Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Fork Set

"The Original" Penis Plug

"The Original" Penis Plug is a classic urethral toy made for intense sensations. It is also a great choice for creating that special pierced penis look even if you don’t have any piercings. The Original allows you to experience new sensations and enjoy urethral stimulation to the fullest!

"The Original" Penis Plug is a great urethral toy that can help you make that distinctive pierced penis look even if you are not pierced. This plug will look like a magnificent piece of penis jewelry so you will sure love it.

The plug is available as hollow (so all the fluids can freely pass through), or as solid so it works like a dam holding back the ocean.

Both versions of the plug are made of 100% 316L Surgical Steel for your comfort and safety.

This is a perfect toy that will give you the look and feel of a pierced penis with beautiful jewelry, all without pain and actual piercing.

Plug dimensions:

Diameter : 5mm to 9 ½ mm Tapered Shaft

Length: 1-3/4"

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