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Monster Screwball Ring


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Monster Screwball Rings are powerful jewelry pieces. They are made in very large gauges, so they are ideal for stretched piercings. Pictures cannot do this piece justice. It is sturdy, elegant and durable, so you will love to wear it over and over again.

Monster Screwball Ring

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Monster Screwball Rings are specially designed rings made in large gauges. They are sturdy, powerful and ideal for stretched piercings.

They are not made from bending a large gauge wire but are machined from a single block of 316LVM Surgical Steel. Since they are Screwball Rings, you don’t have to struggle to open them.

Customer Reviews

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Super great Review by Jo

I bought this to use as a glan ring and with my mushroom head, the 1" works great and the weigh hanging from my cock while I am walking is hot. I am thinking about buying the heaviest to increase the weigh hanging down.

The quality of the product is super, easy to maintain and looks great hanging

(Posted on 5/24/16)

Love it! Review by Chris

The workmanship is above standard, and I like the thicker gage threaded stud. It's easier to tighten and will last longer. I love the weight of this screwball ring. All in all, I'm happy I decided to graduate up a size and really enjoy the look and feel of it. It was worth every penny.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

Extremely Pleased Review by Scooter

Received my order in very little time and am very pleased and satisied with it and the service I received from The Chain Gang. Uped my PA from a 0g to a 00g. It looks and feels great!!

(Posted on 4/2/16)

difficult to insert Review by ErnieBanks

These are quite difficult to insert. The end of the ring is shaped to fit around the ball, with a hollow in the middle of the shaft and two ears that wrap around the ball. This unique shape on the end makes it difficult to insert without an insertion taper.

(Posted on 4/1/16)

Great Product Review by PiercedPhD

I love the ring - it may be a bit too heavy for me. 00 fits and feels great, but there's some discomfort with this size. But that's not the problem of the jewelry! The ring is totally wonderful!

(Posted on 3/17/16)

Great pa ring top of weight ladder ...special shrt terms. Review by mfmphx

Won't go heavier to 11/16 as could cause problems.

(Posted on 3/17/16)

PERFECT Review by Wedge

Thanks for sending very quickly. Put it in straight away. Felt really comfortable. Great Product.

(Posted on 3/9/16)

Outstanding Review by Ed

Outstanding quality and great service, prompt delivery. Upgraded from 1/2 gauge and very pleased with my upgrade.

(Posted on 3/5/16)

Nice swing when walking Review by t-cat

I have the 5/8 gauge, 1 inch diameter. It feels fantastic, love the weight and the swing when walking. I've had the 1/2 circle ring for some time and thought I was stretched enough for the 5/8 - it goes in easily, but I can't piss without removing it. I plan to hang more weight on the 1/2 inch to achieve the desired stretch. The Monster Screwball Ring is the best product that I own - I love it and recommend it to everyone.

(Posted on 2/21/16)

good quality Review by gilles

I'm really happy with my purchase because the product quality is excellent and also the timeliness of shipments ....
I will continue to place orders for other products of interest me

(Posted on 2/19/16)

Outstanding 00g Ring Review by Manuel

Wow fantastic weight and quality. My favorite already just after a couple of days of wearing it.

(Posted on 1/26/16)

Love them! Review by shaunce

I Got the one gauge rings for my nipples; had never seen them before! Loved them so much I got 0 gauges for my nipps and a 00 for my P.A.! My new favorite jewelry!

(Posted on 1/21/16)

2nd one is even better Review by Stephen

Wow!! I just received my second Monster Screwball Ring, this one the same gauge but in 3/4" diameter. I wear it and the first as glans rings. The added weight is absolutely wonderful. Love to feel the pull on the cock. It really swings nicely. I absolutely love The Chain Gang and their products.

I just love "hanging" around.

(Posted on 1/7/16)

Best Glans Ring Review by Stephen

Like Seniorlife and Unfit Commando, I use this as a glans ring. I love the weight of the 7/8" in the 00 gauge. I wear it with the Glans Ring with Pressure Ball, 4 gauge with 1/2 ball.

I love how the weight pulls my cock down so much that I have ordered the 3/4" in the 00 gauge Monster Screwball Ring to wear with the first one. We will see if the weight will be enough then. I wear it with 1.5 lbs of Donut Ball Stretcher Weights. I clank when I walk....LOVE IT !!!!

