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Sniper Bullets


Quick Overview

Sniper Bullets is a premium urethral toy that will make you cum over and over again. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced users. This plug will guarantee pleasurable and comfortable stimulation. It includes a hump on the end made for additional stimulation.

Sniper Bullets

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Sniper Bullets is an excellent penis plug made for all fans of urethral stimulation. It is 4” long and offers over 3 1/2” of insertable length, so it can hit all the right spots.

We also offer an Extra Long version that is 6 inches in length.

These plugs come in various sizes.

The plug is available in both hollow and solid variants, so you can choose your favorite.

Load your gun with this powerful plug! It will get you loaded and make you fire in no time.

Customer Reviews

Incredible Review by Anthony

This is the piece I've been looking for! It was a stretch to get in but once there it doesn't move around like other plugs. It's comfortable for continued wear, but it's best without underwear. I haven't inserted both knobs as other reviewers have, even though I'd like to. And I'm glad I haven't because I'm afraid it's gonna be tricky to remove as it is.

(Posted on 4/24/17)

Too big to use yet. Review by BC

Ordered the smallest hollow bullet, too big.
Love the shape, but will have to stretch my urethra first.
I also got a 9mm standard penis plug and I got it to POP-IN, but had to pull like hell to get it out, kind of scary having to pull that hard to get it out. A little bit of blood afterwards. May have to order an 8mm plug.

(Posted on 3/4/17)

OMG Review by Michael

Not much left to say. This thing is amazing. Still a little tight, but it feels great. Love the through hole...Easy to piss and cum...

(Posted on 3/1/17)

This Is A Superbly Provocative Sex Toy. Review by chrome

I already had a 10 MM Sniper bullet and loved it. So I thought why not try a bigger one since it's all about stretching your penis anyway, right?

This thing is terrifically satisfying once it's inside I don't want to take it out. I leave it in all night and wear it with cock rings at the base of my penis and behind my head. & That is magnificently erotic.

The Gang did a great job with arrival time and the quality is wonderful too.

(Posted on 2/11/17)

This is the best Review by Pete

This is my favorite, I can pee easily with it in place and it provides weight and stiffness to my penis. I am at the max size and I would advise to go slowly, start low mm and when you can slip it in and out completely with ease you are ready for the next size, do not skip sizes. But the best thing about it is I had my prostate removed and can not get any erections so I tried the shots from my urologist but it didn't seem to keep me stiff enough but with this baby inside, my wife and I can have normal sex. The tube takes up most of the urethra so when you inject the med you can easily located the corpus area for the shot accomplishing blood engorgement and a nice erection. I did push it all the way past the pee hole for my wife's enjoyment but I want a snug fit so I don't worry about it sliding too far down the urethra. I don't know if that is even possible?
Maybe use a cock ring for added retention after achieving an erection . When tight fitting it is hard to get it pulled out, it would help to have something you could screw into the end to easily retrieve it if it is past the pee hole.

(Posted on 2/3/17)

Excellent! Review by Promethius

This is a great daily plug, not only for its sensitive profile and proportions but it comes in gradations so you can 'stretch up' in size over time. I now use the largest (13mm) and achieve a full insertion (essentially making it disappear). It feels amazing. Getting it back out takes slow steady pressure, but this plug has the stages that allow you work up to that even though you don't necessarily have to. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 12/14/16)

Fantastic Review by Steve

Excellent plug, best one I've used, what a feeling! Great fit, will try the hollow one eventually, Thanks

(Posted on 11/27/16)

Great product Review by Hapa4854

I ordered the 12mm hollow bullet and wore it for two weeks. It was hard inserting and retrieving but persevered and now I wear it for three weeks at a time. It gets easier each time and think I'm due for an upgrade! This product is the right length and good workmanship.

(Posted on 10/28/16)

Nice Review by beave

Awesome product, smooth finish, slides in nice.

(Posted on 10/14/16)

Sniper bullets Review by Steve

Your sniper bullet penis plug feels great, hopefully it will help me stretch a bit

(Posted on 9/30/16)

I am fond of this Review by Ron

I like the width. Its just a bit tight going in but it really feels good when I get it in. I end up pushing it in all of the way and as Frisco mentioned above, I also like to watch it disappear into my cock completely. mmmm. Beautifully crafted and a pleasant heft to the piece. The added weight to my engorged cock is a great turn-on.
Thanks for the fun.

(Posted on 9/23/16)

Nice addition to the inside of my cock Review by Ron

I liked the way this item felt going in. I can just take a bit past 1/2" through my urethral opening. Once inside I really liked feel of the widest point inside my cock.
I ended up pushing it all of the way in with just the last 1/8th of an inch (or slightly less)
showing. I had a bit of difficulty getting the fluids to exit as I think that I was bending
my cock and that was enough to close off the entry point for the fluids. It would not hurt if the tapered end was wider and had a well rounded end like the largest Torpedo
Penis Plug in its largest format.

