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Segment & Seamless Rings

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  1. Continuous or Seamless Ring

    Continuous or Seamless Ring

    Regular Price: $21.99

    Special Price: $18.69

    Continuous or Seamless Rings are beautiful with the seamless, solid ring look. These rings are polished to perfection and specially designed for a nice, clean look. The ends are polished but still meet end to end perfectly. They are easy to put on and take off, and you never have to worry about losing the ball with these. Line the ends up and you will not have any pinching or rough spots at all. Learn More
  2. 14K Gold - Seamless Ring

    14K Gold - Seamless Ring


    14K Gold - Seamless Rings are elegant jewelry pieces specially designed to be practical and easy to use. These classy rings are made of high-quality gold and designed with only one break in the ring. They give you the same look as the Segment Rings, but are also available in the smaller gauges. Learn More
  3. Niobium Seamless Ring

    Niobium Seamless Ring


    Niobium Seamless Ring is an elegant jewelry piece suitable for almost any piercing. It’s a great alternative to Captive Bead Rings. Seamless rings will look very classy in eyebrow, nose, nipple and other piercing types. Niobium is a premium material available in many different colors, so you will sure find the one that suits you perfectly! Learn More

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Segment and Seamless Ring Design

Segment and seamless rings have a very elegant design. They are smooth and perfectly round so they are ideal for those piercings that require smooth jewelry.

What is Difference between Segment and Seamless Rings?

Segment and seamless rings are very similar but there are a few design differences. Segment rings have a removable segment that works in a similar way to the bead on a Captive Bead Ring. Seamless rings don’t have a removable segment: all they have is a tiny split in the ring.

Advantage of Segment and Seamless Rings

Segment and seamless rings provide some important advantages. First of all, they are very elegant because they are made in a full circle. There is no bead: all you have is a smooth, elegant design. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the bead. Beads are much easier to lose than segments so this is another great thing about these rings.