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Big Ballin Curved Barbell

Regular Price: $26.99

Special Price: $24.29

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Our Big Ballin Curved Barbell is an awesome pies that is custom made for your order and since it is 316L you can use it in any piercing. You can customize this barbell by choosing the ball sizes of your choice. This is a great way to get a truly personalized jewelry piece for your collection! Add some weight, have a more impressive look, or just get a larger ball so that the regular sized one do not pull through your piercing. Whatever the reason, this is a great piece.

Big Ballin Curved Barbell

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Regular Price: $26.99

Special Price: $24.29


Our Big Ballin Curved Barbell is a good choice for any piercing that you can wear a curved or bent barbell in which is a lot. The best thing about this jewelry piece is that you can order the balls of the size you want. This is a great way to customize your piece.

You can choose very big balls for your piece or opt for small balls. You can even request two differently sized balls for your barbell. The choice is yours!

These barbells are great for many different piercings but are really popular for PA piercings since you can get a very large balls, which will also increase the weight of your jewelry, which can be very sensual.

The barbells are made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel, and are all Internally Threaded. It does not get any better!

You can choose the balls of your choice, even as large as 1/2";. Just make sure to check the chart below for the smallest ball size that would fit your piece:

Gauge You Are Ordering

Smallest Ball Size that will fit

16 Gauge

Balls MUST be 1/8" or Larger

14 Gauge

Balls MUST be 1/8" or Larger

12 Gauge

Balls MUST be 5/32" or Larger

10 Gauge

Balls MUST be 3/16" or Larger

8 Gauge

Balls MUST be 1/4" or Larger

6 Gauge

Balls MUST be 1/4" or Larger

4 Gauge

Balls MUST be 5/16" or Larger

2 Gauge

Balls MUST be 5/16" or Larger

0 Gauge

Balls MUST be 7/16" or Larger

Product Questions

Hiya! This same piece came up in an ad, for 7/16 gague (or 000 gague) rings. But coming up to the page, that gague does not seem to be an option. Am I missing something? Thank you.

Customer Reviews

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Big Ballin’ barbell Review by Leatherid

High quality item. I really like the look!
Chain Gang delivers again!

(Posted on 4/18/18)

Awesome Review by Shypopa

To much fun to play with. Fits perfectly

(Posted on 2/26/18)

4 guage curved barbell 1/2 inch balls Review by Jerry

I have bought a lot of jewlelery from several different companys for my p a and the chain gang was the first company to offer me larger balls tha didn't migrate,I love the larger size and so does my wife,the quality was great and I received them in a timely fashion,I will buy more in the near future

(Posted on 11/1/17)

Great Quality! Review by RC

Just as described, great quality!

(Posted on 7/20/17)

Ordering my third! Review by Satyr

I'm very happy with this product. I've used it for my last two gauges and it has been heavy enough to help me on to the next one.
Very good comfort, and easy to clean. I've never had a complaint from a partner either.

(Posted on 6/3/17)

Excellent product Review by Diebs

My Big Ballin barbell was exactly as described and feels awesome to wear. First-class quality and customer service - great value.
Diebs (U)

(Posted on 5/24/17)

Awesome! Review by R-man

Excellent quality, well worth the wait and it didn't even take the full six weeks. I recommend this site to my friends.

(Posted on 4/4/17)

This thing's the 'Bomb' Review by Johnny

My curved Big Ballin is great, and my boyfriend loves it !
The quality is unsurpassed, and it got here way faster than 6 weeks.....
Love your products, and customer service....I'll definitely be buying more toys!

(Posted on 3/28/17)

Beyond incredible!!!! :D Review by Sallazzarr

Got a PA piercing June 2016, and all the shops in my hometown, not one of them had comfortable jewelry for it. Ordered this about late January or early February. Of my original pieces, the first one, bought the biggest balls they had, was externally threaded, painful to take out/put in, and the balls didn't fit well, then it fell out sometime I was walking around campus. Second one was internally threaded, but still quite loose and lost one of the balls, and they didn't have a bigger size. Both would still pull in and pinch, and just feel really uncomfortable. Have only had this new one from TCG for a couple days, WOW! It's super comfortable with the huge ball sizes I got, durable and tight, doesn't come apart and fall out randomly, haven't taken it out since I got it! I love it, and most importantly, so do the ladies. ;) Best spring break ever!

(Posted on 3/15/17)

Perfect pa jewlry for me Review by jseve

Got exactly what I wanted and the ball sizes were perfect for me. Now my pa stays in place rather than sliding into my urethra. The extra weight of the 1/2" ball feels great also. My only issue is the 6 weeks it takes to get a custom order delivered.

(Posted on 3/7/17)

Good Quality as usual - a little longer than expected Review by Scott

The piece is longer than I expected even using the measuring guide. Good quality as with all the pieces I have ordered in the past.

