Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug

The Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug is a great toy and a beautiful non-piercing jewelry for your penis. It will give you many sensual feelings and it will provide the same look as a pierced penis. The toy has a special design made for easy insertion you will love!

The Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug is a beautifully designed toy made for beginners and more experienced users alike. It will give your penis that striking look of a pierced member even if you don’t have any piercings. Even more, it will provide deep stimulation for your urethra and hit all the right spots.

This plug is made of 316L Surgical Grade Steel, so it’s durable, smooth, elegant and completely body-friendly.

The plug is about 2 inches long and it features a special design that makes the insertion both easy and very enjoyable. The diameter at the largest point is your choice between 7 and 16 mm. It was previously available only in 10 mm but we added the other sizes upon your request.

This sleek & hollow penis plug will make you feel better for not having a Prince Albert piercing, because your penis will look pierced with elegant jewelry. This plug is a great option for those who don’t want to get pierced but love the look of a pierced penis. It is the best way to add some shine to your penis without pain.

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