14K Gold - Straight Barbell

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As low as $81.99

14K Gold - Straight Barbell

100% of 100
As low as $81.99
14k Gold – Straight Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece suitable for many different piercing types. It is nickel-free and versatile enough so you can wear it almost anytime, anywhere!
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As low as $81.99
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14k Gold – Straight Barbell makes a very elegant addition to your jewelry collection. This beautiful piece can be worn with almost any piercing. This type of barbell is typically worn in tongue, nipple, eyebrow and genital piercings, though you may use them for almost any piercing type.

All of our gold jewelry are made of nickel-free gold so they are safe and body-friendly. This piece is made of solid gold, even the balls. We never use hollow balls or shafts many other companies use.

18 gauge is Externally Threaded, but 16 gauge and larger are all Internally Threaded.

This piece is available in either solid 14k Yellow Gold or solid 14k White Gold.

Our 14k gold jewelry is elegant, classy and very comfortable to wear. We offer only the highest quality available. Solid gold is a great way to add some class and sophistication to any piercing.

The standard ball sizes for this piece are:

  • 18-gauge includes 1/8" Balls
  • 16-gauge includes 5/32" Balls
  • 14-gauge includes 3/16" Balls
  • 12-gauge includes 3/16" Balls
  • 10-gauge includes 1/4" Balls
  • 8-gauge includes 1/4" Balls
  • 6-gauge includes 5/16" Balls

Please note: other gauges and bead sizes are available by request.

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