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Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher


Quick Overview

The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is our newest design and promises to provide a great feel and totally new stretching sensation!

Email us for for help with measurement,
Just tell us your current size if you already wear a round style.

But If you do order the wrong size it is no problem at all, we will exchange it for you for free for 30 days.

Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher

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The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is a unique shaped ball weight that offers an amazing fit! Made of 316L Surgical Steel as are all of our weights. It's a rounded, oval shaped weight with 1 screw hole to make it easier to attach. Just slide your sack through the larger side and screw the small side onto it. This shape should reduce slippage and provide a great comfort level with it's new design. Get an amazing weighted feel or stack to stretch!

Email us with the current size round that you wear and we will be happy to help steer you to the correct size in this style.

Inside Size
15mm x 25mm x 30mm
7.8 Ounces
15mm x 25mm x 40mm 7.8 Ounces
15mm x 25mm x 50mm
9 Ounces
15mm x 25mm x 60mm
11.1 Ounces
15mm x 25mm x 70mm
12 Ounces
25mm x 25mm x 30mm
13.9 Ounces
25mm x 25mm x 40mm 14.02 Ounces
25mm x 25mm x 50mm
15.6 Ounces
25mm x 25mm x 60mm
1 Pound 3.4 Ounces
25mm x 25mm x 70mm
1 Pound 5 Ounces
30mm x 25mm x 30mm
1 Pound .2 Ounces
30mm x 25mm x 40mm 1 Pound 1.4 Ounces
30mm x 25mm x 50mm
1 Pound 3.5 Ounces
30mm x 25mm x 60mm
1 Pound 7 Ounces
30mm x 25mm x 70mm
1 Pound 8.9 Ounces
35mm x 25mm x 30mm
1 Pound 3 Ounces
35mm x 25mm x 40mm 1 Pound 4.5 Ounces
35mm x  25mm x 50mm
 1 Pound 6.3 Ounces
35mm x 25mm x 60mm
1 Pound 10.7 Ounces
35mm x  25mm x 70mm
 1 Pound 12.9 Ounces
40mm x 25mm x 30mm
1 Pound 6 Ounces
40mm x 25mm x 40mm 1 Pound 7.3 Ounces
40mm x  25mm x 50mm
1 Pound 10.3 Ounces
40mm x 25mm x 60mm
1 Pound 14.2 Ounces
40mm x 25mm x 70mm
2 Pounds 1.4 Ounces
45mm x 25mm x 30mm
1 Pound 8.5 Ounces
45mm x 25mm x 40mm 1 Pound 10.7 Ounces
45mm x 25mm x 50mm
1 Pound 13.7 Ounces
45mm x 25mm x 60mm
2 Pounds 1.3 Ounces
45mm x 25mm x 70mm
2 Pounds  5.2 Ounces
50mm x 25mm x 30mm
1 Pound 11.9 Ounces
50mm x 25mm x 40mm 1 Pound 13.06 Ounces
50mm x 25mm x 50mm
2 Pounds .07 Ounces
50mm x 25mm x 60mm
2 Pounds 5.1 Ounces
50mm x 25mm x 70mm
2 Pounds  9.2 Ounces


































Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of some of the sizes. The charge usually ranges from $3.00 to $15.00 additional. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping

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Product Questions

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I have 2 questions...1st is about the measurements i am looking at the 40mmx25mmx70mm. Now i would think it would be like this...40mm is the height...25mm the narrowest inside measurement from side to is the 70mm the inside opening length OR overall length?? My second question is how is it worn? I would think it would sit on the testicles sideways [each end facing the inside of the thighs]??
My scrotum measured 5 inches around just above my testys converts to 127 in mm i still don't understand how to order some weights to fit.can you help me out on this
I purchased the 25x70x15, and I still have a lot of trouble getting it to fit. I have to squeeze my scrotum in, and pinching is not unusual. Is there any way to extend it a bit more, or do you sell any with larger inside diameter?
What would you recommend? I got the
Two Piece Ball Weight with the following dimmensions and it fits perfectly. I'm confused on what to order for Rounded Oval Ball Strecrher.

