The Enforcer Male Chastity Tube

The Enforcer Male Chastity Tube is the perfect way to maintain control over your slave, only allowing sexual release when you're ready, not him!
The Enforcer Male Chastity Tube is a must have in the male chastity line! Made of 316L Surgical Steel, first the adjustable base ring locks over your cock and balls, then locking to the 3 inch full steel tube that fits the cock like a glove only opening at the end to allow natural body functions, finally with 3 screw holes and 1/2 inch screws that can be partially or fully inserted depending on how much pain you are wanting to inflict. The tube itself is 35mm and the ring on the end adjust from 37mm to 56mm. If you're into chastity this piece is sure to intrigue and excite!
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