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Nipple Pieces

Nipple Pieces

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  1. Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

    Surgical Steel Circular Barbell


    Surgical Steel Circular Barbell is a classy jewelry piece you can use for almost any piercing type. This barbell is beautifully polished so it adds elegance to your piercing. Available in many different gauges and sizes. Learn More
  2. Surgical Steel Straight Barbell

    Surgical Steel Straight Barbell


    Our Surgical Steel Barbells are all 316L, NOT the cheaper commercial grade of 316L Surgical Steel body jewelry that you are usually offered by many other company's. Our Barbells are threaded for a precision fit, and 8 gauge and larger, are all Internally threaded. Usually 10, and 12, are as well but not always. Learn More
  3. Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell

    Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell


    Darkside Acrylic Circular Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece made for your comfort. It’s very lightweight so it can be worn in almost any piercing type. They are a perfect choice for people who want their jewelry to be light, comfortable and easy to wear. Learn More
  4. Big Ball Chunk Ring

    Big Ball Chunk Ring


    With the Big Ballin Chunk Ring you'll catch all the attention you want, and even find yourself admiring this little beauty! And this Ball Screws in it is not a Captive ball that you have to fumble with or worry about popping out. Perfect for those piercings that require a little more weight for stretching or amazing sensations, while still having an amazing mirror polish appearance! Learn More
  5. Trojan Rubber Ball & Socket Easy Ring

    Trojan Rubber Ball & Socket Easy Ring


    The Trojan Rubber Ball & Socket Easy Ring is a fantastic piece of workmanship, and so easy to use. We use a Safe Nitrate Rubber Ball that just pops in and out when ever you want it to, but not before of course. Perfect for those larger gauge piercings that used to require pliers and sometimes more strength than you can muster. Plus you'll be the envy of all your friends with this mirror polished eye catcher as well! Learn More

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How to Wear a Nipple Piece?

Nipple piercings are intimate piercings so they are somewhat hidden. Even if you choose to display your nipple piercing to the world, keep in mind that most of the time it will be covered by clothes. This is why a good nipple piece needs to be the one that will not cause discomfort. It is best to opt for smooth, comfortable jewelry pieces that sit well on the nipple. More elaborate nipple pieces with heavy decorations are better for special occasions. These are not recommended for everyday wear.

Ideal Size of a Nipple Piece?

The ideal size of a nipple piece will depend on the size of your nipples. A lot will be decided by the piercer, such as the best gauge to use, as well as the ideal length of the jewelry. Keep in mind that nipple pieces are carefully manufactured in sizes that can fit most people. Often times, both men and women can use nipple pieces of the same size, but this is not a general rule.