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Standard Penis Plug


Quick Overview

The Standard Penis Plug is a great urethral toy you will love to wear over and over again. It has a classic design made to ensure comfort and deep stimulation. It also looks really nice and can be worn as a jewelry!

Standard Penis Plug

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The Standard Penis Plug is a great toy for beginners and more experienced users alike. It is just the right size for beginners – 8 mm, but we offer it now in various diameters as well as the Extra Long version, so even more advanced users will enjoy it to the fullest.

This toy is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel, so you know it’s medical-grade, durable and perfect to be used in any situation.

A great thing about this plug is that it gives you a look of a pierced penis but without piercing. You should also know that this type of a penis plug is sometimes incorrectly called a “Prince’s Wand”, because of its distinctive look.

The plug is hollow so it allows the fluids to pass through. It means you can wear it for a prolonged periods of time and you may also use it during sex.

This toy is 2 ¼ inches long and it offers 1 7/8 inches of insertable length. It also includes an appropriately sized ball on the end, with an attached ring so the toy can easily be removed. This type of a penis plug with a ring on end makes your penis look pierced even if you don’t really have a Prince Albert piercing!

Please note: you can choose the largest diameter on the shaft. The standard size is 8 mm but we added other sizes due to your requests.

Product Questions

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What's the smallest sized penis plug. I have a rather smaller penis and opening
Can I get this plug in 8mm and 5.5 inches long?
What is the inner diameter of the hole (particularly on the 10 and 11mm)?
If I order the 8mm, not counting the end ball w/ring. What is the widest dimension of the 8mm plug?
How big is the center opening?
What is the size of the ball that is not inserted on the 13 mm standard Penis plug ?
What is the non insertabl Ball on the 14 mm Plug?

Customer Reviews

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Good deal, Review by William

This was my first penis plug ever. I have the 8mm. When I bought it and first tried It I couldn’t get it much further than a half inch into the head of my penis. I kept trying. The fist time it got through into the shaft it scared me. Now I love it. Of coarse now it’s easy to insert and I have just ordered a 10mm longer one. Can’t wait to try it. For a starter plug, you can’t beat it!

(Posted on 12/2/18)

to long Review by rooster

overall nice product the only problem I have with it is that it hangs out of the penis to far to were all day,wish the ball was closer to the plug "dia" itself so that I don't worry about it getting caught on anything.

(Posted on 10/11/18)

Nice Review by Hunter

Very comfortable but the stem should be a little shorter

(Posted on 9/11/18)

Good quality craftsmanship Review by Lover

I got the 8th I should have got a 9 or 10 is a little bit small for me first one I've ever had real smooth going in. I would recommend to anybody

(Posted on 8/21/18)

Great rate. Easy process! Review by Solo man

This thing is great!!!
Got the 16mm and it took a little force to get it in, but man was that great!! Had it it for about an hour, and had a little trouble getting it back out, but I like the pain and the challenge. Thank you Chain Gaing for such awesome products, and awesome service.

(Posted on 7/30/18)

Awesome! Review by CO

I use this practically daily. I bought the 8mm, so I'm just beginning. The only thing I wish you guys would carry, is something that would go all the way to the ball. Meaning the 8mm was the entire thing. The ball would be like a 9mm ball. Stretching to remove it, after a few hours, can be painfully slow. I would rather just have the one size, tapered on one end and the 9mm ball, at the other. Of course with options to go bigger. The feel and the quality is awesome!

I guess when you start to un-stretch, it could feel like it's stuck. Then you would have to pull it out slowly, because it'll "burn", if you pull too quickly.

(Posted on 7/13/18)

Standard Penis Plug Review by Lebon

First timer. 9mm is good but tends to slide out a bit. Use lube and slide it in when not erect/hard. Very high quality product, received in 3 weeks. I'm ready to order another bigger plug.

(Posted on 7/11/18)

Great Upgrade! Review by Anonymous

First plug was a Standard and enjoyed many of the Chaingang designs and sizes since. But when you just want to wear a plug just to have one in there’s no better plug than a Standard.

(Posted on 6/29/18)

good quality.....but has one serious failing for most dicks Review by Dominic

This was my first plug. I got the diameter right, but the length was wrong.

