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Smooth Training Stretcher


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The Smooth Training Stretcher is here and ready to give you the best stretching sensation you have ever experienced! The smooth taper shaped plug offers an amazing feeling as it slowly enters your body and begins stretching you.

Smooth Training Stretcher

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The Smooth Training Stretcher is here and ready to give you the best stretching sensation you have ever experienced! The smooth taper shaped plug offers an amazing feeling as it slowly enters your body and begins stretching you. This piece is made out of 316L Surgical Steel and measures 4 inches long and tapers from 8mms to 19mms wide. Guaranteed to fulfill your most desirable sexual needs and give you an out of this world orgasmic experience!

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Product Questions

Is this alright for beginners?

Customer Reviews

Well made Review by Raul

It’s hefty, well made. For me it’s too short and way too thin at the tip. I would like to see a set of three longer sounds about 6 - 8 inches long and starting, the first one starting at 12mm at the tip to 14mm at the top, the second one starting at 13mm at the tip and 15mm at the top, and lastly the third one starting at 14mm to 16mm at the top. These suggested tapers would be a bit more comfortable. When you have only a 4 inch sound and going from an 8mm to a 19mm is, to me, not comfortable. All in all I am happy with product!

(Posted on 3/21/18)

good quality Review by Nick

this is good quality steel, but for me it should be tapered more evenly - it widens in the middle quite a lot, rather than being even all the way up - I probably should have paid more attention to the product description and images.

(Posted on 2/27/18)

Awesome Review by Dude

Another addictive tool from chain gang so I can abuse my penis with...and love it.

(Posted on 10/14/17)

Nice could use improvments. Review by Edward

Nice piece, it would be a lot better being longer with a more gradual tapper.

(Posted on 10/7/17)

Great feel but will take time to show progress Review by Arbeel

Great item. Feels great and love the taper. Just takes time to show progress. A must-have for gaining size.

(Posted on 9/27/17)

Grwat product, as always Review by Lumpymonk6

This stretcher is no joke, nice weight and super smooth. Would like to be able to take it all in but that's going to be far in the future

(Posted on 5/27/17)

Great feel Review by Mofo

The product was a lot bigger than I thought. Going to take awhile to get it all the way in. But I will enjoy trying.

(Posted on 2/27/17)

Well done product Review by Pat

Received within 7 days as stated on the web site and very well packed. Fully matching with what I expected. This stretcher is fully operational. I tried it just after been sterilized. It work well and I hope stretch more. I have had a look on other products I may purchase.

(Posted on 2/6/17)

good Review by karatekid

Very well made. Smooth finish. Small end was too large .
Have 2 gage PA and want to get to 0 gage.

(Posted on 11/28/16)

In Heaven Review by TjO

Unwrapping the stretcher I doubted I could get much joy from this toy.
However, I was wrong.
It has become my 'Meditation' tool of highest reference.
Watching my breathing reflecting on the stretcher..... need I say more?
I am in Tantric Heaven.
Thanks for giving me these opportunities. Thought I had been around the block, but discovering The Chain Ganig; it appears I have just turned a corner.
Phantastic. (I am 73yo)

(Posted on 11/8/16)

For Experienced Sounders!! Review by Siegfried

I received this in a timely manner. My initial response was this baby has some weight to it. Beautifully made stainless steel. If you're looking to play with your prostrate. It's to short. The main reason I purchased it was to have something in my penis that I could wear 24/7. I've been urethral sounding for 5 years now working my was up from a 6mms sound then finally working on 18mms. I have to have more time to achieve this. I love to massage my prostrate from a sound. I can do it for hours on end. Now to challenge me and go 2 sizes more. I will reach my goal. I insert this until it stops. That leaves me with a good 1 1/2 inches hanging out. I'll continue working on my 18mm sound. Then just leave the 1mm left out. For cosmetic reasons. One question that I had to the chain gang. Can you remove it easy from your penis if you put it in all the way? Amber answered she wasn't sure if you could massage it by finding the end. Then sliding it up and out. Yes you can find the bottom and slide it out!! There's no way that it can go past your prostrate. Even when using lube. Remember don't force it in. If it does go all the way in. Take your finger and run it down your penis until you find the base of the stretcher. Then push it out. I mainly see this as penis jewelry. Wearing it every day. One bonus will be when masturbating. You'll have space between the prostrate and the end of the stretcher. So when you cum it won't be a retrograde emission. You penis will keep your love juice in place. Until you remove the stretcher. So your girlfriend or boyfriend can gently remove it. The precious fluid will fill their mouth!! It's just a variation of oral sex. I recommend this product for something different. It's not an amateur toy!! You really have to be an experienced urethral sounder!! Try it for a change in your sounding. You always be able to use your regular urethral sound for prostrate pleasures!!