This is what I currently have:
Size: 35 mm
Available Options: 42 mm Height
Would like to know what Size to Order

I have been experimenting with Ball Stretching Weights.. I found that the Round 2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight 15mm x 30mm Inside Diameter, and the Donut Weight 20mm Tall x 15mm x 30mm Inside Diameter both Fit Well without Slipping Off.. I want to know, based on your experience with such things, what would be the Correct Size to get in your New Oval Ball Stretchers? I was thinking of either the 25mm Tall x 24x40mm Inside Diameter or 25mm Tall x 24x50mm Inside Diameter.

What are your thoughts on the matter? - BJ

PS - The 33mm Inside Diameter Round Weight slipped off TOO Easily, and the 28mm Inside Diameter was TOO Tight and Constricting
Is the screw an Allen key and if so what size do you use?
Is it an American or metric value?

Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by H2r

Exactly as described, delivery great. Very happy

(Posted on 12/5/18)

great shape--much more comfortble than the round stretchers. Review by stretcher76

Oval shape is great and easier to put on. I like to slide my balls into the stretcher rather than take it apart. The oval shape makes that much more enjoyable. Having trouble getting the proper size. 25x25x50 comes close--wish it came in 25x25x45. Might try a 15x25x40/50 to see if that fits better, but like the weight of the larger one!

(Posted on 11/24/18)

Great Quality excellent piece Review by Rich

This is a great quality product. The edges are smooth, the finish is great and it does what you want it to do. The Chain Gang also has excellent service.

(Posted on 11/21/18)

New oval is a vast improvement. Review by Tom

Very nice improvement over the round model. Easier to put on and it carries the extra weight perfectly. I’m sold!

(Posted on 11/17/18)

Third times charm Review by Smeagol

First version was 25x50-30, got it through Amazon and was unaware of the 30 day return policy (my bad). Second was 25x70-30 which was just a little on the large size. Returned and got a 25x60-35. Perfect fit, after the second I was concerned I would not fit into an oval which from the first two tries I had found the most conformable of the several types of scrotum stretchers (face it guys you are stretching the sack not what's in it). I had tried so far. Next is another donut stretcher as my last was a 42 mm inner size and slipped several times (used sports tape but that is a hassle) Will try a 40 mm inner diameter. Not sure which weight to get, the oval I have now is a 750 gram and is fine but with a donut stretcher, I think because its not as comfortable as an oval I will go with the 536 gram 30 mm tall version.
If you are going for an oval, a 40 mm inner diameter translates to a 25x60 , larger you might want to try the 25x70, smaller than 40 mm you might go with the 25x50.

(Posted on 10/31/18)

Very Nice Product & Service Review by Doug

This is a finely made item. I promptly unpacked it and was diverted Now I can Not find it to try or to use and I am Very Disappointed. The Chain Gang shipped quickly and packed the item well. Thank you.

(Posted on 10/26/18)

Well-Rounded Comfort and Oval Pleasure Review by LeatherHarold

I've got five of these guys now, all in 25 X 50 cross section, which allows me to wear any height from 25 mm to 125 mm in 5 mm increments. I'm hoping to go up 5 mm every week.

The comfort and fit are what makes these weights such a pleasure to wear on a long-term basis. I'm at 60 mm height now (about 2-1/2 pounds), and every few days, I'll treat my ball sack to an extra 30 mm for four or five hours.

These are tricky to measure for, as several users have pointed out. Their oval nature is what makes this a problem. I've created a little chart that uses the actual area inside each oval to calculate what would be its "circular diameter:"

For 25 X 30 cross section, the effective diameter comes out to 28 mm, or 3-1/2" circumference,
25 x 40 cross section, diameter is 33.2 mm or 4-1/8" circumference,
25 x 50 cross section, diameter is 37.7 mm or 4-5/8" circumference,
25 x 60 cross section, diameter is 41.8 mm or 5-1/8" circumference,
and 25 x 70 cross section, diameter is 45.4 mm or 5-5/8" circumference.

