Surgical Steel Curved Barbell

Surgical Steel Curved Barbells are elegant, clean and very practical. They are ideal for more sensitive piercings that require smooth jewelry, such as PA or other types of genital piercings. These barbells also look great in navel piercings.
As low as $32.99

Surgical Steel Curved Barbells are suitable for many different piercing types. They are a great option for eyebrow piercings, navel piercings and numerous types of genital piercings. Curved Barbells are ideal for those who frequently remove or change their jewelry.

They are very smooth and elegant so they go with any style. If you are unsure if this jewelry piece is appropriate for your piercing, just email us and we will be happy to help.

The barbells are made of 316L Medical Grade Surgical Steel, so they are body-friendly, safe and durable. Keep in mind that this isn’t a cheaper, commercial grade of 316L Surgical Steel that you are typically offered by many other companies.

The barbells are all Internally Threaded for your comfort and to ensure a precision fit.

Custom Ball Sizes can be found here: Curved Barbell and You Choose the Ball Sizes

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