(Posted on 10/26/16)

great very please with it. Review by joe

It is the best, very please with it.

(Posted on 8/24/16)

Great Review by Van

This is beautifully crafted as are all of the products that I have purchased from The Chain Gang. I am not certain that I am making much progress in the stretching department but I enjoy trying !!!

(Posted on 8/6/16)

I'm enjoying it so far only wish I had purchased one a little longer Review by Jd

Thanks for creating wonderful toys

(Posted on 8/1/16)

Great tool Review by Max

I have been looking for something to help stretch my pa from 0 to 00 and maybe more. This tool is perfect. Good weight and lots of potential. It is very smooth and slides right in with a little lube. Terrific insertion for the urethra too as others have said. Not as deep as a sound but will allow stretching for deeper stretching there with bigger sounds as well.

(Posted on 7/18/16)

great started Review by KV

Found the over all quality great. I also agree that it would be a lot better being longer with a more gratual tapper.

(Posted on 5/15/16)

Nice and smooth Review by TOM

Beautiful craftsmanship and quality to this piece. Both ends are rounded nicely to ease insertion and the finish is perfect: no burrs or rough spots to catch or cut. Nice and heavy which helps it "drop" in once inserted. Definitely have to hold onto it as it won't stay put but it works perfectly and feels incredible. Haven't yet been able to take more than about 3/4 the length of it but it's been fun working up to take all of it. I would buy again and have enjoyed this immensely in the short time I've had it.

(Posted on 5/14/16)

Great Review by Willie

Love it top quality

(Posted on 2/23/16)

Great Product Review by Tane

Very smooth and polished, taper is totally acceptable, takes time to stretch, but it works.

(Posted on 6/19/15)

Excellent Concept, Exceptional Execution Review by kenny

I gave this product the highest rating because it is innovative (let gravity slowly do the stretching) and has superb quality -smooth rounded ends (introduced into a dolphin with a piercing taper), highly polished, and enough weight to effectively stretch the piercing. If gravity is to assist the stretch it needs a vertical orientation so it is best suited to stretch a PA or dolphin.
I have two suggestions- 1) Place a hole in the smaller end ( countersunk smoothed holes) to allow weight attachment and pull the penis down. 2) Two sizes - smaller size to facilitate stretching from smaller gauges and the current size.

(Posted on 4/2/15)

Freaking awesome!!!! Review by William

I just received my Smooth Training Stretcher today in the mail. I am glad you took the suggestion of rounding off the tip. This is a beautiful piece and I will start using it today. This is the second piece I've bought and although I was a bit hasty on buying the Penis Spine, I was not ready for that size, but this little jewel will get me there soon enough. Thanks CG for an awesome product, and I will order again.

(Posted on 2/17/15)

Very good Review by Jim

It is a well made piece well polished slow graduation like it

(Posted on 11/24/14)

OK needs a change Review by Gregory

Note that you MUST be comfortable with the 8MM size before using.

Gave 4 stars because of the flat tip, should have been rounded.
Also it should have been a bit longer, may the taper upwards about 2" longer.

On the plus side it is very smooth. if the taper was longer could have allowed gravity to do the stretching. As it is, a satisfactory product. I will be back.

(Posted on 11/5/14)

nice piece Review by bryan

Good for stretching,it works ok for me. A very smooth tapperd plug.

(Posted on 9/5/14)

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