I was already well pleased with the Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher. Reaching that plateau of over fifty mm height, I'm always conscious of the weight, in a most pleasant way! The tug of the weight when my nuts are swinging free is intoxicating, too. If your ball sack circumference is between 3-1/2" and 5-5/8", the Chain Gang has the toy your boys have been begging for!

(Posted on 10/24/18)

opening Review by eytan

needs the opening more towards the end to prevent pinching skin

(Posted on 10/21/18)

Fantastic product. Review by aviator1611

The oval shaped is by far the most comfortable and easiest to put on of any stretcher I have tried. Very high quality and the installation wrench is a big plus too.
This is my second one because my first on was a little big, but I can wear these in combination and they are great.

(Posted on 10/16/18)

Comfort Review by Bill

Size it right and you will love it! The great people that service and the quality products at a fair price!

(Posted on 10/10/18)

Two years of comfortable stretch! Review by LeatherHarold


It's been two years since I bought my first rounded oval ball stretcher. Took a couple tries to find the most comfortable profile. I now have four of the 25 x 50 mm cross section, and use them in building configurations. !5, 25, 35 and 45 allow me to increase in five mm steps. To answer another user's question, let them hang with the same height/weight combination for at least a week. If you have to go up 10 mm, I'd wait two weeks. Your skin has to have time to grow into that new stretch!

A couple of pointers from the school of chafed nuts. Let your boys hang free. Compressing inside a jock or briefs really irritated my scrotum. I modified some hard cup style jockstraps to let my ball sac hang low. (Cut the leg straps and reattach them at the inside top of the pouch.) Don't try to force an extra weight on before your body is ready: If the top of the weight is riding against your cock shaft, you won't like the side effects -- trust me! And by any means necessary, keep your nuts almost toasty. I made a ball warmer from a neoprene scrap. It stretches over the ball weight keeping my boys hot. A neoprene pot holder can be used too. The result is that my nuts ride at least 10 mm lower..

These are all the time, day in, day out friends. Love the bounce of my nuts as I walk, and exercising can become an more intense experience. Ooh, and turning over in bed, that heavy weight bouncing against my ass -- Heavenly!

Fifty happy, bouncing MMs now, hoping to raise another 5 mm soon!

(Posted on 10/8/18)

Amazing. Review by Ben

Couldn’t have asked for a better design. The weight is perfect at just over a pound for my first try at this and it is extremely comfortable for all day wear. No pinching or anything. The price is well worth it. Will be adding more here soon.

(Posted on 10/3/18)

Easy to put on as an added weight. Review by Bigger Balls

After contacting TCG and explaining that I was using a 15x39mm round stretcher that I could slip on without it falling off, they suggested the 30x25x60mm, which was perfect.

I love the extra weight and the fact that in the horizontal position it allows the boys to hang naturally apart. I tried the vertical position recommended by another reviewer, but found it pushed my junk out too prominately.

I've worn it for hours of yard work etc. and never had it come off, but had one problem at the gym when I sat down to hard and felt a twinge as one ball slipped out. Fortunately it stayed on until I made it to the bathroom!

The 2/3rds opening design makes it easy to add above other ball weights, and the fact that I can just slip it on is great!

(Posted on 9/30/18)

Great Product Review by JoeyF

I tried the round ball stretcher but my smaller one kept pulling through. The oval works better. I have a varicocele so there is some puffiness that I need to overcome. The oval works best. I still have some minor issues with the left ball. Solved it with a string tied above the jewels. Wore all day without slippage. Would like to see a 22 mm width and maybe I wouldn’t need the string.

(Posted on 9/29/18)

Amazing fit and feel Review by Hope4SuperStretch

Was at an event and saw a bunch of people wearing body jewelry - stacks, cock rings etc. - after talking to them about how they stretched they totally recommended Chain Gang as having best products. First I bought a 25X25X40 and the 40 was too small - kept that hoping to stack it later - now I am currently on a 15X25X60. Fit is perfect - feels awesome - have been wearing for 24 hours as a first timer. My Goal is when I go back to the event next year to have hang like the people I met did (6+ inches). Any advice would be awesome - about how long do people wait until another stack can go on ?

