Rogue Erection Enhancer

Not only does the Rogue Erection Enhancer make and keep you harder it also gives you mind blowing pleasure to send you over the edge as well! Why let your partner have all the fun? With the cock and ball rings to keep you hard and the taint and anal stimulator to increase your pleasure, this little gem will have you both cumming more times than you can count!
The Rogue Erection Enhancer will make you harder longer while providing you with your own intensely satisfying stimulation at the same time! This exquisitely designed piece fits tightly over your cock and balls with the added feature of a taint stimulator as well as a anal stimulator. As if that's not enough it also boasts a built in compartment for a bullet vibrator to add even more intensity to this piece. The dimensions are as follows, the cock ring has a 36mm inside diameter, the ball ring has a 33mm inside diameter, the taint stimulator is 3/4 inch high, the anal plug is 4.5 inches in length by 38mms in diameter, and it accommodates a 1/2 inch bullet ( SOLD SEPARATELY ) in the built in chamber. This intense piece will have you cumming again and again as you feel pleasure radiating from your body like never before!
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