The Chain Gang CANNOT be beat for quality and service. I am ordering a lot more "stuff" to stretch me larger and wider. My grin is growing as well !!

(Posted on 12/30/15)

Great product Review by David

This is one of the best PAs that I have purchased, The qualify is outstanding and the weight is perfect. I would recommend that if you are moving from a 0 gauge to 00 gauge that you insert the PA so that the ball is at the top so the weight does not pull at tthe piercing until you are fully accustomed to the larger size.

I highly recommend this site for their products (i have ordered 2 other products and received great customer service and assistance when I had to return an item when I ordered the wrong size weight

(Posted on 11/27/15)

Very smooth, very comfortable; easy to install and remove. Review by Guest

This is a very nice product obviously well thought out and executed. I have always found discomfort with other rings because the ball or seam moved and pinched. The weight of the monster ball ensures that the ball is always down and therefore does not pinch. I can wear this day after day with no problems or issues. I am particularly pleased that I can do my thing standing up for a change.

I was also surprised how fast it shipped and arrived.

(Posted on 10/16/15)

Fine piece of jewelery for those who can handle the size/weight Review by KiwiDonald

Sick of having to carry around ring opening pliers with me all the time I thought I would try this after an unsucessful purchase of an "ezi fit" ring where the ball just slipped into the gap. Trouble was that, as the ball is quite small, the ring always wanted to rotate so the lightest part was at the top. Yip, nipping at my tip all the time. Not confortable. As the ball in these monsters weighs more than the gap it fits into it always sits right with the ball hanging at the bottom with no rotation so very comfortable to wear. I have a 00 1 inch and would like a bit more weight but put off by the comments of how hard this next step is to insert. Like the idea someone mentioned about a screw on tapered plug to insert/stretch easy, then once inserted unscrew the tapered plug and put the ball on. Come on Chain Gang can't be that hard to make to help us heavy boys get heavier.
Love your jewelery and your service. Took less than a week to get here to New Zealand.

(Posted on 9/5/15)

Excellent Product and Service! Review by doulos1957

I live in the UK. I have purchased products from local manufacturers. I had been trying to source larger rings for my PA when, through a Tumblr blog, I discovered TheChainGang.
This is exactly one of the four products that I have been searching for. It has also been manufactured to the highest specifications.
I am delighted with the product and service.
Hugh / doulos1957

(Posted on 8/25/15)

Great Glans Ring Review by Unfit Commando

Like seniorlife I wanted this as a glans ring - too many weighty glans rings get their weight from length (say 1" in some cases, a challenge if you also want to wear a long cock ring & are average length & uncircumcised), or the minimum ID is still too great for the average guy (as seniorlife comments, 1" drops off a flaccid cock - certainly rules out commando & stresses g strings :-)) . Max gauge + 1/2" ball works well with TCG's glans ring, but I wanted even more weight, so this looked a good experiment. I went for 00 gauge & 7/8" ID & have worn it all day today, road testing it in the gym too; it didn't fall off & feels great. Haven't worn it for sex yet, but looking forward to it. Tempted to go for a tighter fit with 3/4"; certainly this could replace the TCG ring+ball as my favourite glans ring. A word of warning to those new to glans rings - if you aren't a habitual user this isn't a "starter"; the glans becomes slightly desensitised with regular use (not *too* much), so the heavier weights don't hurt. Starting with this monster will almost certainly hurt a bit!

(Posted on 8/24/15)

Feels Great ! Review by Bruce

Excellent quality, love the weight, size and so does the wife...

(Posted on 7/27/15)

Excellent Product and So Comfortable. Review by Guicheman

After ordering a circle ring (which I was very pleased with) I decided to go with a screwball ring. I have to say firstly that it is great value and is superior in quality to many of the rings I have purchased in the past. it is polished beautifully and looks really good. But best of all it is really comfortable to wear in my PA. There are no nicks to catch and the weight is awesome!

Many Many thanks! All I need now is a Curved Barbell to match - Any chance?

Will definitely use you again!


(Posted on 7/1/15)

great Review by mdb

Its great love the wright

(Posted on 6/6/15)

great piece of jewelry Review by Jim

I am impressed by the quality, and the SIZE. From a 0 PA to a 00 is going to take some time! yes I can!

