Slim Twinny Urethra Plug

Let the Slim Twinny Urethra Plug take you on an erotically satisfying journey to discover all the hidden pleasures that urethral stimulation has to offer!
Let the Slim Twinny Urethra Plug tempt you into exploring your erotic fantasies and delve into the erotic world of urethral stimulation! It is made of 316L Surgical Steel and is hollow to allow bodily fluids to pass through. It measures 4 inches in total length, the 2 humps at the beginning both measure 10mms in diameter, and the shaft is 5mms in diameter. It also has a disk on the end that is 16mms in diameter, it can be used to prevent over insertion and assist in removal. Let the twin humps bring you double the pleasure as the push deeper inside you while pushing you over the edge into one mind numbing orgasmic explosion after another!
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