Spring Loaded Nipple Clamp

Spring Loaded Nipple Clamp is an exciting nipple toy ideal for bondage enthusiasts. Don’t be fooled by the size: this little clamp is packed with power so it provides truly sensual stimulation. This is a must-have toy for all kinky moments.

Spring Loaded Nipple Clamp is specially designed to provide targeted nipple stimulation. Ideal for BDSM and bondage enthusiasts, this little clamp will truly deliver. It’s available in pink and blue colors so you can choose your favorite.

The inner diameter of the clamp is about 1 inch. The whole piece is about 3 inches in length.

To use it, simply pull back the screws and place your nipple inside. Let the toy clamp your nipple for the most delightful sensations. This is a great piece for all the nipple fun you’ll need! Handy, adjustable and powerful, these nipples are a great addition to any kinky game. Give it a try and turn pain into pleasure!

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair, please order 2.

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