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Tapered Balls Sperm Stopper


Tapered Balls Sperm Stopper

Sperm stoppers are a great way to get introduced to penis plugs, and this one is perfect for people that are still hesitant about trying it out. This model is super easy to wear and comfortable. It will greatly improve your performance under the sheets for yourself and for your partner. After trying it you’ll just want more!
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As the name indicates it is tapered so you can insert it and gradually get up to the wider part of the plug. You will love the texture and fullness you will feel as you put it in but it feels even better as you masturbate or get stimulation from your partner. The Tapered Balls Sperm Stopper is 55mm long and made of Surgical Steel for a stunning build and finish. The three beads keep the Sperm Stopper in place, as well as the glans ring, and with its lightweight you can wear it as you get on with your day. It is so agreeable and cozy you will forget you are wearing it. During your sexual escapades it will make you last longer and give you so many new sensations, you just can’t pass that experience! Find the perfect match for your penis with our choice of 4 sizes.

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