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The Ball Python Snake


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The Ball Python Snake will have you screaming out in complete ecstasy! It is very flexible so that it will conform to all the bends and curves that your body needs.

The Ball Python Snake

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The Ball Python Snake is ready to slip into you and bring you unending joy and pleasure! At 13.5 inches with various diameter Balls to choose from that are completely flexible and will conform to your every twist and turn, this is an amazing piece. Complete with an adjustable glans ring. Let it slide inside you and bring you to new levels of ecstasy as you hit each "bump" with this beauty!

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Product Questions

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Is the inner cable made of 316L surgical steel?
After the snake reached down near the bladder, how it easy to pull it out? Get stuck or heavy pull it out?
What shipping service do you send packages with in Canada? Canada Post or UPS? Refuse to trust UPS for anything when Canada Post is in my experience exactly what it needs to be, fast and efficient.
How easy is this to clean/sterilize?
What material is this toy

Customer Reviews

too long Review by nunya

This thing is WAY too long. There is no way you can get it fully inserted without injuring your bladder (unless you have a 9 inch+ penis). For us more "normal" guys, please make these things around 10" long so that they would actually be functional.

(Posted on 11/19/18)

wish these were silicone -- very concerned about cleaning Review by Godiva Spark

These are incredibly sexy and I love playing with them. My concern is that they're almost impossible to sterilize. Boiling them or even autoclaving them won't clean dried cum out of the center of the beads. I don't want to cause a UTI. Wish you guys would make these out of silicone, or without so many little nooks and crannies.

(Posted on 11/17/18)

ok Review by rooster

it feels good but every time I use it I end up bleeding do not know why does not take any effort to install.

(Posted on 11/12/18)

WOW Review by Snakelove

What can i say. This toy is great. I have put many things down my dick, but this my favorite!! I am writing this with the snake is in me. Hit my prostate - almost came. Edging for more excitement. Getting ready to jackoff with it in. if you like deep penetration get one of these - you cannot go wrong.

(Posted on 9/8/18)

Wow - Wow -WOW! Review by The Nude P

This high quality snake is absolutely amazing! Firstly, the Chain Gang shipping exceeded my expectations by a long shot! As I slid the snake down my cock... each pop and movement to the next level was euphoric! I can’t wait to work it so I can get the last few inches in! The glans ring is a bit small for me, but the snake sent me into the heavens!

(Posted on 9/5/18)

Highly recommended Review by Tony

A user of several founds purchased from TheChainGang but this is my "go to" sound. The alternating size beads creates a buzz when inserting. The big plus of this sound is that the sound tends to flex in certain directions when the sound is shifted after insertion and when it flexes against the prostate the sensation is intense. i would insert the entire sound and slowly walk or squat, allowing it to shift and flex, and i struggle to control myself, often releasing even hands free. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 8/27/18)

GREAT ITEM, sadly one use... Review by HappyHung818

I REALLY enjoyed using this toy, ergonomicly extremely well designed! The BIG problem (and the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars) is that it is impossible to sterilise after use.

Boiling before does the trick, but the construction, metal beads on a (wire rope) cable, means that when you soak this thing with cum ( and you will if you use it right) the semen gets in between the beads and in the gaps between the wires and you can't get it out without a jewellery vibrator and autoclave.

I've got the first one for $60, now that the prices down I bought two more, but it is cost prohibitive except for special occasions .

(Posted on 8/12/18)

Longer isn't necessarily better Review by S4CBTT

If you want this insertable for arousal, it is is WAY to long unless you have a cock at least 9" long. Once a urethral insertable goes thru the bladder "valve," the intensity might be higher but arousal usually drops. This is because the bladder valve deters the insertable from moving freely to stimulate the prostate, and because opening the bladder valve usually switches the body from sex mode to piss mode. The best length for maximum arousal is the length of your cock plus about 4 inches, more or less depending on the size of your pelvis. Otherwise, the quality is fine. The insertable length of the one I received is 13.25", and the glans ring is 30mm or about 1-3/16" inside diameter.

(Posted on 8/10/18)

AWESOME ! Review by ssfrance

Just received the Python snake !! My cock swallowed it up with no problem and the "electric" sensation as it slid through my prostate was incredible! Slowly pulled it out as I hit the orgasm !! Rocks your whole body! Highly recommend this sound ! You won't be disappointed!

(Posted on 8/10/18)

I am not sure what just happened. Review by D

Ok this device is my first for sounding. I could get it all the in the first time. Second time like 3 days later. I tell the wife to just apply steady pressure and I go to work after bout ten minutes and bout 2 inches left I felt a pop and my semi erect penis slammed into the the base of the rings on the python. Like I think my prostate hymen. If there is such a thing. Then in no time the craziest weirdest longest orgasm ever. Then pulling it out was weird feeling for sure. A touch of blood and a ton of cum. Product took me somewhere I ain't ever been. Easy ordering and fast shipping. Chain gang is 100.

(Posted on 7/23/18)

Intimidating at first...but whoa! Review by K.

Well made. Good length, actually more than enough. The different size balls make it very interesting. It’s taken a while to insert it really deep but once you learn to relax.. wow! It will rock your world. Just note that once you get it inserted that deep, you really have to relax to remove it. Not something you can remove at a moments noice. Highly recommend this product! I would have to say that it would be great if you could order this with all the ball diameters the same size.

(Posted on 6/23/18)

Absolutely brilliant Review by Doublelife69

This sound hits all the right spots. My cock just sucked it in all the way the first time. I couldn't believe that the whole length was in me and it felt amazing. The electric feeling as it went through my prostate was amazing.
the flexibility and alternating beads make the sensation of it going in and out incredible. Best sound I've ever used.

(Posted on 6/11/18)

Geat buy Review by a

I bought this and this is an excellent toy to play with. I love it and enjoy playing with this. Especially when it goes thru my prostate and the feeling is sooo good. Check my photos "14 inch ball python in me"

(Posted on 6/5/18)

Very good quality, heavy in weight, feels great Review by Bond007

Just some getting used to, a little long, half way only .

(Posted on 5/16/18)

A bit too long Review by Keith

I really like this device. Perfect diameter, I would only wish it could be shortened. I'm not as hung as would be necessary to insert it and use the glands ring.☹ very short thrusts while inside the prostate feels amazing, I just have to get the timing right so it is out before I cum.

(Posted on 4/6/18)

OMG! - WOW Review by Pits

My first sound! The length is absolutely phenominal. Got it all the way in first time, and came without trying, a major eruption! It goes in so easythat I'm considering buying the python. Keep up the good work CG.

(Posted on 3/16/18)

Sneaky snake does the job!! Review by Babalon

Excellent quality, it was just as described. Great flexibility. I just could not wait to try it out. The sensation as it slide down inside my cock was GREAT!! Then into and through my prostrate gland. Wow what a great feeling and rush. Could not recommend this one enough for anyone wanting the best for deep sounding. All thumbs up !! Ideal length and good grip rings on one end.

(Posted on 3/14/18)

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