Extra Long Straight Barbell

Extra Long Straight Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece ideal for industrial piercings. This barbell is much longer than a regular straight barbell, so it will fit well an industrial piercing or another piercing type that requires extra-long jewelry.

Extra Long Straight Barbell is a stylish jewelry piece you will love to wear. It is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel and it’s the same as a regular straight barbell, only made in a much longer length.

Our Surgical Steel Barbells are made of 316L, NOT the cheaper commercial grade 316L Surgical Steel usually offered by many other jewelry companies. Even the balls on these barbells are solid and made of the same 316L Surgical Steel.

These barbells are threaded for precision fit. All pieces are externally threaded.

Please note: Bar measurements are taken from between both balls. Keep this in mind when deciding on the barbell size to order.

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