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Standard Penis Plug


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The Standard Penis Plug is a great urethral toy you will love to wear over and over again. It has a classic design made to ensure comfort and deep stimulation. It also looks really nice and can be worn as a jewelry!

Standard Penis Plug

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The Standard Penis Plug is a great toy for beginners and more experienced users alike. It is just the right size for beginners – 8 mm, but we offer it now in 4 different diameters as well as the Extra Long version, so even more advanced users will enjoy it to the fullest.

This toy is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel, so you know it’s medical-grade, durable and perfect to be used in any situation.

A great thing about this plug is that it gives you a look of a pierced penis but without piercing. You should also know that this type of a penis plug is sometimes incorrectly called a “Prince’s Wand”, because of its distinctive look.

The plug is hollow so it allows the fluids to pass through. It means you can wear it for a prolonged periods of time and you may also use it during sex.

This toy is 2 ¼ inches long and it offers 1 7/8 inches of insertable length. It also includes an appropriately sized ball on the end, with an attached ring so the toy can easily be removed. This type of a penis plug with a ring on end makes your penis look pierced even if you don’t really have a Prince Albert piercing!

Please note: you can choose the largest diameter on the shaft. The standard size is 8 mm but we added other sizes due to your requests.

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What's the smallest sized penis plug. I have a rather smaller penis and opening
Can I get this plug in 8mm and 5.5 inches long?

Customer Reviews

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good quality.....but has one serious failing for most dicks Review by Dominic

This was my first plug. I got the diameter right, but the length was wrong.

If you have the right diameter, this is the easiest plug to insert because of the gentle taper. For that reason it is a great "starter" and "practice" plug.

Pee comes out nicely. The plug comes out easily as well though the taper is a little more abrupt in the reverse direction.

But the taper needs to be abrupt so that the plug will stay in once it passes through the constriction point inside the opening of the penis.

But here is the problem. If your urethra constriction point is closer to the end of your penis, there will be too much shaft hanging out of your penis. The ring will not look like a piercing, and worse, the shaft will get bumped and cause "discomfort".

So this unit is great for those with a deep constriction point. The "sleek plug" has a shorter shaft, and the "cock screw plug" has the shortest (if you can handle screwing past the constriction point, which I haven't tried yet).

You can't return these so I'll probably be getting another and giving this at the next "cock party" to a lucky guy with a deep constriction point who needs a gentle introduction to penis plugs.

(Posted on 4/19/18)

Pricey, but fully as advertised. Review by Lee

My mistake was buying a 7mm plug and I think I should have chosen the 9mm size. Hoping the Chain Gang will sell me the second one at a discount.

But sizing aside, its beautiful and feels great!

(Posted on 4/12/18)

awesome in a cage Review by inkydragon

I use this with a chastity cage helps keep everything neat and tidy and in place. The d-ring is a great place to attach a leash, if that is your thing, a little tug and you'll know you're wanted....

(Posted on 3/12/18)

Great Warm Up Plug Review by Penis Lover

I bought the 7mm, but now that I have used it, I think that I should try the 8mm or even 9mm plug. But I used this plug as a warm up for my penis for bigger plugs. I loved the plug because it went in so easy and it just made a lot of precum flow out of it. I loved to twist the plug by the ring to enhance the inner sensations of my penis. I used a clit vibrator once the plug was all the way into send feelings of joy all through my penis. It was easy to take out when I was done and I love to suck the precum from the hole in the plug. The Standard Penis Plug is a definite must have.

(Posted on 1/15/18)

Great product, very discreet shipping Review by Johnny

I can't say enough about the discreet shipping, the wife has no idea what was in the package. I have tried different sounds and a 10mm was very tight and I was never able to get an 11mm in. I ordered a 10 and an 11 penis plug. The 10 went in nice and seemed to stay well enough but, I really wanted to see that 11 going in and out of my cock. With lots of lube and patience the 11 popped in. A little pain but soo hot to feel and see it go in. Wore it a couple hours peed thru it and trust me its not gonna fall out. More lube and I tried to get it out, definitely a slow steady pull for about 5 minutes and it popped out. So fuckin hot I really wanted to just put it right back in but I will wait a day to let things settle down. Excellent product finished to a mirror finish. Wish I would have found this place when I was still single.

(Posted on 1/13/18)

super product Review by richard

I received this after a week of waiting,not the chain gangs fault but the USPS decided to delay my package. One I got the plug I cleaned it and noticed it was the same high quality as usual from the chain gang. Could not get the 10mm in on the first try but waited and then 2 days later it went in and was very happy with how it fit and looked. Have been using it more frequently now and it is fitting better every time it goes in and out. definitely a very nice piece hanging from my dick. like many others I wish the ball on the end would stay close to the head of my dick but it still looks great and feels wonderful moving in and out when I walk . Thank you chain gang !

