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  1. 14K Gold - Captive Bead Ring

    14K Gold - Captive Bead Ring


    14k Gold Captive Bead Rings are elegant piercing rings made for almost any piercing type. Nothing speaks luxury, class and glamor better than solid gold jewelry. These Captive Bead Rings are a great way to add some elegance and style to your piercing. Learn More
  2. Lucite Labret Retainer

    Lucite Labret Retainer


    Lucite Labret Retainers are handy jewelry pieces made to keep and hide your labret piercing. Made of soft, comfortable material, these retainers are very easy to wear. Use them whenever you need to conceal your piercing. Learn More
  3. Ball Labret

    Ball Labret


    Ball labrets are elegant, comfortable and very classy. You may wear them in almost any situation, so they make a perfect jewelry piece for your labret piercing. Learn More
  4. 14K Gem Set Bezel Labret

    14K Gem Set Bezel Labret


    14k Gem Set Bezel Labret is a cute and discreet jewelry piece you will love to wear. This classy labret is very elegant so it will fit any style or occasion. Learn More
  5. 14K Gem Set Flower Labret

    14K Gem Set Flower Labret


    14k Gem Set Flower Labret is a cute jewelry piece with a beautiful yet discreet flower decoration. The labret is made of body-friendly, 100% nickel-free gold so you know it’s safe and comfortable to use. This cute labret will make a great addition to your body jewelry collection. Learn More
  6. 14K Gem Set Heart Labret

    14K Gem Set Heart Labret


    14k Gem Set Heart Labret is a beautiful jewelry piece with a cute heart gem decoration. The labret is made of high-quality, nickel-free gold. The decoration is fixed to the post so you will not lose it. This beautiful labret is very cute yet discreet so you can wear it in any occasion. Learn More
  7. Diamond Availability

    Diamond Availability


    Diamond Availability: We can set Genuine Diamonds into almost any of our 14k gold pieces. Choose a gold piece you want and request a Genuine Diamond to go with it. Also, you may also want to ask about a specific Genuine Precious Stone to go with your piece. Learn More
  8. 14K Gold Labret with Ball

    14K Gold Labret with Ball


    The 14k Gold – Labret with Ball is a simple yet elegant jewelry piece you can wear over and over again. This is a great choice for your piercings and it’s made of all solid gold. Learn More

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What Kind of Piercings use Labrets?

There are many different piercings that use labrets (labret studs). The most popular ones include lip piercings. These piercings are both oral and facial so the labret designs works great to protect the inside as well as the outside of the mouth. Other piercings that use labrets are some ear cartilage piercings and some nose piercings.

What is a Typical Labret Design?

Labret is also known as labret stud. This is a jewelry piece that has a straight shaft (rod). One end of the shaft has a bead, sometimes plain but more commonly with a gem or another decoration. The other side of the shaft has a flat end. This side goes inside of the mouth.

The Difference between Labret Piercing and Labret Studs

There is some confusion about labret studs and labret piercings, since both are commonly referred to as “labrets”. Labret studs are jewelry designs that are ideal for most lip piercings. Labret piercing is the most popular lip piercing: this is a centrally done piercing on the lower lip. This one uses labret studs as the main jewelry but many other lip piercings use these jewelry pieces as well.