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The Ball Python Snake


Quick Overview

The Ball Python Snake will have you screaming out in complete ecstasy! It is very flexible so that it will conform to all the bends and curves that your body needs.

The Ball Python Snake

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The Ball Python Snake is ready to slip into you and bring you unending joy and pleasure! At 13.5 inches of 6mm & 8mm Balls that are completely flexible and will conform to your every twist and turn, this is an amazing piece. Complete with an adjustable glans ring. Let it slide inside you and bring you to new levels of ecstasy as you hit each "bump" with this beauty!

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Product Questions

What shipping service do you send packages with in Canada? Canada Post or UPS? Refuse to trust UPS for anything when Canada Post is in my experience exactly what it needs to be, fast and efficient.

Customer Reviews

This Is Quite Intimidating! Review by Josh

I am reviewing purely based on how excited I am to try it. I was too ambitious making this my first purchase (and incorrectly recalled the "typical" starting size most people would want to start with...which is apparently 4mm - 6mm and not 6mm - 8mm). So, I haven't actually gotten this thing in besides getting the first 8mm ball in and feeling like it hurt a bit too much to keep going.

I wound up getting the 6mm Ribbed Urethral Sound when I realized this might not fit. That wound up being the perfect choice to start out on. If you're just starting out, be careful if you're considering the Ball Python. If you want to warm up to it, check out the Ribbed Urethral Sound!

I'll come back and edit my review once I've had a chance to try this one a bit further. It's high quality material, very well made, and I am excited to be able to try it.

(Posted on 11/16/17)

Excellent Review by Unanimous cat

Recently bought this living in Canada, so shipping was a little expensive, but it expected 2-4 months. I got it in under 2 weeks, so I was very happy with that. Further it said I had no tracking, but I was able to see its progress all the way to customs.

On the toy itself, my god

I’m a bit of a urethral play noob, this is my first real toy, and when I got it, lets just say 13.5” looks a lot bigger than it sounds, especially when you know where it’s going, but even with rarely doing urethral, I not only have enjoyed the toy, I’ve taken the entire thing, the contours of the spheres are perfect, and it just takes a while of very gentle nudging to get as deep as you want.

The construction is awesome, the spheres are solid, giving the string a weight, and they sit wrapped around a length of metal woven wire which gives great flexibility, and rigidity depending on how you hold it. (As an aside, I don’t own such a vibrator, but attaching one to the smaller ring would be very possible, and I’m guessing very effective~

Fellow noobs andpros alike will probably love this toy, canadian shoppers, I can say their shipping was great, got to the post office, no dumb hassles, but you do have to pay the customs fee on pick up.

10/10, if I shop these kinds of toys again, it’ll be here.

(Posted on 11/11/17)

Hard to control myself! Review by Wild Man

Wow! This toy is a trip! ;-) First of all, thanks CG for the prompt service. No tracking or insurance and yet still it arrived in three days after I ordered it. You guys "rock."
Now, about this sinfully great toy....The super flexibility of the balls strung out on the cable...make it so hard not to jerk this bad stuffer back & forth at a high rate of speed as it is busting through the prostate. I mean come on now....this feels like there is nothing to compare it to. From the trippy feeling of it snaking around through "Cobbs Corner" with hardly any resistance, then it just sort of dives on through the prostate opening to introduce you to a whole new level of impulses. It's a mixture of needing to piss, cum & thrust all @ once....The problem is that this is a steel piece of art, and it will create some tender skin deep down in there. I was a bit rough with the rapid in & out, and that resulted in some bleeding upon extracting.... not much, but enough to remind me to be careful. I am so glad that I am so anal in my cleansing practices. Anytime there is a possibility of some minor bleeding, you had damn well better be sterile...So, one gallon of cranberry/pomegranate juice and a couple of days rest, and I'm back ready to go again. I agree with an earlier review, inasmuch as seeing 13.5 inches of snake all inside and rocking your world....well, that is a total mental thing for sure. If deep sounding is your thing, then this toy deserves your attention. Again, thanks Russ/Sarah.

(Posted on 10/15/17)

Best toy I own Review by charly

I would agree with other reviewers - take your time. It is great just as a prostate massager. Once I got the trick of getting into bladder it went up a whole new level. You will get to that point and will switch from pushing it in to pulling it in. And that feeling is unbelievable. I was trying to decide between this and centipede. Glad I chose this. It is worth every penny.

(Posted on 8/22/17)

Hands free with a dildo Review by Double

After using it a couple of times tried it with a long dildo in my ass and pressed against my prostate. The feeling of the snake sliding up and down my prostate with the dildo in made me suddenly cum very hard without stroking myself. Definitely 5 stars.

(Posted on 8/5/17)

An amazing toy Review by thenoob

This thing is amazing if 8mm is just a hair beyond your max. I managed to get it all the way in. Yes, all the way up to the ring, without a serious erection. Then, while pulling it out very, very slowly, roughly one 8mm ball at a time, it triggers incredible sensations. There's also something naughtily satisfying at the mental level as well to get a 13.5" toy threaded all the way into your cock. You can definitely feel the whole thing inside you.

If you are new to this, however, be extremely careful. While the Python is very flexible and can make it around curves it naturally wants to stay kind of straight. So you need to proceed as if you are inserting a rigid toy, making sure you stretch the urethra properly. There are a lot of side canals in there and you will feel it if you accidentally poke one of those. Once you are around the bend, however, you are in good shape. Just pay close attention to what's happening in there.

You also need to be careful when you reach the bladder. I can imagine that for even the most experienced folks here, great care should be taken. You will find that proceeding very gently and slowly, using very small back and forth motions, that the Python will all of sudden be through the sphincter and inside the bladder. You will know it when it happens. Even now, proceed with care. You feel each 8mm ball pop in. While it is a bit daunting, the sensations are spectacular. Use the same caution when removing your snake.

Given it's length and where it can go, good hygiene is an absolute must. Take your time in preparing with good sterilization, lots of lube and relax as this most incredible of snakes wanders down your manhood into the depths of your body. This one is very worth taking your time.

Highly recommended. TCG, if you're open for suggestions, a 7mm/9mm version would be ideal. Many thanks for a great product.

(Posted on 3/3/17)

Snakes into places my regular sounds can't reach.... Review by Tom of Portland

...and it arrived literally in two days without extra $hipping.....from Florida to Oregon!
The Ball Python is ominous. Will take some adjusting to. Very flexible with no removable parts except the corona ring, so no worries about losing beads in your urethra. This is my third order from you guys and my confidence is growing :-)

(Posted on 2/24/17)

Fantastic! Review by Pete

A little large in diameter for me as a beginner but I plan to get use to it. Mind blowing orgasm.

(Posted on 1/23/17)

Sssssensational! Review by Jessie Bumlover

Ordered this the moment it appeared, and couldn't wait to try it out - the size is perfect, should be comfortable for most people to use. the length is enticing, it'll reach you down very deeply. the heft and weight of it is also lovely, very beautiful piece of work in all! utterly shivering and orgasmic to use, this is the most perfect urethral toy I could have wished to see, thank you for bringing fantasies to life ChainGang!

(Posted on 8/4/16)

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