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Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher


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The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is our newest design and promises to provide a great feel and stretching sensation!

Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher

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The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is a unique shaped ball weight that offers an amazing fit! Made of 316LVM Surgical Steel it comes in 3 sizes, 15mmx24mmx48mm (8.4 ounces), 25mmx24mmx48mm (15.5 ounces), and 30mmx24mmx48mm (1 LB 3 ounces) so you can get the best feel. It's a rounded, oval shaped weight with 1 screw hole to make it easier to attach. Just slide your sack through the larger side and screw the small side onto it. This shape should reduce slippage and provide a great comfort level with it's new design. Get an amazing weighted feel or stack to stretch!

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Customer Reviews

Excellent product! Review by RedSoloCup

Ordered this stretcher as I was looking for an oval one as opposed to a round one. Here is my review:
Pro: product arrived in less than two weeks from date of order.
Pro: very reasonably priced.
Pro: excellent quality, smooth with no burrs or rough feeling to it
Pro: good weight to it
Pro: very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time
Pro: looks and fits exactly as it should
Pro: wife loves it! - looks great!
The only Con to this product is the set screw that holds it together. The screw is pulled out with the driver/tightener every time and could easily get lost. I dropped it a couple of times when first putting it on. If the screw had an insert rubber ring that would keep the screw in side the slot, it would be a huge improvement.
All in all I would recommend it!

(Posted on 12/6/16)

Looks intimidating but feels so good when wearing Review by Seth

I was afraid when I opened my order when it arrived but after getting it on, I didn't want to take it off. My orgasm was so so pleasurable. Highly recommended. I love the oval shape for comfort.

(Posted on 12/5/16)

Awesome Review by Cmftble

This product is awesome!! It's super comfortable and minimizes slippage.

(Posted on 12/4/16)

Well made. Review by me

Excellent fit, finish and feel.

(Posted on 12/4/16)

Perfection Review by TOM

I'll preface this review by saying I own several brands and types of ball stretchers: leather "giraffe" neck lace up, ovals, bullets, neoprene, rubber, parachute, etc. This particular model is without equivocation the most comfortable stretcher I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. The fit and finish are immaculate and the weight is just enough; a nice gentle tug with no pain or pressure spots. I routinely vacuum pump, both single and two stage and this particular stretcher fits my anatomy perfectly whether pumped or not. I can't say enough good things about this stretcher and look forward to future iterations of it as the design develops. That said, I will be purchasing additional units as my stretching continues and I am able to stack additional weights. Highly recommend this product and am a very satisfied customer. You knocked it out of the park with this one, Chain Gang, thank you!

(Posted on 12/4/16)

Great Fit, Feels Great Review by Chipboy

I love the smooth feeling of this on my balls and the weight is great. I'm a beginner, so this works great for me. Love the oval shape. Can't really wear out but great to wear around the house in my sweats.

(Posted on 12/3/16)

Excellent Review by Andrew

The oval design is a huge improvement for comfort and putting it on. I am able to wear for long periods and the heft of the 30mm is amazing. My sac tolerates the weight much better than the round or oval ball stretchers and will speed up the process!

(Posted on 11/16/16)

David F
Comfortable.....once you get it on Review by David F

I don't know if it's just my particular anatomy, or if I'm attempting it incorrectly, but I have a very difficult time getting this on. Once I do get it on, it's extremely comfortable and you can feel the gentle pull. I bought the 25 x 24 ring. The oval idea is awesome, but perhaps the inner diameter could be a little larger which would make it easier to get on. Of course - who knows if it would stay on. Anyway, I showed a friend of mine that's into ball weights and he immediately wanted to try it on. So I would say the concept is great, maybe we just need a few more size choices.

(Posted on 11/9/16)

My new favorite Review by TxWill

Comfortable enough for almost non-stop use!

(Posted on 11/7/16)

Great Groping Gonads! Review by LeatherHarold

This is a wonderful toy! I've had a long series of one-event stands with ball weights and ball stretchers.The Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher is in an entirely different class. "ROBS" feels so comfortable going on, his oval design makes installation simple and pinch free. But then he starts growing on me. It's a wonderful sensation of added mass and gentle, permanent ball awareness. Yes I think ROBS and I are headed for a long term relationship.