(Posted on 6/4/15)

Awesome piece Review by Davidinbrooklyn

I echo all the good reveiws that appear for this product. I've wanted to move up from a 0 to 00 gauge PA, and had trouble finding good jewelry at that size - until I came across Chain Gang. Beautifully crafted, nicely polished finish, easy to insert, the ball screws on easily and stays in place - look, weight and feel are all awesome. And on top of all that, Chain Gang is a great place to do business. They're friendly and their service is outstanding.

(Posted on 6/4/15)

Great! Review by GaMarine

My PA is currently at a 0, bought a 00 just to prepare for the future, great quality, smooth, looking forward to the day it fits, the weight is goons be great!

(Posted on 5/30/15)

Convenient to use, attractive to look at and very comfortable to wear! Review by Leo

I want to thank you for all your help and guidance with my purchases from your company. Your staff as been absolutely remarkable, professional, kind and very understanding. I look forward to a long working relationship, thank you!

(Posted on 5/14/15)


Received replacement for a defective screwball ring within 7 days of notification. They went out of their way to keep me a happy customer.

I buy all my jewelry from The Chain Gang. The quality has been the same from my 8 guage PA all the way to my 00 gauge PA.

(Posted on 3/27/15)

Alls good Review by Hollis

Great piece

(Posted on 2/24/15)

excellent quality, meets expectations Review by horizon55

The quality of the 00-g screwball ring is excellent with a very large ball which I like. The weight of this ring is fantastic and I enjoy feeling it when I walk. I thought I would stop stretching at 00-g but with the quality and weight of this jewellery, I am not sure now. I highly recommend this jewellery.

(Posted on 2/19/15)

00gauge monster screwball Review by galen

Luv luv luv... from wife. Hubby luvs it too....

(Posted on 2/15/15)

I like the size and weight Review by TJ

I like the size and weight

(Posted on 1/20/15)

Brilliantly crafted, work of art! Review by Pierced Paul

I'd been struggling to find a piece for my DIY/stretched hafada big enough(19mm/25mm) and stumbled across these guys on Tumblr. The price is good for this amount of 316 and the finish is like a mirror. Delivery time was very quick too (to U.K.)

I've had cheaper pieces before where the screw thread cross-threads but the engineering on this is brilliant.

*Really* enjoy wearing this amount of weight in my sack ;) Thanks :)

(Posted on 1/15/15)

Ummm Great !! Review by Seniorlife

Okay, I used this monster for something different than a PA Hanger ... I have been looking for a heavy weight Glans ring to hang over the head so my Cock would swing and always be weighted down .. Instead of with it drawing in something that looked like a Grub worm wearing a Turtle Neck Sweater !! ...

None to be had I bought the 4 bead Glands Ring etc ... Not enough weight ... ...

So I experimented with the monsters ... Size and weight ... So in a Flaccid state the average diameter Penis is 1 inch ... So with this kind of weight you need something a little tighter ... I am an average guy ... The I inch rings in a flaccid state would drop off in the Walmart... Now the 4 bead on a 1 inch ring stayed fast ... the reason is because the distance between the beads were was 3/4 of an inch ... Which these are up to 11/16 dia. ring with an O.D. of 7/8 ...anything below is a 3/4 ...

For installation remove the screwball ... this gives you wiggle room to grab the head and work it through ... Now the larger the ring the less head you have sticking through to work with .. ( I wish they made a 1/2 inch in a 7/8 O.D. )

But it is the answer for a glan ring I really don't know why TCG doesn't come out with a real usable Cock weight ... Great 24 hours a day ...especially at night in bed when sleeping .. also everyday wearing ...Mine is 24/7 ... Now turn the monster bead down for your personal enjoyment ... and with a lady friend .. turn the bead up, a great clit exciter ... Just my opinion ... .. Seniorlife ...

(Posted on 10/22/14)

Best I've Worn Review by bigal66

I've used circular barbells, cbr's, and everything in between and this one has been the best. Easy to remove to clean and doesn't do any of the pinching the cbr's seem to do. Should have gotten this a lot sooner!

