8/24/14)

great prices Review by machoman07047

super fast deliver and great selection thank you

(Posted on 8/14/14)

Great quality Review by Maxwell

Freakin' big !....too big for me.
Really nice quality.
Disappointed couldn't use it.

(Posted on 8/8/14)

Great Review by Verdugo

Can I get a larger glans ring

We can not include them, but you can order them seperatly here for any of the plugs with glans rings here;

(Posted on 8/2/14)

Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring Review by Mouse

I was kind of surprised when I received this item due to the size. I had thought automatically that I should have chosen a smaller size. I figured that I would at least try to see what would happen. After making sure that I was well lubed, and also the plug I proceeded to start slowly.

I really surprised myself as being able to take the entire plug comfortably on the first attempt. The feeling was great, and I am very pleased with this as I have been with every item I have purchased from you.

(Posted on 6/29/14)

So F...... Hot Review by Peeholefan

Got this in the mail yesterday, my first thought was no way. But I inserted it and it was heaven so incredibly hot. Can't wait to wear it all day long looks great. The quality is superb. I will order more just the right size

(Posted on 5/6/14)

Almost perfect Review by Stevec52

If you need large diameter plugs for retention, this is the best I've found so far (I have dozens). I've worn it for more than 24 hours at a time with no discomfort at all. For me, the fit & spacing of the end to the last segment is ideal. If it was an inch or so longer overall, it would be perfect. Stays put by itself, doesn't pinch, or stretch while it is in. Highest recommendation.

(Posted on 4/19/14)

Wide Plug Review by Night Gaunt

Great quality product as usual, but the plug is a lot thicker than I thought it would be. I had issues with other plugs being very slim and so would cause leaking around the sides and that is why I purchased this plug. Only problem is it too thick for me, so I need to stretch a bit before I can fully enjoy it.

(Posted on 4/16/14)

I like it Review by blusmokyjoe

I really liked wearing it only thing it needs to come with more information about using it and I haven't gotten to try it having Sex this is my first experience with anything like this

(Posted on 3/11/14)

this is the first one Review by blusmokyjoe

It was hard to get my head thru the ring and I've never done anything like this before I can't wait to have Sex with it, I would really like to get as much information about this so I'll know how long I can keep it in and wear it because I sure don't want to damage my Cock, so if someone could send me the information I'd really appreciate it because it doesn't come with any instructions

(Posted on 2/27/14)

great Review by whisledick

nice.........could be a little longer?

(Posted on 2/27/14)

very good Review by lostman

This is my first glans ring plug,and its parked inside me right now. Yay! If you are up to 12mm,it's very comfortable and stimulating for all day wear. Being an off the shelf item,I had to adjust the set of the ring up by bending the horizontal bar up by some sixteenth of an inch. Once in place,it stays in place until I take it out. If you like this piece you'll want one with the glans ring/bar custom fitted,as I plan to do so. Thanx again Chain Gang for good product and delivery.

(Posted on 2/21/14)

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