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Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel

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  1. Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

    Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

    Regular Price: $23.99

    Special Price: $20.39

    Surgical Steel Circular Barbell is a classy jewelry piece you can use for almost any piercing type. This barbell is beautifully polished so it adds elegance to your piercing. Available in many different gauges and sizes. Learn More
  2. Surgical Steel Straight Barbell

    Surgical Steel Straight Barbell


    Our Surgical Steel Barbells are all 316L, NOT the cheaper commercial grade of 316L Surgical Steel body jewelry that you are usually offered by many other company's. Our Barbells are threaded for a precision fit, and 8 gauge and larger, are all Internally threaded. Usually 10, and 12, are as well but not always. Learn More
  3. Surgical Steel Segment Ring

    Surgical Steel Segment Ring


    A solid looking ring, that looks classy rather than the regular Captive Bead Ring that everyone else uses. This ring has a matching segment instead of a ball that usually either pinches or falls out. The segment fits perfectly in the ring giving it a seamless look. Learn More
  4. Big Ballin Curved Barbell

    Big Ballin Curved Barbell


    Our Big Ballin Curved Barbell is an awesome pies that is custom made for your order and since it is 316L you can use it in any piercing. You can customize this barbell by choosing the ball sizes of your choice. This is a great way to get a truly personalized jewelry piece for your collection! Add some weight, have a more impressive look, or just get a larger ball so that the regular sized one do not pull through your piercing. Whatever the reason, this is a great piece. Learn More
  5. Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring

    Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring


    The Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring is an elegant jewelry piece suitable for almost any piercing type. These beautiful rings are simple yet classy so you may use them in any occasion and any outfit. Learn More
  6. Surgical Steel Curved Barbell

    Surgical Steel Curved Barbell


    Surgical Steel Curved Barbells are elegant, clean and very practical. They are ideal for more sensitive piercings that require smooth jewelry, such as PA or other types of genital piercings. These barbells also look great in navel piercings. Learn More
  7. Big Ballin Straight Barbell

    Big Ballin Straight Barbell


    Big Ballin Straight Barbell is an elegant jewelry piece you can customize according to your wishes. Choose the ball size you like the most and create your own, personalized jewelry piece. Suitable for almost any piercing type and available in many different sizes. Learn More

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What is Gem Set Straight Barbell?

A gem set straight barbell is an eyebrow straight barbell with a gem on top. It looks very effective yet discreet enough. You can choose between 14 gem colors for your gem set straight barbell.

What is Double Disc Curved Barbell?

Double disc curved barbell is a small eyebrow barbell with two disks instead of beads. This produces a very effective and bold look that is different than a typical barbell.

What are Special Eyebrow Barbells?

Special eyebrow barbells are small curved barbells that are designed for eyebrow piercings. Some have specially shaped beads instead of typical round balls. Top beads in these barbells come in various shapes, such as flowers, stars or more bold options such as bone, pistol, etc.