Genuine Pearl 14K Nostril Piece

Genuine Pearl 14k Nostril Piece makes a very elegant addition to your nose jewelry collection. This premium piece includes a real pearl so it’s very stylish. It is discreet yet very attractive so it’s ideal for those special occasions.

Genuine 14k Nostril Piece is a very attractive addition to your nose jewelry collection. This is a premium jewelry piece made for elegance so you will love to wear it in any special occasion when you want to look your best. 

This premium nose piece is available in either a 1.5mm or a 2mm size.

This dainty piece is made of 100% nickel-free gold and it’s available in either solid 14k Yellow or 14k White gold.

This jewelry piece is available as a Nostril Screw, straight NoseBone and unbent Fishtail. Straight NoseBone is a straight post with a small cone on the other end made to keep this piece in place. It’s very easy and convenient to use: simply pop it in and out of your piercing in less than 1 second.

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