Titanium RATTLE Barbell

Titanium RATTLE Barbell is an exciting barbell you will love to wear over and over again. This jewelry piece is made to vibrate without batteries. Whenever you move, the barbell can bring intense ripples of pleasure to your most sensitive spots from the vibration caused by the bead rolling around on the inside of the piece. This is a must-have addition to your jewelry collection!
As low as $37.99

Titanium RATTLE Barbell is a multi-functional jewelry piece you will love to use. It is more than a simple barbell: it's made for pleasure. This jewelry piece will vibrate a little without batteries so every move will stimulate your sensitive spots. It has a tiny bead in side that with movement will move around and cause vibration.

This elegant barbell is made of high-quality Titanium so it's lightweight, body-friendly and durable. You may use it any piercing type, but it works best for sensitive body parts (nipples and genitalia). This is where the barbell will bring the most pleasure!

The barbell is Internally Threaded for your comfort.

Please note: the barbell is available with 1/4" balls only.

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