Blackline Rattle Straight Barbell

Blackline Rattle Straight Barbell is a unique jewelry piece made for many fun moments. This elegant little barbell brings you all the vibration without batteries. Even the slightest movement will trigger sensual ripples of pleasure you will sure enjoy!
As low as $37.99

Blackline Rattle Straight Barbell is a beautifully designed jewelry piece you may use for almost any piercing type. Due to the nature of this product, however, it's best to wear it on sensual body parts, such as nipples or genitalia.

What makes this barbell so special is that it vibrates without batteries so every move you make will bring exciting ripples of pleasure you will enjoy to the fullest.

The barbell itself is made of Medical Grade Titanium with a permanent PVD coating to give it that shiny black color.

This rattle barbell is Internally Threaded for your comfort.

Please note: the barbell is available with 1/4" balls only.

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