Titanium Double Gem Set Curved Barbell

Titanium Double Gem Set Curved Barbell is a beautiful jewelry piece you can wear in almost any piercing type. This gorgeous barbell includes two sparkly gems, so it’s a truly eye-catching piece. Many different barbell and gem colors available to create a customized jewelry piece you will love to wear!
As low as $57.99

Titanium Double Gem Set Curved Barbell is a great jewelry piece for adding some color to your piercing. It’s made of high-quality Titanium so it’s medical-grade, safe for body piercings and comfortable. Titanium jewelry is lightweight so it’s a great choice for sensitive piercings.

The barbell is Internally Threaded for your comfort

Another advantage to titanium is that it’s hypo-allergenic. This is a great choice for people who have metal allergies or other problems with metal jewelry.

This beautiful barbell comes with 2 sparkly gems. There are 12 gems colors to choose from, so you can pick your favorite to create a personalized jewelry piece.

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