(Posted on 2/11/17)

First Purchase, impressive quality Review by Physics101

Ordering online removes the opportunity to inspect a product before purchase, so one must trust the vendor based on experience or, in the case of a first purchase, reviews from other customers. I ordered without checking any reviews, and am very happy to report a great experience, and I am very impressed with the quality of the product. Looking now at other reviews, it appears The Chain Gang is consistently providing a great product, and (most importantly for me) terrific customer service. My 'Big Ballin' Curved Barbell' is top quality. Thanks guys!

(Posted on 1/5/17)

Big Ballin Big Again Review by Mike

My second purchase of Big Ballin Barbells arrived from the US yesterday morning and very pleased , again faultless quality and the delivery was as expected approx 6 weeks.
The only annoying aspect was having to wait whilst my ultrasonic cleaner completed its cycle so I could put them in.

(Posted on 12/21/16)

Perfect Review by Mike

I ordered a Big Ballin Curved Barbell for my PA , the barbell is perfect and the delivery time came in just under the 6 week custom build period, but then nearly a week of that was shipment from the US to Australia via Hong Kong and three days to clear customs here !! I ordered 3 more 15 days after my first order and they have shipped already and should have them next week after receiving shipping notification from USPS.
My GF / FWB loves the Big Balls in my frenum and PA,reckons he now looks MEAN !!
Her only complaint is she would like to see some GOTHIC styled jewelry in my pecker!

Mike ( in Australia)

(Posted on 12/10/16)

Great work Review by Michael

As always the products that I have purchased are of best quality and enjoy wearing Chain Gang jewelry it looks, feels great and fun.

(Posted on 10/19/16)

great product Review by Bj

great product fits well but would like the option of larger ball and would be handy to have measurements in metric

(Posted on 8/27/16)

big Ballin Review by Lane

great as always. I just order the wrong length

(Posted on 7/26/16)

Currently wearing Review by dercas

I have this in my PA in 4ga with 1/2" ball on the urethral end and 5/16" on the piercing end. I love the weight, but it might be just a bit much for me right now. I plan to order extra balls in the next two smaller sizes so I can mix and match to get it just how I want it.

All in all, this is a great piece and worth the wait. Thanks ChainGang!

(Posted on 7/25/16)

Perfect! Review by Chris

Even better than I thought it would be. Very comfortable for my PA. Was worth the price and wait, so if you're on the fence about this: just get it, you won't regret it!

(Posted on 1/29/16)

I am content. Review by Friedrich

No time for a review.

(Posted on 1/14/16)

Curved BB Review by Jim

Received my curved BB pretty much on the date I was told , great quality and very helpful people , who really care that you get the Right Product . Will defo be ordering more from them

(Posted on 1/4/16)

Fantastic Review by Pleasure

As per my other pieces the craftsmanship and care are second to none. As stated in previous reviews "Only draw back is time for product to arrive " Always order from Chain Gang knowing I'll have to act like it Christmas ( All a glow with anticipation ... )

(Posted on 12/20/15)

Incredible buy Review by Bigdaddy

Love this jewelry..! The gauge is right on. The length is great. Customizable ball sizes make it perfect.

(Posted on 10/17/15)


I got them for my nipple piercings got a 4g 1/4 in both of them an a 2g gauge curved bar bell in my cock. An with the cockring on it looks dam nice!! If u guys wanna trade pixs with me tex me at 1-417-848-1868

(Posted on 8/27/15)

LOVE IT Review by tumbleweed

Surpassed my expectations. At first after my husband put it in I must say I was a little bit intimidated. However once we started playing, it is AMAZING! He likes the quality, he is already planning his next piece.

(Posted on 6/13/15)

Just get it, it is worth it Review by Chris H.

I debated getting this, due to the price and the time it will take to arrive.
It took about 6 weeks. It was worth it.

I use this for a PA and it is just better than anything else I've ever purchased for it. When I go up/down (unsure the term) a gauge, I'll be ordering from here again.

If you're thinking about it, if you're wondering if it is worth the cost, if you wondering how sweet it will be to have huge balls at the end of the bar, let me tell you: it is totally awesome. It looks great and feels great.

The quality is also better than anything else I've ordered before from other sites. You can just tell.

Do know that you will likely definitely wait up to 6 weeks. Customer service is very kind, also. Be patient, it will arrive in time and you'll wonder why you ever waited purchasing this, and that is one reason I came back to the site to leave this review!

Just do it.

(Posted on 4/25/15)

Very satisfied - Long wait.... Review by Sammy from Norway

First off: The service from The chain gang is amazing :) Wow! If every internet store had this level of perkyness and service-levels, the world would have been a better place.

The product i recieved met all my expectations, good quality, looking sturdy, etc

The only thing I have to pick on, is the wait. My tip for this website is that you mark items who needs custom making with red/higly visible text, so you can't miss it.

Just placed my second order, and i hope this will go faster :)

Great products, great site and GREAT customer service!

From Norway with love!


(Posted on 4/14/15)

Wife loves it. Review by Chocolate Dynamite

Wife loves it.

(Posted on 4/5/15)

OMG Review by Page/Timmy

Very comfortable and larger ball caused no problems/pain. Suited our needs perfectly and we are both very pleased. Wait time to receive our purchase was a bit excessive in our opinion but was well worth it with the quality of jewelry we received.