(Posted on 12/13/17)

Good quality! Review by PF1950

Same quality found in the 8mm I have been enjoying but became too small; probably overreached moving up to the 10mm, the 9 would have been better for my immediate needs.
Typical prompt service, though!

(Posted on 10/24/17)

Novice plug.... Review by Marc

My first purchase, my 8mm plug slid right in, and fell right out. I slid it in again and it dropped into my hand. Lesson: sizing is crucial. Despite warnings, I suggest the need for experimentation. A quarter inch drill bit is 6mm. A Bic pen is 8mm. A Sharpie is 11mm. Be clean, be safe, be creative. My original goal was to be able to place a sniper bullet, so that was my next purchase. See review--

(Posted on 10/2/17)

Standard penis plug short comings Review by Tom

After puschase it took a little doing to finally get it thru my penis opening, once in the plug moved in and slid out without any resistance couldn't keep it in place, had a very hard time removing it from my apparent small head opening.
My next purchase will have a bead or large dia nub as the last feature that's inserted, so it stays in place, before during and after orgasham.

(Posted on 9/24/17)

Good, but not perfect Review by Moses

I like the fact that it's shorter than most penis plugs. Longer ones end up having the inside end somewhat "stab" inside the urethra as my penis bends (e.g., with movement inside my pants, as I roll in bed, etc.). Being shorter, this one has less lever arm, and so reduces that particular unpleasant effect.

Aside from that, since I have an apadrayva, I drilled a hole trough the plug's shaft to accommodate my barbell passing through its center (converts it into sort of a PA Wand). This retains it perfectly in place, and adds some tugging to my apadrayva barbell as well, which is pleasant.

My one problem is the inside hole through the shaft is about the same diameter as my apadrayva barbell (12g), so my barbell passing through almost entirely blocks any fluid flow through the shaft. It raises the question as to whether larger sizes of this toy have a larger-diameter through-hole? If so, I want to try one larger.

For context, I got the 9mm. I thought it was likely about the largest my urethra would accept. However, I found it went in very easily, and would also slip out very easily (at least absent cross-insertion of the abadrayva barbell). Based on reading other reviews, it's apparent the urethra must have a section within the glans that's a bit tighter than just beyond the glans, and this can hold in a plug that's slightly larger than this constriction point. I likely should try about a 11mm or 12mm I think, especially if someone at CG will confirm for me that it has a larger bore through its center?

BTW, as mentioned by others, quality is first-rate.

(Posted on 8/7/17)

Well made, very comfortable and stays put. Review by Hi way man

I made sure I had a good stretch to 11mm so it went in just right. It was so comfortable, I had no reason to take it out, but when I did, had to give a real tug. No damage to my favorite toy, but just make sure you are stretched out good before you use it and order the exact right size.

(Posted on 7/25/17)

Needs to be longer and thicker Review by Dad's

The 5-1/2 length needs to be about another inch longer and the thickness should be at least 14mm

(Posted on 7/14/17)

Free Shiping! Review by Trikerider

Does not stay in, keeps falling out may need to be longer :-(

(Posted on 7/11/17)

Satisfying Mr Happy Review by Santa

It is so interesting what you learn about yourself in the discovery process of a beginner finding the right size. Trying not to overestimate but paying attention to other posters suggestion about ‘ordering up’ I sent off for a 9mm. I opened the package (the one that came in the mail) and it looked pretty darn huge – but Mr Happy was absolutely thrilled, expanding and leaking excitement before we even got back from the mailbox. So I got ready and with barely a tickle he sucked it down, including some of the ring, thought for a moment, then pushed it fully out and demanded much bigger. His wish is my command so I decided to show him a 13mm. Folks, this one’s size and weight is enormous. When presented, Mr Happy half-heartedly gave it a go then tried to hide and rejected it entirely. Never seen him so small - so we ordered both an 11mm and a 12mm figuring we’d work up to the 13mm. As of now we have settled on the 12mm as being the best fit and everyone is thrilled! Mr Happy is anticipating as many years of continuous wear out of these fine products as I am. Thanks CG! Incidentally: kudos to those of you able to take a 13mm with its 9mm stalk. Gotta go – Mr Happy is calling for his toy, round 2 for today. Personally, though, I like the fit of the 11mm torpedo better. With the ring it doesn’t slide in and out or create pressure on the head whilst in the underwear (briefs). The torpedo is actually kind of cute with only about half of the ball protruding. Good luck guys!

(Posted on 5/13/17)

Not bad for first timer. Review by Mr7plus

I finally got one that fit. My only wish is that the "shank" was shorter, and the body longer.

(Posted on 4/30/17)

Feels great... Review by Michael

When inserted and looks like I have a pierced dick. The through hole is great for taking a piss, as I like to wear this for hours. Highly recommend this.

