Ring Opening Pliers

Ring Opening Pliers are specially designed for opening various types of rings. They will make ring opening easy and they will also preserve the shape of your rings. This is a must-have tool for any body jewelry enthusiast!

Ring Opening Pliers are made for quick and easy opening of various types of rings. Captive Bead Rings are the most popular rings these pliers can open, but you may use the pliers for opening other types of rings without a problem.

The best thing about these pliers is that they will not only help you open your rings easily but will also preserve the shape of the rings. They are particularly useful if you want to open a large gauge ring.

Please note: Smaller gauges are easier to open with these small size pliers. For very large gauges, it’s best to order large size pliers (they will work on any gauge rings up to 4 gauge).

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