(Posted on 7/25/16)

Great Sniper Review by Hapa4854

At this point I've only used the 8-12mm once for 4 days and throughly enjoyed it. Will start using it again when I'm not traveling though airport security check Love the feeling!

(Posted on 7/23/16)

great! Review by woodie

Great product, smooth and comfortable for long wearing.

(Posted on 4/2/16)

Success Review by Toyboy

The sniper is big enough that it was the second day before it was inserted all the way but now I feel it is just the right size to give a little extra to add to a very pleasant feeling. The q

(Posted on 3/31/16)

Working in Review by Toyboy

A bit large to start so I having to stretch in but feels fine when in.
Enjoy the feeling.

(Posted on 3/31/16)

Great feeling Review by Bill

Just got this last week. It only is available in 10mm. Very confortable and fun to use. Easy on entry and exit, feels great especially with a strong urine flow, it then vibrates.

(Posted on 3/15/16)

Very nice Review by Joe

Great quality, it is becoming one of my favorites.

(Posted on 1/5/16)

Satisfing Toy I Recomend it Review by chrome

This thing is perfect. I have the 10 MM one and it goes in past the two locking circles at the small end so it stays in place. The sensations are magnificent and I could massage my cock all day with this toy in place and each stroke would be a new and more erotic feeling than the last. As usual the chain gang's service and speed of delivery was also perfect.

(Posted on 11/29/15)

Just right Review by GC

I was starting to wonder if I'd find a plug that would stay inserted and work without side leaking like some of the other's I have. This plug with the taper, and last knob that locks it in place does just that. It's comfortable to keep inserted all day, and because it doesn't have a ring to worry about, you can use it wearing anything without pinching or other discomfort.

(Posted on 11/21/15)


This device has the perfect design for me to use it as a urethral probe for electro-sex-stim purposes.I was concerned that the device would simply slip into my 11mm urethra and be lost forever. Whether it would or not I do not know. I have also used it as a urethral plug with one of my many chastity cages and at present it seems to want to protrude, so the cage keeps it in. I have worn it all day, but have not tried it at night.
If I were to change anything I might add a wider top-flange, as an option, for those of us with larger, self-made urethral canals. For me it makes solo-sex much more interesting.

(Posted on 6/16/15)

Quality excellent but needs to have more room between first bubble and terminal plug. Review by Noel

I enjoy the "bullets. Length is perfect. However, I find that the first bubble does not stay in the urethra. I think that if there was a little more length between the first bubble and the terminal "plug" I would have no problem. To make my "Sniper Bullets" work, I insert the entire shaft along with the bubble and plug. Of course, this means that I do not have a protruding knob to extract. I solve this by simply pushing on the penis from below so that the knob pops out.

(Posted on 3/21/15)

Great product. 10mm point in shaft gives a nice stretch Review by Frisco

This is a nicely finished shinney smooth product. Feels good found in and stays in without a glans ring. Love to watch it disappear completely up my dick and feel it stretching...., doing its job. Got the hollow version. Have both pissed and cum through it

(Posted on 2/27/15)

Enjoy the product Review by chief5254

Like the 'bump' felling with the plug. I enjoy the way it is made. You can open up your opening and keep it open for as long as you want, or push the bullet in and out to get a different sensation. I use it several times a week.

(Posted on 8/23/14)

size Review by wp55

verry good product fits ok thank you

(Posted on 8/14/14)

Update Review by Kenneth

I've re-evaluated this guy, now that I've figured out how to use it. Note: I have the hollow version.

If you take the Sperm Stopper with Frenum Ball listed here, and chop off the ball at the end of the "hook," voila. Insert the Bullet, and then place the Stopper so that the hook end goes into the center hole. Now it is retained at full insertion. I thought this would mean peeing through would not work, but I don't remove or reposition the Stopper and it does work. (!) This was much easier than securing the Sprinkler!

I thought the length might draw blood but it does not (for me.) The terminal shape is such that it does not dig in and tear that delicate lining. It is also critical that the end be smooth, and it is. Mike says that the length is good and you feel it at the bottom of your penis, and sure enough, he's right.

If 10mm is your size, pair it with a Stopper, and enjoy. This has the rare combination of non-injury, function, and ongoing erotic feeling.

Thanks Kenneth for reevaluating now that you have figured out how to use it the best, that is appreciated.

(Posted on 7/10/14)

Great Product Review by Rick

Lot of fun with this product. Wish it came in larger diameters. I recommend this guy highly.

(Posted on 4/11/14)

Just right Review by Mike

Wow, this one is nice! I have owned quite a few penis plugs but this one is my favorite. For me 10mm is perfect, just enough to stretch me a bit but big enough to stay in place all day. I like the through hole so I don't have to hassle removing and replacing it during the day. The length is not a problem and you an feel it all through the bottom of your penis. The best part is the last rounded knob that kind of locks it in place. You may want to take it in and out just to enjoy setting the knob in place. You need one of these!

(Posted on 2/16/14)

Awesome Review by Gary

This is one of my new favorites, love to see one 9- 10 inches long

(Posted on 9/4/13)

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