The 30 mm version is especially weighty and I love the versatility it gives to my bulge. Cold weather and ball toys tend to shrink my man sack, so I reluctantly got the 15 mm size. Sure am hoping for warmer weather, so I give two ROBS control of my balls.

Groping Gonads? ROBS stakes out my nuts so nicely that the package reminds me of the pommel on a Western saddle. Such a comforting experience, my warm palm groping my best friends.

The set screws tend to loosen up on their own. There seemingly is no tightening them, I guess maybe because their fit is rather loose.

ROBS and the Donut Cock Ring work well together. I haven't tried the Glans Ring with set screws yet.

(Posted on 11/7/16)

All great but Review by Ricardo

This might sound very diferentes from all the rest of the reviews, but I actually was searching for a tighter fit, is very good for big balls, but when I stretch for more than 4 hours my ballsack elongates and I end up with a lot of room and some slipage

Or maybe a like it tight, who knows, If theres ever a smaller inside diameter i will be buying ASAP

Overall excelente quality

(Posted on 11/3/16)

Spread Out Sac! Review by AboveAverageJoe

I had no trouble ordering. And I received my order in good time. I bought the 30 mm. The size of the opening seems small to get so much sac into. But once in and moisturized, my sac finds its own room to spread out with little binding or pinching. Unlike other ball weights that I have tried, the oval shape seems more ergonomic. This allows for prolonged comfortable wear. The oval shape also eliminates the sometimes painful and costly sizing experience. More ergonomicly comfortable and more cost effective. I would recommend these oval ball stretchers from The Chain Gang to all men to experience.

(Posted on 10/27/16)

Love Ball stretching
Too small Review by Love Ball stretching

I must have more sack than the other guys because I jave one hell of a time getting it all stuffed in. When I do achieve this the weight feels great. Like another post I would like to see on larger, on the long end. The narrow part is fine I just need more rome to stuff my sack. BTW I bought the shortest/lightest one they offer.

(Posted on 10/17/16)

Great product Review by Dav

I am impressed with the shape and weight. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a good stretch

(Posted on 10/15/16)

Pleased Review by TJ

Excellent quality and nice fit. A little bulky for some activities. Overall I'm pleased with it and very satisfied with the chain gang. First time buying from them and would definitely order in the future

(Posted on 10/1/16)

Awesome, but... Review by Spunkwiener

Awesome, this design is shaped more like human balls. Totally cures bind points, this will change the way balls are stretched in the future. Agree with the other reviewers before me, it's too small. One big hunk of metal is much sexier than a stack of smaller rings, make it 60mm tall instead of merely 30mm and this will be hall of fame material!

(Posted on 9/25/16)

Great comfortable stretcher Review by Franklinbound

This fits wonderfully and can be worn for long periods without discomfort. A good starters ring.

(Posted on 9/19/16)

good quality Review by dandy

got the biggest one is tight would be nice if the narrow slot was wider. everything turns black. not good will try more

(Posted on 9/10/16)

Feels great Review by Warren

I like the it feels when wearing even when wearing other weights on top of it and it does not seem to want to slide off !

(Posted on 9/7/16)

Good Feeling Review by nadman

I ordered the 30mm size and really like wearing it. Quality is outstanding and it fits great. IMO, it is more comfortable than the other four different style stretchers that I have from TCG. The Oval shape tends to keep the boys bouncing as you walk which enhances the hanging feeling. Glad I got this product from TCG.

(Posted on 9/5/16)

Great product - easy to use - easy on the ball sac Review by Smitrich

getting started on my ball sac stretching - this smaller ring was a great addition to my collection. Easy to get on - take off - and doesn't cut off circulation because it is oval shaped. Easy on the cords and tendons in the ball sac. Not super heavy but is easy to stack.

(Posted on 9/5/16)

It feels great Review by noisemaker53

I like the way it feels when wearing even with some of the other weights that I have now!

(Posted on 9/4/16)

Almost perfect Review by Tripod

Fits perfect, needs more mass. Yeah i know I can stack them. I want one big one that pulss me all the way down.

(Posted on 8/8/16)

Most comfortable stretcher I have Review by A_User

Great shape, excellent design, long term comfort!

(Posted on 8/8/16)

Perfect inside fit Review by Gary

The inside dimensions are perfect. Can you make one that has more "heft" ? Increase the outside dimensions and/or increase the lenghth

(Posted on 8/2/16)

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