(Posted on 10/18/14)

what a beautiful piece of art Review by btmguy2010


(Posted on 10/17/14)

Top of the Line Review by Michael

If you are looking for top of the line equipment, as I am, you have come to the right place. I have ordered four items, so far, and will order plenty more in the future. I will post each review separately, and this one is for the Monster Screwball Ring.

I ordered the 00ga, which is a beautiful piece. it is perfectly machined, and beautifully designed. I ordered this piece, not for everyday wear, as it is a hefty piece of jewelry, but instead for those "special occasions" when a larger more showy piece of shiny cock metal is required. The screwball is very easy to maneuver, and it truly beautiful. Shiny and eye catching. If you're looking for a spectacular piece, this is it!

Thank you Chain Gang!!

(Posted on 10/4/14)

Bigger is better Review by Scott

Nice piece for a collection.

(Posted on 9/20/14)

stunning piece of engineering Review by lucyrose

so so pleased with the ring...a thing of great beauty! thank you.

(Posted on 9/10/14)

Great.. love the weight on my dick Review by btmguy2010

Wonderful piece , so comfortable and beautiful

(Posted on 9/8/14)

Love it Review by Montreal Mec

Nice big chunk of steel hanging from my dong. Feels amazing with every step. Very well made. Not as precise a fit between the screwball and the ring as I have seen with your other screwball rings. So maybe not as refined as I thought it would be but still a very happy camper walking around naked.

(Posted on 9/3/14)

na Review by review

Amazing quality for the money, I love it!

(Posted on 8/16/14)

Best price Review by benb

Was a gift, he loved it. The ring was outstanding and you couldn't beat the price. Definitely will be ordering again and again.

(Posted on 7/11/14)

Great quality! Massive piece of art! Review by Jack

Great quality! Massive piece of art! I got the 1/2" Gauge Monster, and wow! This ring is so perfect and smooth. VERY nice sheen and shine. And best of all looks kick ass in my PA.

The girls that have seen this PA, every one of them their eyes go huge for a sec then its go time! THANKS MAN!!!

(Posted on 6/12/14)

Where is it? Review by Patrick

I purchased a 00g screwball ring because I was very happy with my previous 0g and 1g rings. This ring, however, had a gap when the ball was fully screwed on. Russ, told me to return it for a possible adjustment then return it to me. He has not returned it and I now am going through a "he said, he said" situation. Not happy at all. I hope to update this poor rating when the situation is resolved. Be advised that, according to Russ, there is a small gap when the ball is fully screwed on. The description does not say that. If it did, I would not have ordered it.

Russ --- There is a slight gap as the ball screws into one end only, however the gap is slight, and as for this particular piece it is as near perfect as it can be made. There has to be room for the ball to screw into the other end and that is why we even make the ends concave. I am very sorry that this customer is not pleased with this piece, he is a good customer and has been for a long time, and i wish that we could make a fix for him or close the gap some as i thought would be the case, but there was just nothing to close. I really just do not know what to do in this case as the ring is as perfect as it possibly can be for the design.

(Posted on 4/25/14)

thank you Review by Smiley

very good thank you

(Posted on 4/8/14)

Excellent Review by Treser

It had to be sended abroad so it took a little longer to get here but it was worth the waiting! A masterpiece in piercing-jewelry!

(Posted on 4/2/14)

Awesome Ring Review by BigDaddy501

I love this ring and it is a monster. Nice weight and it keeps both my holes stretched nicely wide. Great to wear when you want that feeling of metal hanging and also a great addition to sex - the other person knows you are in.
Great value...and quality.

(Posted on 2/16/14)

00g Monster Screwball Ring Review by Hungbiker

I have one of these in my pa and love it. The weight feel and finish is so good and looks impressive in my cock apart from feel so good having sex :)

(Posted on 11/29/13)

Great Quality and Weight Review by JR

I had purchased a smaller gauge before and was pleased with the weight but did not think the quality was that great but this one is high quality and the ends are are smother so it goes in easier. I got the 3/4 inch gauge and love the way it swings.

(Posted on 6/30/13)

Awsome Review by 00 guage

Hi There, I just received my order today. I am now wearing the jewellery and the weight and smooth precision craftsmanship make this a very comfortable piece so far. I love it and man that monster ball is perfectly placed. Great Job.

Highly Recommended
Thanks and can`t wait to get my other order

(Posted on 4/15/13)

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