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Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel

Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel is an elegant jewelry piece specially designed for stretched earlobes. They have one fixed and one threaded lip so it’s very easy to remove this jewelry piece. These tunnels will sure make your earlobe piercing stand out!

Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel is a classy jewelry piece ideal for stretched earlobes though you may use it for many other stretcher piercing types.

They are made of a sleeve of Surgical Steel, so they are body-friendly, smooth and comfortable. They have one fixed lip and one threaded lip, so it’s very easy to insert and remove the flesh tunnel. All you need to do is to unscrew the lip. It eliminated the need for an O-ring.

These flesh tunnels have an inner diameter of 7 mm.

They will make your piercing into a peep hole to see right through your body.

Please note: These flesh tunnels are priced individually. For a pair, please order two.

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