If you have the right diameter, this is the easiest plug to insert because of the gentle taper. For that reason it is a great "starter" and "practice" plug.

Pee comes out nicely. The plug comes out easily as well though the taper is a little more abrupt in the reverse direction.

But the taper needs to be abrupt so that the plug will stay in once it passes through the constriction point inside the opening of the penis.

But here is the problem. If your urethra constriction point is closer to the end of your penis, there will be too much shaft hanging out of your penis. The ring will not look like a piercing, and worse, the shaft will get bumped and cause "discomfort".

So this unit is great for those with a deep constriction point. The "sleek plug" has a shorter shaft, and the "cock screw plug" has the shortest (if you can handle screwing past the constriction point, which I haven't tried yet).

You can't return these so I'll probably be getting another and giving this at the next "cock party" to a lucky guy with a deep constriction point who needs a gentle introduction to penis plugs.

(Posted on 4/19/18)

Pricey, but fully as advertised. Review by Lee

My mistake was buying a 7mm plug and I think I should have chosen the 9mm size. Hoping the Chain Gang will sell me the second one at a discount.

But sizing aside, its beautiful and feels great!

(Posted on 4/12/18)

awesome in a cage Review by inkydragon

I use this with a chastity cage helps keep everything neat and tidy and in place. The d-ring is a great place to attach a leash, if that is your thing, a little tug and you'll know you're wanted....

(Posted on 3/12/18)

finally Review by steve

Finally got one that worked! now I have to get one that stays in the shaft

(Posted on 5/28/16)

Snug Fit, Excellent Quality Review by Richard

Ordered the 10mm. Nice snug fit. Used plenty of lube and slowly pushed in until I felt it pop into place. Doesn't fall out. Very satisfied with quality, workmanship and design.

(Posted on 5/4/16)

My first Penis Plug Review by Roger in Michigan

My 8mm plug went in smoothly. The quality and finish of the plug is first rate. It does seem to come out on it's own , but I understand that is common on the shorter penis plugs. It gives me an unique feeling and I have been enjoying it.

(Posted on 3/11/16)

Awesome little toy Review by Bent

Love this plug. Guess I am small but got it in with little difficulty. Stayed in well till tried to remove it. Came out with a pop. Love to wear it all weekend.

(Posted on 2/24/16)

awsome product..great quality Review by Robert

just received it today,couldn't wait to try it out..much to my dismay it was to small..just kept sliding out..thought the 8 mm would work,but I was wrong..maybe a 10mm would work better. Other than that its a awesome product..

(Posted on 1/30/16)

I love the feel of it Review by ronald

I love the penis plug but wish they would make one in a size 12mm 10mm is a little to small and comes out easy please make a bigger one. Thanks

(Posted on 12/8/15)

Smooth, Practical, Fun Review by Kinkyhedonistfun

I ordered this item a few weeks ago and wanted to really wear it for a while before giving a review. I got the item in 7mm it slid in smoothly with a bit of lube. It fits well. I can wear it all day with practically no irritation. The fact it's hollow makes using the restroom while I'm out and about a breeze, I only really take it out once a week to clean it. When I get erection with clothes on I can feel the ring graze my pants and gently tug on the plug which feels amazing. Cumming with this plug in is a blast not to mention how much my girlfriend loves tracing her tongue against the plug. Even in its smallest size this plug stays secure. I may try and upgrade to a larger size at some point but really you can't go wrong with something that's this much fun. Best $30 I ever spent

(Posted on 12/2/15)

Great for a starter Review by Miles

After months of wavering I finally ordered a plug and figured what the heck, if I don't like it I didn't spend a lot so no big deal. I was wrong. While I cannot agree that it feels like an inside out orgasm, it does present an entirely different, stimulating, erotic, and fun new aspect to exploring one's sexuality. Following the advice of many I took my time while limp it actually sucked it in with little resistance. Stroking my cock was very erotic as I now felt something hard IN my penis. The orgasm was as advertised: longer due to the smaller hole and more intense as the muscles were spasming more intensely. The only con I will give is entirely personal and does not effect my rating of this product; I wish it was longer especially now that I am hooked on this naughty little fun. Oh well, guess I just have to order some longer toys now.....

