Ring Closing Pliers

Ring Closing Pliers are specially designed for easy closing your body jewelry rings. Sometimes, closing a ring is not any easier than opening it, and these pliers will make this task quick and easy. The best thing about these pliers is that they will help preserving the shape of your rings.

Ring Closing Pliers are a must-have tool for any body jewelry enthusiast. Opening rings is something difficult, but closing them is not much easier. This is particularly important for those who like to change their jewelry occasionally.

Ring Closing Pliers will make your life much easier. Closing your rings will become an easy task. These pliers will also help preserving the ideal shape of your rings.

Please note: The small pliers are for the rings that are 7/16” or smaller. The large pliers are suitable for 5/8” rings and larger. The small pliers are also grooved to hold the beads so they can be easily inserted. It’s another advantage of these pliers.

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