Blackline Straight Barbell

Blackline Straight Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece made for almost any piercing type. This classy barbell has a special PVD coating that gives it that shiny black color. The coating is made to last so it will never wear off. This is a great jewelry piece you will love to wear!
As low as $21.99

Blackline Straight Barbell is a reliable jewelry piece that can be used for almost any piercing type and in almost any situation.

The barbell is made of surgical grade Titanium with a permanent PVD coating. What is important to note about PVD is that it’s been used in the medical industry since late 1980s. It’s used to make pacemakers, surgical instruments and orthopedic implants. It is body-friendly and suitable for body jewelry.

This coating provides a permanent, scratch-proof and colorfast piece you will love to have in your collection. This piece is made to be black today, and it will still be black next week, next month, and so on.

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