(Posted on 11/28/15)

Great quality item Review by Beaker

Great quality, fun item

(Posted on 10/15/15)

design Review by .sun

The products offered by the Chain Gang team are high quality without a doubt. This plug is wonderful until I try to remove it. Wondered if the larger diameter could have more taper cut into it for ease of removal. Also is there a larger ring available for this plug? Thank you.

Yes you can find the replacement rings for the Penis Plugs here;

(Posted on 8/2/15)

hours of enjoyment Review by curtis

Exactly what I was looking for ...

(Posted on 6/13/15)

great product Review by pa

Great product. Need a larger size or a glans ring to hold in place. Cannot keep in place but feels great when in.

(Posted on 5/20/15)

Nice! Review by JG

I am a first timer so I went with the 7mm and it is a great quality piece. It felt kind of weird inserting it the first time but the second time was great. I wore it for a few hours and when I masturbated it was such a intense and awesome feeling to cum.

(Posted on 5/1/15)

Work it progress Review by d

I ordered the 8mm being a beginner and it just slipped out. I don't think ordering a larger size would have helped. You really need to order the glands ring to keep it in place. The quality of the piece is very good. What I really wanted was a prince's wand.

(Posted on 4/12/15)

I enjoy wearing this when my Mistress allows me. Review by Big Pussy

I thought my Mistress would be happy when I showed her the 8mm standard penis plug. She laughed at me and said this would never fit in my penis. She told me I would need to grow a penis before I could use it. Next she made me bend over and she stuck it up by butt. Sometimes she just does not understand my feelings.

Big Pussy (She made me legally change my name to Big Pussy.)

(Posted on 3/19/15)

High Quality Review by Pierre

I've had my plug for 5 years and I wear it all the time, very comfortable. I have a glans ring which holds it in place. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a penis plug.

(Posted on 3/5/15)

Perfect Design Review by Untiltled

Excellent product. Fits perfectly and is extremely stimulating.
Highly recommended.

(Posted on 3/3/15)

wow Review by Anon

Holy shit this thing is awesome haha my 1st time and I love it! Will be buying more products in the future!

(Posted on 2/18/15)

i would recommend buying one for the beginner and for advaned person to Review by ronald

I love the penis plug. when I first got mine a couple of years ago I bearly could get it in but now ive strechted and have lost 2 of them because I am bigger than a 10 mm I wish they could make a 12 now I really would love it if they could.

(Posted on 1/8/15)

Great new toy Review by Lglbgl3860

I bought the 10mm with a beaded glans ring. Insert the plug and gently slip the glans ring on to hold it in place. Secure enough to walk around in all day. Masturbation was a mind blower! The largest diameter could have been a bit more rounded but of the 3 penis plugs I've purchased, I enjoy this one best.

(Posted on 3/9/14)

WOW Review by Daniel

I bought the 8mm and while I experience a little pain on insertion removal is a bitch. I had to fashion an extraction tool from a drinking straw to facilitate the extraction of removal of this. Without this extraction tool it felt like I was gonna rip the end of my cock open but I love wearing it and as the ole saying goes "no pain no gain" or is it "know pain know gain" any way I love it and I would recommend this to all of those guys looking for something new.

(Posted on 2/28/14)

one complaint Review by MK

The indents for top ring went al the way through on one side so when you pee it leaks out the side, other than that I like it

(Posted on 11/1/13)

Good service, but I would suggest 2 modifications in manufacture: longer neck and more rounded edge to insertable portion. Review by "G"

Timely response by company. Item would work best for me if it had a slightly longer (0.5 in.) "neck" so that it could be inserted further and if the sharp edge on the widesd inserted portion would be a bit rounded to make extraction less painful.

(Posted on 7/23/13)

size Review by James

It goes in very easily but it come out by itself. Do I use to much lub or is the plug to small?

(Posted on 2/22/13)

excellent product Review by bear

received the penis plug size 10 sterlized and immediately inserted. my only wish is that it would be 3.5 inches in length and that the size increases up to and including either 14 or 15. Mine easily comes out and it is a 10 in fact I can insert and push the whole unit into my penis including the end ring with no difficulty at all. I read all the reviews had no problems and did not use lube. Perhaps you can look into something larger for guys like myself.