Happy stretching

(Posted on 9/29/18)

Quality Review by Mark

Arrived within in 3 days, fits perfectly and I really enjoy wearing it. I have worn it for days at a time I have the 45x25x60 size

(Posted on 9/26/18)

this is the greatest Review by onthegoclg

I thought so many different ball stretchers and then of a river fit right or when on easy. This one and love it it's the easiest is the perfect size I could wear it all day thanks Chain gang

(Posted on 9/18/18)

Excellent Product Review by MC

I wore the circular stretcher a couple of years but the Oval stretcher is far more comfortable to ware and easier to put on.
I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 9/10/18)

Great Item Review by Nask

Been searching for the perfect ball stretcher with mixed results. Tried the 10cm shorter version and it was just too tight. This one, however, is great, unless you're someplace really cold. The oval shape is much more anatomically correct than a round one. The joints fit together quite tightly; unlike a couple others I have, which have enough of a gap for hair and/or skin to get pinched or pulled. The wrench, too, is much easier to use and carry than the typical allen wrench one typically receives with such items. Very well made and greatly pleased with the item. Have worn it for days at a time, and during physical activity, with no difficulty or discomfort.

(Posted on 8/26/18)

Excellent Review by RB

I used the round ball stretcher for a year. After I received the Oval Ball Stretcher-25x60x30, I had absolutely no problem with it sliding off. As one of the boys is slightly smaller, it would slip thru the circle one, and then hang by one ball. Eventually it too would slip thru the circle. The Oval solved this problem. It is also much more comfortable to wear all day.

I have three oval weights, 25x60x15, 30, and 40. that I wear at different times.

The heaviest one is amazing when worn in a hot springs!!!!

(Posted on 8/12/18)

Very nice Review by DB

My third order will be back for more

(Posted on 8/11/18)

AWESOME! Review by Ander~Guy

This was the second time I purchased this same item. I lost the previous one (although I have no idea how), so I had to get another one. I love the weight and that it is oval with rounded edges - super comfortable. When I need to go up again, I'll definitely get it from here.

(Posted on 7/17/18)

I love it. Review by jseve1

I put a small oval on first because after about an hour my nuts slip out so I could use a little smaller width size. But with my improvising it is very comfortable and I love the tug of all the weight.

(Posted on 7/15/18)

Had it on for a month now 50 x25 x50 Review by David

Had 50 x 25 x50. On for a month now still swinging nicely sure I could stack another with out my Balls pulling through.

(Posted on 7/12/18)

A little small, But a great toy Review by Rick

I bought the 15mm x 25mm x 70 mm. I wish they made it in an 80mm. I can only wear it for around 30 minutes at a time before the boys start turning blue.

(Posted on 7/11/18)

Work of art Review by Steven

Love it!!

Been using the round stretches for years, still do, but would have slippage.

Got one of the oval stretches to use at the base of a stack, worked like a charm, no slippage. Wasn't sure what size to get, so a emailed Chain Gang for recommendations based on the size round stretcher I currently use. Their suggestion was spot on.

As with every testicle stretcher or prince Albert jewelry I've purchased from Chain Gang, it's top quality and Chain Gang service is great.

To anyone out there questioning if they should start stretching or getting a piercing, DO IT!!! This is your sign that you should! Life is too short to wait, and Chain Gang makes it easy, fun and sexy!!


(Posted on 7/9/18)

Best choice ever Review by MJFuzz

I got to oval 25mm wide by 25x60 and it feel great!! The round ones do not work for me. I love sleeping with my balls clamped. I wear it half the time and it has made a difference and will order the next size heavier in the months to come. This ball hanger will not slip off due to the 25mm slot size.

(Posted on 7/7/18)

Most comfortable Review by Bill

Originally bought 25 x 60x 50x tall. It didn’t fit right. I talked to Sara and she said she would exchange it. I received 25x50x50x tall, and I love it. So nice! Thank you.
It fits and gives me a semi on a regular basis! Very comfortable and easy to put on!
I also have regular and bullet ballstrechers, but I prefer this!

