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Tools and Tapers

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What Are Tapers?

Tapers are specially designed tools made for pain-free stretching of your piercings. You start by inserting the narrow (thin) end of the taper into your piercing. This one should match your existing gauge (size). After this, you slowly push the taper through the piercing until you reach the wider end. Before you run the taper all the way through the piercing, take a jewelry piece that has the same gauge as the wider end of the taper. Before you take the taper out of the piercing, insert the jewelry. This way, you will be able to stretch your piercing to the next gauge without pain or discomfort.

Using Crescents

Crescents and spirals are great because they are tapers that can double as jewelry. They are very comfortable because they provide a gradual stretching. You start by inserting the thinner part of the crescent into your piercing hole and after a while you move it to the thicker part. This is how you can gradually stretch your piercing to a larger gauge without risking overstretching. Crescents and spirals can also double as jewelry during the stretching process, just make sure not to wear them as permanent jewelry for your piercings.

How to use Gauge Wheel?

Gauge wheels are handy tools made for measuring jewelry. It is particularly useful for large gauge pieces but it can be used for almost any jewelry size. A gauge wheel is a must-have for those who have many jewelry pieces of different sizes: with this tool, you will never wear jewelry of the wrong size again. Simply place your jewelry piece between the flanges of the wheel to see if it fits. Move the jewelry to the next size until you find the gauge that fits. This is the gauge (size) of your jewelry piece.