(Posted on 4/20/17)

Great quality product perfect for beginners Review by Andrew

Great quality, well done and good price item. Perfect for beginners, small and easy to fit in.

Since it is not solid, it allows you to cum wearing it, most of times the eayaculation pressure would make it pop out. Make sure to clean it thoroughly after that.

(Posted on 4/3/17)

cool Review by tone

very cool

(Posted on 3/26/17)

love it Review by p

purchased the 7mm plug wich went right in but falls out,reorderd the 9mm and cant seem to get it to go in yet. with seeing other reviews it may take some more patients and more lube before I get it in but ill keep trying

(Posted on 3/19/17)

First time ever love it ! Review by Dangerous Dan

First time ever the way it looks ! diameter is too small Time to step it up !

(Posted on 3/14/17)

Nice smooth toy Review by Larry

Should have ordered a larger gage, 8mm was to small should have gone with a 10mm

(Posted on 2/4/17)

Wonderful toy Review by Bent

Second plug purchased from CG. Love the 10mm lil tuff to remove but stays put extremely well. Lots of lube eases in. Wish it had taper to ease out.

(Posted on 1/21/17)

Standard Penis plug Review by Vincent

The one I ordered is a little small, having trouble keeping it in so the next one will be a lot larger. Enjoy the feeling of this well made toy when wearing it all day.

(Posted on 12/21/16)

Love the pierced look Review by Mhm

Love the feel on insertion and when it is in. Wish it wouldn't slide out so easily. Maybe need more width to help it stay in

(Posted on 12/13/16)

Excellent Plug Review by Max

Received mine earlier this year and I've been having so much fun with it since. The shipping took a little longer since they had to back order it but the service was great! Customer service kept me up to date during the entire process. Great product, very high quality (compare with many plugs that I bought from other vendors). It is perfect for beginners, very easy to pop it in and out with a lot of lube. Masturbate with it well plugged in is such an incredible feeling! It's hollow so I don't have to take it out when having an orgasm. It also makes a perfect pee string when I urinate. I even use the ring on top as a clamp to keep it from sliding out so I could wear it for an extended work or running errands. Although it's getting a little lose since I've been doing some stretching...time for a larger size. Can't wait to order more from this site to extend my urethral toy collection.

(Posted on 11/30/16)

The Best Review by loren

I ordered the 13mm and used it for the first time last night (it's still in). This is the best plug I have bought here.
It's heavy enough to know your wearing it, but there in no discomfort. I don't feel those rings or bars like a lot of plugs have. Highly recommend this plug.

(Posted on 11/27/16)

Finally Review by Brian

Finally found one that fit! Of course it was the biggest one! Very erotic, and the mistress loves it!!

(Posted on 11/17/16)

Enjoyable Review by Donald

Got the 9mm. Perfect size for me as it will not pop out with contractions. I would recommend to make the tapered body longer and the narrow shaft shorter. When inserted it will pop out till tapered body stops it, a good half inch. If wearing it while having intercourse, this could twist sideways and be painful. It is more aesthetically pleasing with it fully seated, too. Otherwise, good workmanship.

(Posted on 11/5/16)

Sizing can be tricky, but great product Review by JC

As a beginner, I ordered the 7mm plug first. Loved the way it felt and the quality, but it would slip out every time I stood up. I ordered the 9mm size the next go around. When I opened the package I thought to myself, "no fucking way! That thing is huge"! After a bit of patience and lube, it 'popped in'. Amazing! Yeah, sure, it's not a quick insertion process, but the same point that made it hard to insert is keeping it secure while I'm up walking around. Great quality, fast shipping. I realize I'll have to size up once my urethra stretches out further but it will be worth it.

(Posted on 10/23/16)

As advertised Review by Charlie

This is everything it promises...

(Posted on 10/16/16)

Right size Review by Brian

It would be a great product if I can find the size that works for me. Went from an 8 to a 10, and I still need bigger, but overall I'm excited for it

(Posted on 10/15/16)

Fun little toy for a beginner Review by Austin

So after seeing videos with guys having fun using a penis plug, I decided to buy the 9mm size and see how much fun it really is. I have to say I was not disappointed. I must admit I was somewhat nervous seeing the size of the plug for the first time, but with lots of KY and patience, like others have said, it just popped in. The feeling of it moving in my urethra made me instantly hard, and the precum began to flow. I thought cumming might have been a little more intense, but it was good nonetheless. The only real pain came when I tried to remove the plug. Getting it past the sphincter hurt like hell, so I just have to "take it like a man" and think of the pain as part of the pleasure. Masturbating and feeling the plug move in and out is awesome. I've purchased an 8mm cum through plug with the glans ring, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Stay tuned!

(Posted on 9/3/16)

Outstanding quality Review by T

This is a size up from my original purchase. Magnificent fit and excellent craftsmanship. I have no qualms about purchasing next size when the time is right.

