Titanium Smooth Segment Ring

Titanium Smooth Segment Ring is a very elegant jewelry piece made for comfort. This premium ring is specially designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Each segment fits perfectly for easy insertion and removal. This ring has a very polished look so it will sure attract attention to your piercing.
As low as $23.99

Titanium Smooth Segment Ring is a specially designed ring made for comfort and elegance. It makes a good alternative to a typical Captive Bead Ring. These rings consists of special segments made to fit perfectly together so they look very elegant.

The rings are made of medical grade Titanium so they are body friendly and comfortable. The segmented body makes it easy for use, so you don't have to struggle to open or close it. The design also makes for a very polished look.

Titanium is a premium material ideal for body piercings. It doesn't contain alloys so it doesn't cause allergies, making it a perfect body jewelry material. It's also lightweight and comfortable, so many people prefer it over Surgical Steel or even Gold jewelry in many cases.

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