(Posted on 7/7/18)

awesome Weight Review by David

Great Finish as usual. Fits snugly on Scrotum. Size I got 50 Height 25 x50 ID. On and swinging nicely

(Posted on 7/4/18)

Great Piece Review by Apollo

This is a great piece. The only difficulty is to find the right seize. One needs not only to take into account the seize of your balls but also the amount of flesh fitting inside. If too much space remains your balls may get out over time. I think one should go for one seize smaller of the inside diameter and one or two taller.

(Posted on 6/15/18)

Great product!! Review by Beau

Much more accommodating for those of us with bigger sac

(Posted on 6/12/18)

Love it!! Review by brad

I have been wearing the Donut Ball weights for several years and really like them. HOWEVER, lol. I finally ordered one of the Rounded Oval Ball Stretchers and love it!! It is extremely comfortable, more so than the donut ball stretcher. I just got my second one yesterday and put it on right away. I now have the 35x25x40 and 40x25x40. I would also like to say that Russ and Sara from the ChainGang have been great to deal with as I had to return one of the weights because it was too big. No hassles and shipping was very fast. Great product and great customer service as usual!!

(Posted on 6/12/18)

Awesome Ball Stretcher Review by Mohawk

This was my second ball stretcher, and it was much better than my first donut stretcher. I love the oval configuration over the round. It is so comfortable, I wear it 24/7. No slip thru at all. Shipping was fast to Canada, and quality is superb. If you haven't ever used a ball stretcher, what are you waiting for?? Feels so good. :-)

(Posted on 6/12/18)

What a Great fit! Review by Colorado Blue

I was able to get a perfect measurement and buy the right size on my first try (25x25x60 I think). I ware my weight front to back with my penis and balls tucked in. I have ordered a new weight for just the scrotum. I can't wait to feel the pull of both on my balls.

(Posted on 6/11/18)

Great fit - very comfortable - best stretcher ever! Review by Eric

I had to exchange for a larger inside diameter as my original purchase was a bit too snug. The larger version fits great and feels very comfortable. This is the first ball stretcher I've been able to wear for multiple days in a row. The quality of the product is superb, and working with customer service is always a great experience. I love the shape of this stretcher. The oval makes it easier to put on without pinching. The shape also adds a unique feel. I've worn it with the wide side running left to right as well as back to front and both ways work great, though the side to side feels more natural. The heft of the product is ideal, and feels awesome when lounging around and swinging the boys back and forth. The suggestion of using Shea butter is a good one as this will prevent any drying out or irritation from extended wear.

I will definitely stack with these moving forward.

(Posted on 6/3/18)

Great product and service! Review by J M

I ordered one of these to try, after years of round donut stretchers. Quality is just as good, and I liked the different feel. it's actually very comfortable.
I did not like wearing it under clothing. The shape, at least in my case, did not allow for the movement and concealment that I need.

(Posted on 5/29/18)

Replacement fits fine. Review by N/A

Replacement fits fine!!

(Posted on 5/28/18)

The RIGHT choice Review by NoobStretch

This is THE shape to purchase! The fit is perfect and the weight is too. Feels great sitting, standing, and walking. Round weights do not feel or fit as well. Zero slip through! Will add another shorter weight when ready for the next level. High quality, great product.

(Posted on 5/26/18)

great as usual Review by ballzy

The most enjoyable toy I have purchased... in fact I ordered 3 of them ... I stack them and enjoy the ride...Thank you guys for the design...Ed

(Posted on 5/13/18)

Love it Review by Bearman

Easy to put on and the weight is great love it Enjoy the pull it gives . And the tool to work the screw is just perfect to handle . I even enjoy sleeping with the weight on

(Posted on 5/12/18)

Best Ball Weight Ever Review by EZBuddy

I'm thrilled to finally find this weight. The shape makes it extremely comfortable to wear. I received mine yesterday and have been wearing it now for 24 hours, which is longer than I've ever been able to wear a weight before. The heft feels great, and the shape is so much more natural for a ball sack than a perfect circle. My other weights would inevitably pinch or feel uncomfortable...not this one. I am also very happy that this product has so many more size options. I have a wide sack that doesn't fit well in other models...but he's right at home in this one. Great product!

