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Spirals & Claws

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  1. Surgical Steel Headhunter

    Surgical Steel Headhunter


    Surgical Steel Headhunter is a very effective jewelry piece ideal for stretched piercings. Their spiral shape and great polish will sure attract attention to your piercing. You can finally have headhunters made of Surgical Steel! Learn More
  2. 14K Gold - Spiral

    14K Gold - Spiral


    14K Gold – Spiral is an elegant jewelry piece made for many different piercing types. It’s a great addition to your nipple, ear, navel or genital piercing. This beautiful jewelry piece adds classic look of gold with a twist! Learn More
  3. Clearance Glass Twist

    Clearance Glass Twist


    Glass Twist We only have 1 - 8 Gauge Amber 2 - 4 Gauge Black 1 - 2 Gauge Green Learn More
  4.  Clearance Carnival HeadHunters

    Clearance Carnival HeadHunters


    Carnival HeadHunters 8 Gauge We have 2 - Red and Black Only 2 Gauge We have 1 - Black and White Only 0 Gauge We have 2 - Black and White Only Learn More
  5. Clearance Nerve Twist

    Clearance Nerve Twist


    Nerve Twist All that we have left in stock 2 - 8 Gauge Purple and White 2 - 6 Gauge Purple and White 2 - 4 Gauge Clear and Black 3 - 2 Gauge Purple and White 3 - 0 Gauge Purple and White 1 - 00 Gauge Purple and White Learn More
  6. Clearance Carnival Egyptian Staff

    Clearance Carnival Egyptian Staff


    Carnival Egyptian Staff Colors and Sizes that we have left 2 - 8 Gauge Black and White 1 - 6 Gauge Black and Blue 1 - 00 Gauge Black and Blue Learn More
  7. 14k Double Side Set Gem Spiral

    14k Double Side Set Gem Spiral


    14k Double Side Set Gem Spiral is a beautiful jewelry piece suitable for many different piercing types (nipple, ear, navel, genital piercing, and more). It features two sparkly, colored gems in the solid gold balls. Learn More
  8. Clearance Spangles Boomerang

    Clearance Spangles Boomerang


    Spangles Boomerang. We only have 1 - 6 Gauge Left Learn More
  9. Clearance Carnival Twist

    Clearance Carnival Twist


    Carnival Twist 1 - 2 Gauge Blue and White Learn More
  10. Cleaance Nerve HeadHunters

    Cleaance Nerve HeadHunters


    Nerve HeadHunters Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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What are Piercing Spirals?

Piercing spirals come in two distinctive designs. First are large gauge spirals ideal fro stretched piercings such as stretched lobes. These jewelry pieces are known as spirals or headhunters. The other type of piercing spirals are spiral barbells. These resemble other popular barbells but they have a spiral body (shaft).

Popular Materials for Spirals and Claws

Spirals and claws can be made in many different materials. The most popular ones are glass and various types of metal (Surgical Steel, Titanium).

When to Use Claws?

Claws are special large gauge jewelry pieces that can actually be used as curved tapers. They provide gradual and pain-free stretching experience for your earlobe or another stretched piercing.