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The Manticore Anal Plug


The Manticore Anal Plug

  • Materials: TPE (Non-Toxic and Biodegradeable)
  • Common Uses: Anal Pleasure
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 1-9/16"
    • Length: 9" overall, 8" insertable

The Manticore Anal Plug will take you on a journey to discover true anal pleasure with each thrust deeper into you sending a whole new wave of pleasure exploding throughout your body!

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Explore your anal fantasies with The Manticore Anal Butt Plug and experience anal pleasure at its best in this sensuously designed plug! This anal plug is made from TPE so it is firm yet also flexible to allow it to move with your body as you play. It measures 9 inches in overall length and 8 inches in insertable length. The shaft is composed of 5 balls in varying sizes with the largest measuring at 39mms or 1-9/16 inches, it has varying dips and curves as well as pleasure-enhancing rings on the first ball and pleasure-enhancing nubs on the other 4 balls. It also has a uniquely designed handle to allow you to have full control of the plug, or for the more adventurous it fits perfectly between the cheeks if you think you can handle the whole thing. With all of the pleasure-enhancing features of this plug, it will thrust you completely into ecstasy and quickly become a favorite toy!

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