The Rocket

The Rocket is a powerful insertable toy made for intense sensations. It has an eyelet on the bottom made for attaching weights or a safety cord. This is a gift that keeps on giving!

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The Rocket is a great insertable toy made for those who like to experiment. It’s made of high-quality Surgical Steel so it’s safe, sturdy and durable and it comes in two size options.

The toy has a special eyelet on the bottom, so you can easily attach weights or a safety cord to it.

It is a great toy for the novice and experienced alike!



The Base: 50mm in Diameter and 6mm thick.

The Rocket: 35mm x 100mm of pure pleasure.


The base: 50mm in Diameter and 6mm thick.

The Rocket: 38mm x 100mm of pure pleasure.

Please note: Orders Outside the USA or Canada for this item will incur additional shipping charges due to its weight. Email us your country and the items you would like for the shipping charge.

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