(Posted on 3/28/15)

impeccable Review by Lefty

Your product is second to none. Quality is absolutely the best. I like it so much I ordered another. Chain Gang you guys are the best. When I receive the second one I will post a picture of both on your website. These are really jewelry to be proud of owning

Thanks, Lefty

(Posted on 3/1/15)

Excellent. Review by T-cat

I have the half inch balls on both ends. Love the weight swinging on my cock. I want to get larger balls soon for more weight. The half inch ball goes inside my piss slit.

(Posted on 2/1/15)

Love the captive bar bells!! Review by Brian

Im going to 4g 31/4 curved bar bells for my nipples my boy friends loves to play with them! An he is in love with the curved bar bell for my cock. The weight an balls feels so dam awesome when im walking around naked an hard. He loves it even better with my cockring on!!! I have pixs anvids u guys can tex me @ 1-417-848-1868

(Posted on 12/28/14)

I received my Big Ballin Curved Barbell Review by Brian

I like my Jewellery, they sent exactly what I ordered.
When I received my Big Ballin Curved Barbell it fit Just right and is Very comfortable, I can't wait to put it to the test!!! ;)

(Posted on 10/11/14)

Awesome Quality Review by RickDawg

I love this piece! Great price and nothing but the best quality! It's perfectly polished and fits perfectly. My wife loves it! She even helped me pick it out!

(Posted on 9/22/14)

Excellent products Review by cupid

I have bought jewelry from many places but you guys have the best quality, and will only be buying from you from now on.

(Posted on 6/6/14)

Excellent Work Review by Pmfraz

Received exactly one day shy of a month from the date that I ordered. Well worth the wait. I only wish the 3/4" ball was still available for purchase. Customer service was extremely helpful when I emailed to inquire about the wait time. Also, I guess the fact that it took so long to receive product is a reflection of how good The Chain Gang is as a service provider because of being so busy.

(Posted on 6/2/14)

Outstanding! Review by Airborne

I was very excited and happy to receive this awesome piece of craftsmanship and find jewelry. As others have said, it took a while to arrive but was well worth the wait. I love the smooth finish and the way the weighted balls feel. I have a large one on one end and a smaller ball on the other and I reversed them from time to time for a different look and feel. Sometimes I enjoy having one of the balls hidden within my urethra and just the other and showing. It adds a whole different sense of pleasure for my wife as well. Like someone else said, I do wish there were more creative options for the prince Albert piercing. One thing for certain, I will only shop here for my future piercing purchases. Thank you!

(Posted on 5/20/14)

Best so far Review by Pierce done

I have currently purchased 5 to 6 piercings, and all are of top quality. But this is my favorite. Love the pull it gives, and have had several complements so far. Definitely worth it.

(Posted on 3/5/14)

Great! Review by ABB

I ordered this to replace a CBR that I had in my PA piercing. Very polished and could not tell the difference between this and the CBR from a much more expensive piercing jewelry maker. Got this because I could select two different sized beads! Will be buying again when I gauge up!

(Posted on 2/26/14)

High quality Review by Jon

Fantastic piece! Love the curved barbell and the big balls. This is a high quality piece with an excellent smooth finish and good weight. I will be ordering again , when I size up, I am going to the 3/4inch balls.

(Posted on 11/24/13)

Perfect Review by Jdbiggsjr

Just what I wanted! Good price, and fast shipping. High quality!

(Posted on 7/7/13)

:) Review by Beth

An absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry, well worth every dime I paid. I loved the fact that I could select the size of the balls, since that was the part of the jewelry we had problems with in the past. The Chain Gang will be the only place that my boyfriend or I buy our body jewelry from.

(Posted on 6/1/13)

I Like It!!! Review by TwoGuys

Great piece of jewelry.. perfectly polished finish, excellent design, hefty weight that looks and feels awesome. It is possibly the best piece for a PA that I've ever ordered. Thanks Russ and The Chain Gang staff!

(Posted on 5/28/13)

Love it! Review by Jlove

Although I ordered the wrong length, the piece is great! Love it for my PA and the balls are not only huge but heavy too!

(Posted on 3/10/13)

Excellent piece as usual. Review by Pierced 8

Great piece for my PA! Love it!

(Posted on 1/20/13)

Big Balling Curved Barbell Review by Wellhung29

Excellent piece. Lots great. Feels great. 2 guage works well with my PA. Not my first piece from Chain Gang. Will not be my last.

(Posted on 1/6/13)

Great Stuff Review by Grant

Brought the 0 gauge with 1/2" and 3/4" balls for my PA at my wife's request. We live in New Zealand and are both pleased with the quality, delivery time and shipping updates. Thanks Chain Gang.

(Posted on 11/16/12)

Untitled Review by Steve

Great piece of jewellery, dont be afraid to order bigger balls they look and feel fantastic

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

Great all that i bought from Chain Gang was excellent work, i tell others about your company.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

My 2"' 3/4" width, with 3/4" balls are great nice & heavy PA.

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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