Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

Surgical Steel Circular Barbell is a classy jewelry piece you can use for almost any piercing type. This barbell is beautifully polished so it adds elegance to your piercing. Available in many different gauges and sizes.
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Surgical Steel Circular Barbell is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel. This is not the ordinary, lower-quality 316L Surgical Steel offered by many other companies.

Each circular barbell we make is threaded for a precision fit, so it's beautifully crafted, functional and durable. This is a perfect jewelry piece for those who change their jewelry often.

All surgical steel circular barbells larger than 8 gauge are Internally Threaded, while those smaller than 8 gauge are Externally Threaded.

Please keep in mind that all circular barbells are measured using the insider diameter.

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