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Spur Penis Plug with Glan's Ring


Quick Overview

Spur Penis Plug with Glan's Ring is a beautifully designed, multi-functional toy you will love to use over and over again. It provides deep, sensual urethral stimulation, coupled with some nice glans massage. You may use it for masturbation or to enhance your experience during sex.

Spur Penis Plug with Glan's Ring

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Spur Penis Plug with Glan’s Ring is a beautiful toy made for pleasure. Now available in solid design or with a cum through hole.

The plug has a 8mm ball on one end and the toy itself is 2 inches long.

The plug also includes a glans ring that will keep the toy in place and provide some additional stimulation for your penis. The toy is made of Surgical Steel and tapered for easy insertion.


  • 8mm at the wides point
  • 8mm balls
  • 8ga 1-1/16" Glans Ring
  • 2" plug length

Product Questions

Can you tell me the linear distance from the glans ring bead to the point at which the bar attaches to the plug's shaft? Thank you!

Customer Reviews

It is a new experience for me Review by Sissy Sidnee

This is my first experience at penis stuffing and is being done at the demand of my Wife/Mistress and new Master and is a result off as an experiment in cuckolding/femininezation. The service provided by the Chain gang is fantastic. I received this plug 6 days after placing my order. For my first insertion I work the plug for about 10 hours. I inserted it with lube purchased from CVS. It inserted easily on the first attempt. I did experience minor bleeding but from what I read it is to be expected. Clearly humored Mistress instructed my to refer to this a sissy spotting and provided my with a sanitary pad so that I did not stain the gusset of my pantyhose. Once inserted the plug stayed in place as the standard gland ring was perfectly sized for my shaft. Although not overly uncomfortable or painful I did experience a minor pinching sensation. I believe that this is due to the pressure caused from the pantyhose I am required to wear pressing against the gland ring bar. I am sure would be even less of an issue if I was allowed to wear boxers. For the same reason I had to be careful of how I rolled while sleeping. I was able to urinate while plugged with no issues. I was allowed to remove the plug in the morning and was able to do so easily. I wore the gland ring only thought the day. During the day I felt a very minor sting when urinating. Mater is allowing me a few weeks to get use to being plugged and then it will become a standard part of my daily dress code. The purpose of the plug is to serve as a consent reminder that I am unable to satisfy my wife sexually and that I am a failure as a man. Thus far this has been both a humbling and humiliating experience for me. However, I am grateful to Master for providing my with an opportunity to show my Mistress that I am accepting of my new role and committed to serving her and my new Master.

(Posted on 4/23/16)

Great Review by Dorro

This product is very comfortable and easy to insert. Very pleased but which it has a longer shaft.

(Posted on 6/12/13)

Retention Comfort Review by Georgiadreamer

The Glans Ring is an added "must" for extended wear. I have not opted to 'pierce' so retention is a serious consideration. THe standard 1" diameter is good and installation w/ surgilube is easy. I have a 'hollow one'" which allows urination without removal. An added comment. The "Customer Service" is one of the Best I have dealt with. The product is only as good as the craftspeople and Customer Service Reps.

(Posted on 6/2/12)

Untitled Review by Jan Winters

One should be aware of the size of the item being sold so that you don't make a mistake like I did. First time users should be aware to take it easy when they try to use the items, so there is no discomfort or any possible tearing internally, which I experdienced along with bleeding, and yes, I used plenty of lube, however, the one item seemed to stick when I tried to remove it. I guess I am built a bit smaller, or different than others I don't know.
The items though are really of top quality, and the price cannot be beat by anyone that I saw on the internet when I looked and compared across the boards.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by MelindaTV69

I Love this it feels so heavenly good when going in and even better leaving it in all the time. MY lovers like seeing my little thing in it and it excites them so much to know that no matter what nothing will come out of me no matter how excited I get

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

Well made

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by slave eric

Love this item it fits great and looks wonderful on.
I got the solid one and it serves it purpose well keeping things from flowing

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by BG

I was very nervious the first time I tried inserting this plug but with lube it slipped right in. Had it in backwards, turned it around bingo the glans ring holds it snugly in place. Fits nicely and provides just the right amount of stretch to make it exciting and stimulating. My other half enjoys inserting it. Its a great item. This was my first Item from you and we will be back for more.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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