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Clearance Enlarging Crescent

Clearance Enlarging Crescent

Product Review (submitted on July 14, 2013):
I used a 4 guage enlarging crescent to successfully stretch a Reverse Prince Albert piercing from a 6 guage CBR to a 4 guage CBR. The quality of the enlarging crescent hardware was excellent with a very smooth surface and a small end that was not overly pointed or uncomfortable.

Since the RPA pierecing was initially fitted with a circular CBR, an enlarging crescent was much more effective for stretching the curved wound tunnel of this piercing than a conventional straight stretching taper would have been. In fact, ealier attempts to complete the stretching operation using a straight taper had been unsuccessful.

Since an RPA piercing passes through the relatively dense tissue of the penis' glans, this dense and thick tissue is much more difficult to stretch than a simple Prince Albert piercing or a hafada piercing of the scrotum. The enlarging crescent makes the impossible possible.

A particular advantage the crescent offers over a straight taper is that the crescent provides more material to hold onto and manipulate -- it is essentially longer even though it is curved. This makes it much easier to insert the crescent all the way through a thick piercing like a Reverse Prince Albert and work on advancing the stretching operation.

The crescent also came with two strong rubber anchors that could be used to hold the crescent in place for an extended period to allow for a more gradual stretching operation.