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The Big Apple Centipede Sound with Glans Ring


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The Big Apple Centipede Sound with Glans Ring is ready to please you in a "BIG" way! Just like the original "Big Apple" there is no comparison to the excitement of our Big Apple either!

The Big Apple Centipede Sound with Glans Ring

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The Big Apple Centipede Sound with Glans Ring may not be from "the big apple" but it i will please you in a "BIG" way! The shaft is 1mm thick and 91/2" long, with 5 apple shaped bumps that increase in size as you go from just over 6mm to over 11mm wide, you are sure to add fruit to your regular diet. (at least apples). Made of 316L surgical steel it is pure quality and is sure to take you to the next level of pleasure.

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Product Questions

Is it as flexible as the ball python?

Customer Reviews

Good Apples Review by Babalon

Opened up my purchase and the quality was excellent.Great shape of the apples and finish. With some lube it slipped right on in and provided an excellent sensation while stroking my cock. Pushed in that second last 'apple' for another delight. Have to work on getting the last one in. Looking forward to some great sounding!!

(Posted on 3/14/18)

Another hight quality product. Review by Ted

Again, Very well made. I haven't got the nerve to try this one yet. I will wait until I get stretched out enough to get by the 11mm bump even though I doubt I could get it fully inserted. I am working on it!

(Posted on 2/26/18)

One of the Best Sounds Review by MarkS

This is really one of the best I have used. Starts out small and gets larger with each bead....letting you be in complete control of how far you want to penetrate. It is also very "gentle" in that you never really have to force it in further than you want to get the results you want. I love it as an interior stimulator of the prostate. I also hooked it up to my e-stim Tens Unit for additional stimulation! That was exquisite!

(Posted on 12/21/17)

Hits the spot Review by Double

Easy to slide in until all the beads were in. The size and pressure of the first bead against the prostate is simply amazing. The individual beads amplifies the feeling and pressure against the prostate. Sliding it up and down I released very hard even without stroking. However, the sound is not that long and the wire is just very slightly flexible, and for someone who wants a sound that goes really really deep, the ball python which is longer and much more flexible is something to consider. The strong pressure that the big apple centipede exerts against the prostate more than makes up for its shorter length.

(Posted on 9/12/17)

Good product except... Review by Mario

This sound is a good product except that the glans ring is too small to fit over the head of the penis. If the ring was bigger it would be a 5-star rating!

(Posted on 2/27/17)

Lots of Fun Review by Ron

This was a surprise as it has proven to be just right for me. I guess that this is the place to speak of ones own experiences if there is one.
The size of the bumps on the Centipede are great. The largest one at the top needs to be pushed in with a pop but that is just right. The rest of the 'beads' are great also. I have been using this after I have played around with some Rose Bud Sounds (I hope that is the correct term) and then I may work into some of my 24" - 32" silicone sounds and then 2 or 3 of the buds at once. I generally also use a Pratt stainless sound that is just a bit over 1/2" in diameter and I should not neglect to mention the ribbed urethral sound which I recently received. The weight is wonderful and after all of the other things that I have stuffed in there the urethra is relaxed and this too can be stuffed in rather quickly and then pulled back. Needless to say, I do this quite a bit prior to moving on to my closing and much heightened response.
The last thing that I use before loosing control and shooting, oddly enough, is the Centipede The bumps on it are stimulating and once I am loosened up I can pull it up and shove it down right to the end of the ridged portion where the rings attach. When it is in as far as it will go it really stimulates amazingly.
One important note is that due to it having the spaces between the 'bumps' I can keep it moving while I am coming and not be concerned about preventing the fluids from shooting out.

(Posted on 8/22/16)

Not ready for it yet. Review by Chris

Last Apple is a 12mm. Too much for me. Interesting feel being so long.

(Posted on 8/13/16)

What a surprise Review by Ron

I had to learn how to make the most of this item. I found that when I got to the point
where I could rather quickly push it in and then pull it out, just short of pulling it all of
the way out, I got an explosive response. I came once and then came again. I was also using e-stim and that went a long way to making the sensations distracting to the
point that I really submitted to the intrusion and lost touch with what part of the sensations I was eliciting. At first I thought it was interesting and i could eventually push it in all of the way to the first ring on the very end. That felt good but the session I first described sent me over the edge. Very nice.

(Posted on 7/25/16)

Outstanding as always from the group. Review by magman

Ok this toy is a REAL challenge. But getting there. They should include a tube of surgilube for a buck or so with the sale. Local stuff is crap not viscus enough . You are going to need max lub if you want to get the ring over your head. Exciting feelings. I recommend this to the players and doms.

(Posted on 6/4/16)

Very interesting, stimulating Review by scubabeemer

Nice stretch, good deep stimulation.

(Posted on 11/14/15)

Very unique item. Review by atag

Feels great, but glan ring too small to wear plug while standing or walking.

You can find replacement Glans rings; here

(Posted on 8/12/15)

Superb quality, very filling, super intense! Review by Albi

I graduated from Rosebud sounds, to this beauty a couple months ago, and this immediately became my favorite sex toy! The first two small beads go in effortlessly, and just those 2 are fun enough!.

But once ya work up to taking the 3rd bead, the tip of the sound is already down to the base of one's cock, and the blissful stimulation of the 3rd bead barely inside the penis is mindblowing! AND THERE'S STILL TWO LARGE BEADS YET TO GO!

(Posted on 6/28/15)

A Wholw New Level Review by BTD

This is an great new toy! For anyone using sounds; it's a must-have. The product was exactly as described and arrived quickly without any problems. The apples are amazing as they slide in - increasing in size until the last one. I use one of my vibrating sounds to push each apple in adding even more stimulation. When all of the apples are in, I keep the vibrator against the Glans Ring to keep the vibration going as I slide the apples in and out. Orgasm is toe-curling amazing!

(Posted on 5/3/15)

Very stimulating! Review by Lucky

I'm new to this pleasurable activity, and I started with smooth Hegar sounds.
This is definitely more stimulating especially when moving it in and out. The deep sensation when it is fully inserted is amazing!! A well made product.

(Posted on 11/5/14)

well made felt excellent Review by Riggy

Good product takes a little bit of time to get used to the feeling but was able to fit the entire sound in me then came so hard that I ALMOST PASSED OUT

(Posted on 10/23/14)

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