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Some Body Parts

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  1. Double Flared Earlet

    Double Flared Earlet


    The Double Flared Earlets are simple yet elegant jewelry pieces made for stretched earlobe piercing. They are very stylish so you will love to wear them over and over again. Beautiful, elegant and very attractive, these double flared earlets will make a great addition to your jewelry collection. Learn More
  2. Hider Plug

    Hider Plug


    Hider Plug is a great way to conceal your piercing. This comfortable plug will hide and keep your piercing until you are ready to insert a more noticeable jewelry piece. Learn More
  3. Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel

    Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel


    Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel is an elegant jewelry piece specially designed for stretched earlobes. They have one fixed and one threaded lip so it’s very easy to remove this jewelry piece. These tunnels will sure make your earlobe piercing stand out! Learn More

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What are the Most Popular Piercing Types?

The most popular piercings in the world are earlobe piercing, navel piercing, lip piercing, nostril piercing, tongue piercing and eyebrow piercing. Other very popular piercings are nipple piercings, ear cartilage piercings and stretched ear piercings.

The Most Common Jewelry Styles for Piercings

The most popular jewelry styles for popular piercings include rings and barbells. Rings come in many different designs: Captive Bead Rings, screwball rings, fixed rings, segment and seamless rings. Barbells come in various shapes: straight, curved, circular and spiral barbells.

The Best Jewelry Materials

It is important that all body jewelry is made of materials that are safe for the body. These materials include Surgical Steel, particularly 316LVM Surgical Steel; titanium and niobium; 14k nickel-free gold; some flexible materials such as silicone and acrylic. There are also excellent jewelry pieces made of organic materials.