Niobium Circular Tusk

Niobium Circular Tusk is a very elegant jewelry piece you can use in many different ways. It looks great in any septum piercing, but you may also use it for other piercings, such as nipple or ear piercings. Many different colors to choose from!
As low as $34.99

Niobium Circular Tusk is a great jewelry piece made for comfort. It is smooth, beautiful and lightweight. This jewelry piece is made of high-quality Niobium , which is one of the best body jewelry materials you can find.

This piece can be used in many different ways. It’s a great septum jewelry piece, but many people use it on nipples and other body parts. It also makes a great earlobe piece, especially if you want to stretch your piercing.

This jewelry piece is available in many gauges, sizes and colors.

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