(Posted on 8/30/16)

Nice feel Review by C Rock

Very good quality. Slips out by itself. Don't know if I use too much lube. Have tried a 10mm too big. This is an 8mm slides in nice but falls out... I like the feeling tho!

(Posted on 8/21/16)

Love it Review by Sam

Love it....very comfortable to wear.

(Posted on 8/8/16)

Great Plug!! Review by tallnorthern

OOPS! My eyes were bigger than the eye in the one eyed snake. The 12 mm size was just too big to get in! I'm going to put this one on the shelf for now and order up the 10 mm size. Eventually I want to get the 12 mm in and landed.
Piece has a nice weight to it and the quality is second to none.

(Posted on 7/19/16)

finally Review by steve

Finally got one that worked! now I have to get one that stays in the shaft

(Posted on 5/28/16)

Snug Fit, Excellent Quality Review by Richard

Ordered the 10mm. Nice snug fit. Used plenty of lube and slowly pushed in until I felt it pop into place. Doesn't fall out. Very satisfied with quality, workmanship and design.

(Posted on 5/4/16)

My first Penis Plug Review by Roger in Michigan

My 8mm plug went in smoothly. The quality and finish of the plug is first rate. It does seem to come out on it's own , but I understand that is common on the shorter penis plugs. It gives me an unique feeling and I have been enjoying it.

(Posted on 3/11/16)

Awesome little toy Review by Bent

Love this plug. Guess I am small but got it in with little difficulty. Stayed in well till tried to remove it. Came out with a pop. Love to wear it all weekend.

(Posted on 2/24/16)

awsome product..great quality Review by Robert

just received it today,couldn't wait to try it out..much to my dismay it was to small..just kept sliding out..thought the 8 mm would work,but I was wrong..maybe a 10mm would work better. Other than that its a awesome product..

(Posted on 1/30/16)

I love the feel of it Review by ronald

I love the penis plug but wish they would make one in a size 12mm 10mm is a little to small and comes out easy please make a bigger one. Thanks

(Posted on 12/8/15)

Smooth, Practical, Fun Review by Kinkyhedonistfun

I ordered this item a few weeks ago and wanted to really wear it for a while before giving a review. I got the item in 7mm it slid in smoothly with a bit of lube. It fits well. I can wear it all day with practically no irritation. The fact it's hollow makes using the restroom while I'm out and about a breeze, I only really take it out once a week to clean it. When I get erection with clothes on I can feel the ring graze my pants and gently tug on the plug which feels amazing. Cumming with this plug in is a blast not to mention how much my girlfriend loves tracing her tongue against the plug. Even in its smallest size this plug stays secure. I may try and upgrade to a larger size at some point but really you can't go wrong with something that's this much fun. Best $30 I ever spent

(Posted on 12/2/15)

Great for a starter Review by Miles

After months of wavering I finally ordered a plug and figured what the heck, if I don't like it I didn't spend a lot so no big deal. I was wrong. While I cannot agree that it feels like an inside out orgasm, it does present an entirely different, stimulating, erotic, and fun new aspect to exploring one's sexuality. Following the advice of many I took my time while limp it actually sucked it in with little resistance. Stroking my cock was very erotic as I now felt something hard IN my penis. The orgasm was as advertised: longer due to the smaller hole and more intense as the muscles were spasming more intensely. The only con I will give is entirely personal and does not effect my rating of this product; I wish it was longer especially now that I am hooked on this naughty little fun. Oh well, guess I just have to order some longer toys now.....

(Posted on 11/28/15)

Great quality item Review by Beaker

Great quality, fun item

(Posted on 10/15/15)

design Review by .sun

The products offered by the Chain Gang team are high quality without a doubt. This plug is wonderful until I try to remove it. Wondered if the larger diameter could have more taper cut into it for ease of removal. Also is there a larger ring available for this plug? Thank you.

Yes you can find the replacement rings for the Penis Plugs here;

(Posted on 8/2/15)

hours of enjoyment Review by curtis

Exactly what I was looking for ...

(Posted on 6/13/15)

great product Review by pa

Great product. Need a larger size or a glans ring to hold in place. Cannot keep in place but feels great when in.

(Posted on 5/20/15)

Nice! Review by JG

I am a first timer so I went with the 7mm and it is a great quality piece. It felt kind of weird inserting it the first time but the second time was great. I wore it for a few hours and when I masturbated it was such a intense and awesome feeling to cum.

(Posted on 5/1/15)

Work it progress Review by d

I ordered the 8mm being a beginner and it just slipped out. I don't think ordering a larger size would have helped. You really need to order the glands ring to keep it in place. The quality of the piece is very good. What I really wanted was a prince's wand.

(Posted on 4/12/15)

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