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Captive Circular Barbells

Captive Circular Barbells

Product Review (submitted on July 14, 2013):
Great quality from the chain gang
In the photo above the captive looks to be the same size as the circular barbell but this is not the case. I ordered an 8 gauge 3/4" Circular barbell but there is no option for what size captive you want and the one that I got is much too small. The slave captive ring looks too small on such a large piece of jewelry. I actually took it off and put on over sized steel balls that I bought at the not so local piercer. Again this is quality jewelry and I'll continue to buy from the chain gang just a bit disappointed I waited so long and paid more than 50 bucks and the only piece I actually use is the circular bar.... Still loving the chain gang but shopping a bit smarter next time!

The Rings are always one gauge smaller then the circular and in a diameter that we feel looks appropriate for the size circular that you order since the ring is just an adornment. True this will not be the same as everyone's vision of appropriate but we do try. Next time just ask us Justin.