(Posted on 5/5/18)

Hard to get on! Review by BC

See pervious review, after wearing off and on for several months it is now a little too light. Screw needs to be longer very hard to hold together and start screw.
Had to drill the hole deeper where screw goes in so more of the screw passed out of the small end piece. Works better now.
This my second ball stretcher (bigger 25mmX25X60mm ) and both had the problem of short screws, this one was worse than the 1st smaller one.
Both are very comfortable wear. Will need to work up to wearing this bigger one 24hrs a day.

(Posted on 4/24/18)

very good Oval ball stretcher Review by steve

Only took 5 days to receive the item, and except for a small amount of extra pressure needed to securely seal it tight I am very pleased with the new toy. Added to my first ball weight the extra weight is amazing. Hoping for some more stretch and love the tug.

(Posted on 4/23/18)

good fit Review by dandy

good quality and fit

(Posted on 4/15/18)

Best fit so far Review by HappyBaller

My ball sack is rather tight, and balls kinda medium sized. I used to play with both 30mm/15mm tall and 35mm diameter round weights. With the smaller one, occasional slippage happened. With the large one, this happened almost never, but long times of wearing became uncomfortable, balls getting pressed too hard.

Now this oval design is really great. Using a 25tall, 22x40mm, replacing my old round design. It fits perfectly and I can wear it for a long time, or play while wearing it. What is not so visible on the images: The shape is more like the digit "0 zero" at that size.
I had slippage once, only after a lot of playful, vigorous bouncing. For just wearing when going about daily chores, it is very very reliable.
I think ultimately, a completely slippage free product can only come at the price of a too narrow, uncomfortable opening. Let's not forget also that the body reacts somehow to heavy ball play - stuff moves, swells, shrinks; metal does not.

(Posted on 3/28/18)

Awesome oval Review by mail_man

This stretcher is perfect for those of us who are high and tight to start. By giving the extra width it allows for longer sessions without discomfort. Giving your balls some extra mass when f*****g is another bonus.If you are just starting out, this is the design to go with.

(Posted on 3/27/18)

Perfect Review by Then

As always the customer service and shipping from The Chain Gang are second to none, as are the quality of their products. I own several weighted stretchers of various styles to include three of this style in various weights. These are hands down (or balls down!) my favorite ones to wear for simplicity, quality of construction and most importantly, comfort.

These in combination with some shea butter make for a VERY pleasant experience and all around comfortable stretching session. You can tell some thought went into the design of these, as they wear very comfortably and distribute the weight well along the sac and testes without leading to pressure sores or pain even after wearing them for multiple hours in the day. The allow for a more natural range of movement than other styles of stretchers I have tried and are comfortable to wear when having sex, to which they add an entirely new and very pleasant dimension to the sensations department.

Overall I can't recommend these enough from any aspect you might be considering them. Don't let the price dissuade you, as they are solid, well-constructed and of the utmost quality as opposed to being chrome-plated brass that can lead to irritation and/or difficulties sanitizing after use. These are some of my favorites and The Chain Gang has a repeat customer in me based on the continuous quality of their products and customer service throughout the range of items I have purchased from them. Thank you!

(Posted on 3/10/18)

love it Review by Joseph

Its a nice product and the weight really feels good. I ordered mine and its just a touch to big so when you measure yourself get a good snug measurement. I say this because trust me its not a good feeling when your walking and one of the boys pops through and then the other one. luckily I just wrapped a little athletic tape around the inside of mine and its fine now.

(Posted on 3/7/18)

Perfect inside fit Review by Gary

The inside dimensions are perfect. Can you make one that has more "heft" ? Increase the outside dimensions and/or increase the lenghth

(Posted on 8/2/16)

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