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Straight Barbells

Straight Barbells

Which Piercings Use Straight Barbells?

There are many different piercings that can use straight barbells. These include various ear piercings, such as Industrial piercing. Straight barbells are typical jewelry pieces for most tongue piercings. These jewelry pieces can also be used for some facial piercings, such as nassallang. Straight barbells are also great jewelry choice for many intimate piercings, such as nipple piercing and some genital piercings: Ampallang, Apadravya, and more.

Straight Barbell Design

A straight barbell has a characteristic design. It consists of a straight body (rod) and one ball on each end. The ball can be a plain bead or it can include gems and other decorations.

Choosing the Right Length

Straight barbells come in many different lengths. You can choose the best one for your piercing when ordering your straight barbell. Keep in mind that very long piercings require straight barbells of considerable length. These super-long straight barbells are known as Industrial barbells and they are up to 2 inches long.