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Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight

Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight

Product Review (submitted on October 13, 2016):
I've tried a few other metal weighted stretchers but could never get a really good fit (too wide and one of the boys slips out, too narrow and problems getting it on or with circulation). I tried the 15x40 and have now worn it overnight w/no problems other then a little chafing, which a little lotion fixes right up. Otherwise, this is ultra-smooth, great feeling, and great looking.

Getting it on takes a little work to get the skin gathered and out of the way. I have a silicone stretch ring that I wear long enough to help with that, and then remove as soon as this is in place.

I'll be wearing it to the gym a little later today. So far, it looks as though this will be perfect for long-term wear. I want more "tug", so I've placed an order for the 30x40 and am eager to give it a go.