(Posted on 10/29/12)

good Review by lover

love mine but i too have a problem with it staying in, so i guess that i just ordered to small, and need to get one 1-2 mms thicker

(Posted on 10/29/12)

Great Review by Enjoy

Received in good time. Me and my wife both have one and fine it very and especially enjoyable when we quietly talk to each other over various forms of media and in person. Cannot express the feeling of visually picturing my beautiful wife while I'm having mutiple orgasims with the plug in my penis. She has told and showed me how dripping wet her panties get when we fantise and express our feeling to one another. When she discreetly uses her pocket vibe she climaxes many times. Sometimes her girl friends can smell a sweet scent which causes her to change panties several times during the day. Waht a great time we both have with this device. Imagination can be a great thing when away.

(Posted on 9/30/12)

Untitled Review by Sebastian Gerhart

Received it a few days ago. Had my partner insert it. Slow and steady is the best method. Lubed it up and after 2 minutes it was in. WOW! What a great feeling. First Pee was great. Wore it all day with no problem. Put it to the test the next morning. Pleasured my partner for about 30 minutes and had the best orgasm in months. Erupted through it like a volcano. Only set back is that it does not match in color with the penis crown I purchase a few months ago. Great product for any couple!

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Dave

Thanks very much for prompt shipment of my order. I noticed that there were many comments on this and similar items regarding the plug slipping out. I thought I would offer my remedy to that issue.

Before ordering, I found a few stainless steel items around the house and tired inserting them into my penis. I found that the largest object I could insert was 9mm. A 10mm object was too large.

After inserting my new 9mm plug, I also found it initially slipped out until the large portion was at the tip of my penis. Usually, when I got an erection, it would slip completely out.

To prevent this, I used a black cloth wrapped hair rubber band from my wife's drawer of hair product goodies. Securing it around the head of my penis did the trick. The plug now always stays in place. The only downside is that the ring does not jingle loosely which is nice. I therefore sometimes attach one of her earrings to the ring.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

This is SO wort the money and all I love it so much

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

I play with it just once but It's was a really big thrill. I love it.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Georgiadreamer

If I had any thing to remind myself of about this item it would have been: "Remember to hold on to it while urinating." This is simply because as it is in the world...water can move and remove anything that you can not control the rate of flow or volume. That is basic Hydrology 101.

Lubrication is a MUST so without a pin through the penis there is always a chance it will come out with water or cum. For me this is sort of a "training wheel."

This is recommended as a place to start for those of us that have moderate goals or curiosities. There may be no further advancements for me as far as actual "piercing" but I must admit that as far as this device goes, it has been a pleasant adventure. I had no trouble withthe 8mm.

Remember that all of these devices require a measure of patience. Enjoy the process. Nothing worthwhile should be rushed, especially if you do not really want to "enjoy" any pain. If you do, it can be quite exquisite.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

This is my first piece of penis jewelry and I love it. Insurition the first time is scary. It gets easier every time. Can't wait to get another one

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

I first purchased the 8mm one, and I was not able to insert it very far, so I bought the 7mm one and have the same issue. I have been trying different ones and different stretcher, however I am not able to get anything above 6mm.

I guess I need to keep stretching and trying.

Great products though.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Cliff Elliott

The quality of the piece seems to be great. The only negative i have is the fact that I cannot keep the item inserted. It keeps falling out. I don't know if I am supposed to use this in conjunction with a glands ring, etc. Do you know? Can you educate me on this? There was slight pain inserting it so I know it isn't too small. Thank you Cliff

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by fun4metoo2004

I ordered and tried the 8mm size. I cannot get it past the last biggest size.

I think I will get the 7mm and see how that works.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Turner Duyane

A beautiful piece, but just a tad too big. We played hell getting it in, and even more getting it back out. I just ordered the 7mm sleek and hollow to try, and I'll keep this one for later when we work with it a bit

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by gary

I've had this penis plug for about 2 months now. When it's fully inserted it's comfortable to wear and since it's a piss through plug. I keep it in for days. It keeps me about half hard all the time and my orgasm is much more intense.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by TJ

Great piece. Wished I would have gone 1 size smaller being a beginner.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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